the bachelor draft

ohmygil  asked:

"There's a /BACHELORETTE???/" - Shayera, probably

Shayera and Wally West and like, probably Zatanna have a Bachelor/Bachelorette fantasy draft competition and Shayera’s REALLY ruthless about it to the point where it sometimes gets kind of awkward. Katar knew about this when he was alive and really actively Did Not Get It At All, he tried to watch it once and was too weirded out by the concept of the fantasy suites. After Katar died, Wally tried to nominate Shayera for Bachelorette one year, and he still hopes that someone at ABC will get on that someday because in my head no one has died in DC comics since like 2005 so she’s still, like, alive.

Listen I’m not saying I’ve put in a LOT of thought about which DC comics characters are into The Bachelor Series Of Products but I’m not saying I’ve put NO thought into this at all.