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“Dolley Payne Todd and James Madison, who represented Virginia in the U.S. House of Representatives (the capital met in Philadelphia from 1790 to 1800), likely encountered each other at social events in the temporary federal capital. Some sources state that Aaron Burr, a longtime friend of Madison’s since their student days at the College of New Jersey (now called Princeton University), stayed at a rooming house where Dolley also resided, and it was Aaron’s idea to introduce the two. In May 1794, Burr made the formal introduction between the young widow and Madison, who at 43 was a longstanding bachelor 17 years her senior. A brisk courtship followed, and by August, Dolley accepted his marriage proposal.“

I am the one thing in life I can control

2015 has been a great year for me movie-wise. My final tally stands at 91 films which is the most i’ve even seen in a single year . A quick breakdown of my favourites .  A total of 20 out of 91 got an 8+ rating from me as follows:

1.       Birdman  (2014)

2.       Whiplash (2014)

3.       Selma (2014)

4.       Barabbas (1961)

5.       Byomkesh Baskhi (2015)

6.       Ex Machina (2015)

7.       Frozen (2013)

8.       A Streetcar named desire (1945)

9.       Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)

10.    Drishyam (2015)

11.    The Hurt Locker (2008)

12.    Far from the Madding Crowd (2015)

13.    Cube (1997)

14.    The Godfather (1972)

15.    The Major and the Minor (1942)

16.    Bachelor Mother (1939)

17.    Jinnah (1998)

18.     Room (2015)

19.    To be or not to be (1942)

20.    The Revenant (2015)

Top  favourite of the year: Whiplash

Least favourite of the year:  (three way tie) Fifty Shades of Grey, Prem Ratan Dhan Payo & Roy

Favorite bollywood movie of the year: Drishyam

– Top 10 films seen in 2015 —-


1)      Whiplash (2014)

2)         A Streetcar named desire (1945)

3)       Bachelor Mother (1939)

4)      Drishyam (2015)

5)         Cube (1997)

6)         Room (2015)

7)        Ex Machina (2015)

8)       The Godfather (1972)

9)       Far from the Madding Crowd (2015)

10)    The Major and the Minor (1942)

*Actress of the year: Jessica Chastain 

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I watched 4 of her films with her and her performances are consistently good! ‘Miss Julie’ was definitely her best imo and I also loved her in ‘Crimson Peak’.  Oh and she needs to do more films with Oscar Isaac <3

1)      Crimson Peak (7/10)

2)      Miss Julie (7.5/10)

3)      The Martian (7.5/10)

4)      A Most Violent Year (7/10)

*Actress of the year (tie) : Ginger Rogers

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Absolutely and completely fell in love with the charm and talent of the incredible Ginger Rogers this year! She was magic on-screen and I can’t get enough! Bachelor Mother has made it to my all time favorites list <3 & The Major and the Minor was ridiculous but so much fun and heartwarming.

1.)  The Major and the Minor (8/10)

2.) Bachelor Mother (8.5/10)

3.) Fifth Avenue Girl (7/10)

4.) The Gay Divorcee (6.5/10)

*Actor of the year (tie) : Marlon Brando

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Ahhhh what a year it has! It started with Streetcar (which is and will remain his best and hottest performance EVER!) and ended with the strange and fascinating documentary ‘Listen to me Marlon’. Quite a fitting way to end what has been an amazing year for Brando obsession.  Great bunch of films below.  Personally I found Waterfront overrated . I’d still pick his performance in Streetcar over it. The Wild One is actually very underrated. Guys and Dolls was super fun! Great chemistry there with Jean Simmons. The Godfather is pretty much a masterpiece . Countess wasn’t really very good but I only watched it for Sophia and Brando. Listen to me Marlon was interesting.

1)      A Streetcar Named Desire (8.5/10)

2)      The Wild one (6.5/10)

3)      Guys and Dolls (7.5/10)

4)      On the Waterfront (7/10)

5)      The Godfather (8/10)

6)      A Countess from Hong Kong (6/10)

7)      Listen to me Marlon (7.5/10)


So that’s it for 2015. If you have any questions or want to fangirl in my inbox feel free to send me a message.

Also every year I get quite a few asks regarding the movie table I use. Unfortunately the original maker has deleted her post but I’ll be happy to provide the basic code of this table next week when I make a new 2016 page for myself .  So if I get more than a few requests I’ll post it for all those interested.

Thanks for reading :) and looking forward to see how the list shapes up in 2016!