the babylon rogues


~Hawk in Action~

Storm is the only one of the three rouges who can actually fly without help from gears. While Wave can glide and Jet can’t fly at all due to his over-reliance on Extreme Gear, Storm is the only one of the three with the upper-arm strength to achieve lift. Flapping his arms does tire him out in a matter of seconds though, so he sticks to using gears and only flies when his life depends on it.

Sonic headcanon: There are two types of Extreme Gear: Street Gear (often simply called, “Gear”) and Racing Gear (or, “Racers,” for short).

As their names imply, Street Gear is the kind of Extreme Gear that normal Mobians can buy and use everyday, and Racing Gear is the kind used only by the professionals. As such, special Class 1 Racing Licenses are required to own and operate them.

Racing Gear differs in that, apart from being legally confined only to sanctioned race courses, they are also constrained by its extremely particular Gear-To-Infrastructure communication tech to stay within the physical limits of the track. Street Gear, meanwhile, though technologically inferior and slower than Racing Gear, can be used to travel anywhere.However, practically the moment Extreme Gear became available to the masses, dedicated aftermarket companies began selling upgrades or “Gear Parts” to Street Gear owners, to allow them to modify their Gear to be faster, lighter, more aerodynamic and more advanced than factory-stock Gear.

Some owners even began extensively rebuilding and retooling their own Gear themselves. These owners subsequently held race days specifically for Street Gear riders. At first, no Racing License was needed, but over time, a Class 2 Racing License became a requirement for Street Gear riders, alongside their existing Street License.Because of the wildly popular Street Gear tuner scene, Extreme Gear manufacturers began selling faster Gear and even Gear Parts that could make one’s Gear more akin to the earlier Racers, while simultaneously upgrading their own Racing Gear to be even faster, and using them as test beds for new technologies.

Despite this, the Street Gear tuner scene still flourishes. Team Sonic and the Babylon Rogues are evidence of this, with their specially modified, custom-built Gear.

I like to headcanon that those large “feathers” on the back of the Babylon Rogues’ heads are in actuality their wings, and that they just keep them “tucked away” when they aren’t using them.

To take this further, I’m gonna say that since Jet is still a teenager, his wings haven’t completely developed yet, and he can only use them for added support when needed. Meanwhile, Storm’s wings are too large and tricky to handle. Being the irritable, impatient, dim-witted fellow he is, Storm has long since given up on trying to use them outside of lazily gliding around. So, Wave, being the only one mature enough as well is smart enough, is the only one who regularly and masterfully uses her wings when off of her extreme gear, making her the designated Flight specialist of the team.  

Sonic headcanon: The ancient ancestors of the Babylon Rouges were indeed, aliens that came to earth, but there is more to it than that.

In ancient times in space, the Babylonians were caught in a war with the Black Arms, with one battle taking place over earth. Each side using the closest thing each side had to a deity. The Babylonians lost and crash landed on the surface of the planet, with the Black Arms not dealing with the planet for centuries, passing by every fifty years though.

After crash landing, the Babylonians interbred with the native species of the planet, as well as genetically modified themselves and their descendants in order to allow their kin to survive on the planet. This is how anthropomorphic animals, or Mobians, became a common thing on earth. However, this angered their god, who then spread them out all across time.

Black Doom lent his blood to Project Shadow, knowing that Shadow’s Mobian DNA descended from the Babylonians. He also did it to spite their deity.

And the name of the Babylonian’s deity? Solaris.