the babyface years

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poc privilege is being babyfaced for 30 years then looking hot af while transitioning into your 40s

21+ || Jules & OPEN

Julian was just turned away by the hotel’s casino again–– different security guy but same problem. “Man, this sucks,” he complained to himself as he turned from the casino once more. He’d been so spoiled by Carver who let him drink from the mini bar back at the room and the bartenders back at the Haus in Virginia that he almost forgot how blindly underaged he looked and indeed definitely was. Even with a fake the babyfaced nineteen year old doubted he would pass under anyone’s radar and with Carver taking a nap Julian was shit out of luck of having any sort of fun. The thought of wandering around Las Vegas alone wasn’t appealing so Julian made his way down to the lobby and grabbed one of the complimentary decks of cards and took a seat at one of the tables in the lobby. The boy had just gotten to the second level of the house of cards he was building when someone walked by a little too quickly and thus knocked it down. 

“Hey! Watch where you’re going.” Julian complained loud enough for the man to hear him. It’d taken him a half hour to get to this point and now it was ruined in a flash. 

In all seriousness though, I don’t think a split or betrayal between Reigns and Ambrose should happen because it would ultimately just make no sense at all. I know WWE has done a lot of stupid things that make no sense, but in this case there really is no motive for Roman to turn on Dean or vice versa. I’m not sure that I’d be able to buy into it or that whatever motive they give would be convincing enough like the way it was when Rollins turned on The Shield and had his feud with Dean Ambrose. I also feel like a betrayal and heel turn from Reigns or Ambrose and ultimately splitting Ambreigns up would just take both of their characters several steps backwards. Dean Ambrose has been over as a babyface for the past year and Roman Reigns has finally been getting some support and has the crowd behind him. With all that being said, let’s just hope, pray, and keep our fingers crossed that the best bromance in WWE does not get destroyed!

Wear Me Down (Park Jinyoung)

He looks like a good boy, but he’s got a wicked streak; you knew it the first time you caught him biting his lip and tossing a wink your way. This was a boy who practiced lines in the mirror, he was way too smooth for his 17 year old babyface. It seemed inevitable that the years of harmless flirtation and those big brown eyes were bound to wear you down sooner or later.

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