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Your daughter says she’s married to another member (EXO)

Y/D/N: your daughter’s name

Xiumin: -Chanyeol. He would play along with it and so would Chanyeol. Today the ‘married’ couple were going out on a date- “okay you guys have fun today”

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Suho: -Baekhyun. He would watch how excited your daughter was waiting for Baekhyun after he told her that Baekhyun was coming over to visit his ‘wife’- “you’re way too cute you know baby girl”

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Lay: -D.O. She would tell him often that her husband was coming over. To him it started out cute but overtime as often as she talked about it, it became annoying- “I know Y/D/N. I was the one who invited him over”

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Baekhyun: -Sehun. She really couldn’t say very many things or had a complete grip of a conversation so when he asked her who was holding her. She said husband him and Sehun looked surprised- “is he now? Are you sure he’s not your uncle?”

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Chen: -Kai. He would offer her his hand as they were going out to eat with the boys. She gave him a look and grabbed Jongin’s hand instead of his saying she wanted to be with her husband- “well you should still love your daddy though. I’m just as important as your husband”

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Chanyeol: -Suho. He would think it’s funny and sweet how she would tell him and Junmyeon that her and him were married they would have lots of babies together- “are you sure that you will? You’ll make me a happy grandpa?”

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D.O: -Xiumin. He would just chuckle how Minseok went all out and got her a gown so they could get ‘married’- “do I get to walk you down the aisle?”

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Kai: -Lay. He would just laugh at your daughter about how she just asked Yixing to marry her and he went along with it-”she’s trying to grow up so fast”

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Sehun: -Chen. He would get sassy with her when she got sassy with him. He teased her about how Jongdae had no idea how she was married to him and she didn’t like that- “just saying he didn’t put a ring on your finger so”

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*stomps foot* Did too! *voice cracks* Ya were thinking about Teach! 'N' it's true! Ya always a blushin whenever tha boy pops up! Ya sang a song bout him!! You are deep in love and it's too freakin cute! A baby otter ain' as cute as ya! That dumbo octopus? Nope, ya cuter! Cuter than a lil fol' illy skipping an prancing. Cuter than a baby doing that lil scrunch up nose thingie when they laugh. Admit it Pops, ya head over boots for Teach, -Darkness Anon

*hides his face again shaking it* Y-you must of imagined it!

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jjk just doesn't like being called oppa by fans older than him. Tbh he seems very strict when it comes to korean customs. like recently I think it was when the members said he still talks to them in formal language lol. baby boy is so polite too.

HES CUTE. I LOVE MY MANS. jungkook is honestly di most canonically sweetest member in bts like everyone who meets him says what a sweet kid he is. he even stayed after on ISACS to pick up all the trash n helped the trash guy clean. like bihh I LOVE MY HELPFUL MAN 👅💕

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Your two favourite people sleeping on eachother all peacefully


she’s so round ;_____;


New Years baby 2017! BB-TECHIE!

Leader Snoke decides to make a clone of General Hux to test the first order’s cloning technology… they ended up with a cherishable little slip of paper with some itchy blue space allergy eyes, who loves blue milk and his new space daddies. co-commanding and co-parenting Hux and Kylo begrudgingly get romantically closer as they raise Techie as their own.

here’s hoping for hux. 2017 dont be as cruel as 2016. LET HUX LIIIIVE.