the baby doe


Another fan request now that it’s warmer in az. Baby cat decided she wanted to relax in the sun and get a little bit of a tan. Small side note, baby cat does love the feeling of a super full diaper but hates to wait all day to wet them. Baby cat wanted to swell up her diaper so she dove into the pool soaking her diapers. I checked her diaper and she continues peeing in them even after they are soaked. I then told her to take them off, put them in the trash and go get into a fresh new diaper. Keep the requests coming

co-worker, whipping out her phone: how old does this baby look

me: I know nothing about babies

co-worker: [shows me a picture of a big baby with full head of hair, open eyes, normal colouring] this is a new born

me: what the fuck I thought that was like… a toddler lying down

Imagine Frisk sharing some candy with Flowey, particularly interesting new candies from the surface that he hasn’t yet tried. One of them is particularly sour, and while Frisk gives him fair warning, he scoffs at the idea that a simple candy could give him any trouble; what is he, a baby? Not only does his face scrunch up when he finally pops the candy into his mouth, but his petals involuntarily twitch and crinkle, before he concludes this little show by spitting the candy right back out onto the floor.

Dump post

1. Had an appointment to get an ultrasound at fetal internal medicine. Looks like baby girl does not have a heart murmur.

2. Tomorrow is my routine appointment and will have a definite yes or no to vbac.

3. At this stage I am easily annoyed with people. My roommates sister and kids come over and my patience goes to non existent. You can not not yell at them. I always have to remind myself where their behavioral issues​ come from.

4. I don’t know how to help some one who can’t break the cycle of blaming themselves for someone else’s actions. Abuse really fucks with people heads. I also have never had a problem being alone or not having a man in my life.

5. Physically done.

6. I think winter is finally done now to see what plants I want to get planted and maybe start a vegetable garden.


In which Bakugou is me

[[ OOC: so i’m going through my drafts, minding my own business, in storms my husband wilbur in a jealou-… *ahem* and i stumble upon this lone-ass gif of like, Frat-Boy Draco? that i have absolutely no recollection of making. like… how- what. why does this exist. ]]