the baby deal

So, there are quite a few CS edits out there that insert the gifs of Killian and Baby Alice and make her a CS baby. I understand that people make them, and I enjoy seeing them on my dash, because yes, of course that’s what we want to see for Emma and Killian and their baby.

I’m gonna refrain, however, from reblogging them for some bit, until the general shitstorm and outrage about these last two episodes has died down a bit. Then I gladly will put them on my dash.

What I’m not gonna do though is reblog content with a “fixed it” message. That’s the classic SQ mechanism of (passive-aggressively) hating on what you don’t like instead of celebrating what you love, and I want nothing to do with that kind of stuff.


Lauren went to bed after Lillian left, she was exhausted. Lillian let her have a drink of her blood so she was finally comfortably full.

When Alex got home he was pissed.

A wife should make her husband dinner for when he arrives home from work!

No you fucking idiot, anyways I’m pregnant and exhausted.

- Alex turns away -

I can’t believe you!

If you’re going to scream then turn and face me like a man. You can make your own dinner. We live together, we’re going to share the domestic tasks.

No way in hell am I looking after two screaming babies. You can deal with that, you’re the mother.

You’re the father! You used to be so sweet, what the hell happened to you?

I realized that our parents are right.

You can sleep downstairs tonight. Now leave me alone, I’m going to bed.

anonymous asked:

bakugou gets turned into a baby and the rest of the bakusqaud freaks out but sero's like 'wait guys i got this' and makes one of those babystrap carriers out of his own tape

edit: anon asked for the zoomed in version so here !!!!!

  • <p> <b>Newt:</b> I made this case so all my animals could live in a welcoming environment for them!<p/><b>Ravenclaw:</b> Wow this is some advanced magic, how did you do it? Did it take a while?<p/><b>Newt:</b> No it didn't take very long.<p/><b>Ravenclaw:</b> And everything is segmented into different weather for each species with enough space for them to roam if need be. That's amazing. Could you show me how you did it?<p/><b>Newt:</b> *shrugs* The animals needed it.<p/><b>Ravenclaw:</b> Right, but the magic you used...<p/><b>Newt:</b> *slight pause* The animals needed it.<p/><b>Ravenclaw:</b> Right, but it must have been difficult.<p/><b>Newt:</b> The animals-<p/><b>Ravenclaw:</b> Nevermind.<p/></p>

I would do   a n y t h i n g   for her ( 4.02 // 4.03 )

Thiam Subtext 💕

Liam: *drops something on floor* oh fuck me

Theo: *raises eyebrow with seductive smirk*

Liam: *glares at him blushing* that’s not what I meant!

Theo: *walks over to him wrapping his arms around his waist* was that an invitation?

Liam: *blushing furiously trying to escape* no Theo

Theo: *trademark smirk*


Liam: *sits next to Mason with scruffy hair and messed up clothes*

Mason: What happened to you?

Liam: *blushing* I dropped my pen…