the babiest of babies

Idea: Wizards use wands, all wizards use wands, everyone knows this. First thing an asshole does after unlocking the mysteries of the universe, growing a beard and building a tower in the middle of nowhere is fill a perfectly good broom closet with shitty wands.

Witches do not use wands. Everyone know this. What everyone doesn’t know is this is because wands are the babiest of baby magical focuses. Witches use these to instruct children and if you haven’t grown out of wands by the age of eight they start clucking their tongues and asking what’s to be done with poor elphie who still uses wands.

The result of this is wizards think they’re hot shit until a frustrated witch takes their wand from them (ignoring petty words like ‘attunement’ and ‘hand crafted’) and pulls off some fucking clint eastwood shit, snaps the twig in half and tells beardy mcfuckpants to grow up and use a real focus.

Witches rule, is my point.

It’s what you’ve all been waiting for!

You know what day it is! It’s Jeremy Day!
To celebrate, Comfort Zone is releasing the FIRST EPISODE of a BRAND NEW PODCAST! BY JEREMYS! FOR JEREMYS! Come on a journey with your three favorite Jeremys, the oldest, middlest, and babiest, as we answer YOUR advice, you cool baby.

The theme song is called “(It’s a) Jeremy” by Jeremy and the Long Jeremys off of the album Putting the Jers To Bed.

The title card was designed by Jeremy the Nude.

Your hosts are:
Jeremy the Old:
Jeremy the Middle:
Jeremy the Sweet Baby:

parmejin  asked:

jimin may be a baby boy but we all know that tae is the babiest of boys and i rlly need everyone to get behind dom!jimin

tae is the babiest baby boy ever is the truest thing i’ve ever heard in my life!!! i am a huge dom jimin supporter and @topparkjimin is also a fan! there’s been an increase in vmin fics with dom jimin lately and it makes me so happy <3

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the nickname i give myself is "best female drummer"!

thank you for being our 8th angel, youkyung! though your title’s only a half angel, you’re always a full angel in our hearts! good luck with your future endeavors! 300612—171016

me: jokes about arima dying

also me: still cries over it daily, is completely heartbroken, misses him every day, is in physical pain. don’t talk to me about flowers or butterflies. don’t wear glasses around me. don’t say the word “hated”. don’t even look in my direction, or so help me I will drown us both in my horrible Arima Is Finally Free But God It Hurts So Much tears.