the babe tho

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Who's the bigger nerd, Red or Neon? Also, what would happen if they combined their nerdiness together?

Red actually, (no surprise) mainly cause they expand their nerdiness to a lot of other horizons, while Neon gets picky with what they like to spend their time on.  (Don’t put those two against Pokemon tho, they will be close to try  murdering each other)

Tho if the battle goes on too long, Red will be the one to surrender.))

  • mercy: OMG congratsss you guys look so cute together!!!!
  • So do you guys give each other pet names??!!
  • tracer: Oh definitely! I call her love.
  • mercy: That's adorable!
  • What about you amelie? What do you call her??
  • widowmaker: Significant annoyance.
  • mercy:
  • tracer: