the babe magnet

tyler asking ethan “will you be my boyfriend” during the whisper challenge and ethan can’t hear so he thinks he said something silly and it’s really cute

ethan thinking he can tackle tyler to the ground if he surprises him but tyler has scarily fast reflexes and ethan ends up being pinned down and tickled

amy and mark interrogating ethan trying to find out who he has a crush on and when he finally admits that it’s tyler they start shrieking in excitement and ethan’s like shHHH

tyler closing his eyes expectantly for a kiss but ethan picks up chica and has her lick tyler’s face

kathryn helping ethan pick out what to wear for his first date with tyler meanwhile tyler has wade unhelpfully saying he should wear something that will make him a “babe” magnet

@tylerthirstbot here u go senpai uwu


s.coups: falls off broom during quidditch
hoshi: filch’s no1 enemy
vernon: accidentally causes a fire during potions
minghao: brings a dog despite rules
wonwoo: that one kid everyone thinks is related to the dark lord
woozi: secretly related to the dark lord
seungkwan: his patronus is himself
dino: terrified of snape
mingyu: hogwart’s babe magnet
DK: likes to serenade to the owls
jun: forgets to use a wand and does kung fu instead
joshua: gives away free bibles
jeonghan: is the reason why love potions became popular

A HUUUUUUGE thank you to the amazing katemoross for creating these beautiful artworks. Super talented. Can’t wait for you all to see what she has done for our live show too! #1DayTillCaracal

queer character headcanons: the seven plus two
  • Annabeth: biromantic asexual, gods or goddesses but she takes after her mother in the sexuality department
  • percy: pan as fuck. fight me.
  • piper: also pan as fuck. all i want is for piper and percy to be pan buddies
  • jason: bisexual as shit like did you read boo
  • frank: biromantic greysexual, also a babe magnet w/o trying
  • hazel: biromantic heterosexual awe yeah
  • leo: panromantic bisexual (bc frank/hazel/leo is my ot3)
  • +2
  • nico: gayyyyy, but really homoromantic demisexual
  • reyna: also gay as hell, again, did you read boo
Dan and Phil in Truth or Dare 4
  • Fan: I dare you to call a female friend and ask what menstruation feels like
  • Dan: tries to call people but nobody responds (somebody responds eventually)
  • Dan: why does no girl want to talk to me?! Never mind babe magnet, I'm a babe repellent
  • Phil: maybe we should use my phone
  • Dan and literally the rest of the world: OH NO BITCH HE DIDN'T!!!
Every episode of Daredevil

- Matt kicks ass/gets ass kicked
- Karen secretly saves everyone and pushes the cases forward
- Foggy wears a great tie
- Matt does parkour
- Foggy has some great one-liners
- Matt doesn’t answer his phone
- There is beautiful fight choreography, probably in a hallway of some sort
- Matt continues to not answer his phone
- Foggy mentions that Matt is a babe magnet
- shitty coffee/shitty liquor
- Karen holds the firm together
- someone is just chilling in Matt’s apartment while waiting for him
- roll credits