the babe magnet

tyler asking ethan “will you be my boyfriend” during the whisper challenge and ethan can’t hear so he thinks he said something silly and it’s really cute

ethan thinking he can tackle tyler to the ground if he surprises him but tyler has scarily fast reflexes and ethan ends up being pinned down and tickled

amy and mark interrogating ethan trying to find out who he has a crush on and when he finally admits that it’s tyler they start shrieking in excitement and ethan’s like shHHH

tyler closing his eyes expectantly for a kiss but ethan picks up chica and has her lick tyler’s face

kathryn helping ethan pick out what to wear for his first date with tyler meanwhile tyler has wade unhelpfully saying he should wear something that will make him a “babe” magnet

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The ToG crew in high school
  • Aelin: Choir member, popular but in a good way. Hates fake people and is good at literally everything. Haters hate her but secretly want to be her.
  • Rowan: Notorious for dating Aelin. Is the quiet hot guy who refuses to be a f*ckboy. Football captain, but not a jock. Kind and super protective of his friends.
  • Aedion: HA. BABE MAGNET. Hottest guy in school, football co-captain, sassy jock but still has tons of respect. The most loyal guy ever.
  • Lysandra: Dates Aedion and makes sure all the girls know it. Dresses super nice everyday, get chocolates from all the guys. BFFs with Aelin, lead cheerleader.
  • Elide: Lead flute in band, also in choir. Known as the nicest and most adorable. Tutors for free, has the cutest smile and wears legging and fuzzy sweaters. Always dragged along by Aelin and Lysandra to parties.
  • Lorcan: Snarls at anyone who is mean to Elide, seems like an ass to strangers, but once you get to know him he's super protective and courageous. Always drives Elide to school, also on the football team.
  • Manon: Damn. Boys got eyes on her EVERYWHERE and she ignores them. Snarls at anyone who dares cat-call at her. Good at all subjects, on the boy's volley ball team cause she's too good for the girls'. Super competitive and will kick yo ass if you get on her bad side.
  • Dorian: BFFs with the librarian. Writer for the school paper. Dates Manon to everyone's surprise. Rumour goes around saying he's secretly a sex god (hehe), always leaves flowers for Manon in her locker once a month.
  • Chaol: Captain of the boy's track team, plays trumpet for the marching band. Teacher's pet, charges 5$ an hour for tutoring, wears glasses and cute clothes.
Cars acotar characters would have

Rhysand: a sleek ass minivan for his future kids. Maybe he scents Feyre’s pregnancy and surprises her with it. There are most definitely heated seats and a bomb stereo. 

Feyre: a jeep wrangler. She takes the top down and rides around the city, letting her hair loose. She, Mor and Amren go flying. The back is clustered with her painting tools. Rhys pretends to be worried about it’s safety, but he loves going on night drives with her. The lights and moon illuminate her face, and she’s driving, so he can stare all he wants.

Mor: a porsche. You’d think she wanted it for its flare, but she loves going fast. It make her feel alive, and it helps that its a total babe magnet. Cassian is secretly jealous.

Azriel: a soccer mom car. What can he say? its practical. its the only car that “fits is wings, shadows, and edgy disposition,” -Amren, at some point.

Cassian: the Batmobile. First of all, puns are life. Second, its as brooding and flashy as he is.

Amren: shes a sassy snake. Everybody knows it. Tinted windows, base pounding. *side note- literally searched “snake car” and was not disappointed. 

Elain: cars are bad for the environment. She rides this through Velaris, later buying a basket that she loads with baked goods and flowers. Also, a knife. Cities have been known to be dangerous. She wears her chiffon dresses and flower crowns, smiling at bakers and painters. She has about 100 men hooked on her rosy cheeks.

Nesta: cars are for wusses. She rides this with a badass biker helmet- not because its safer, but because she secretly loves the way civilians ogle at her. And when she gets back home, she slowly takes it off and shakes her hair- slowly. Cassian ogles too. He swears slow motion entrances were gifted to her in the cauldron. She brushes past him, closing his mouth for him.

Tamlin: its his immortal life crisis. He isn’t ashamed. He calls it his tittymoblible. It gets egged most nights.

Bonus- Helion: not much to be said about this one. Pretty self explanatory.

Bevvy’s Girl (Beverly Marsh x fem!reader)

Pairing: Beverly x fem!reader

Request: @noisilydelightfulhologram Hi!! I love your writing, can I please request a fic where Richie is always flirting with the reader and thinks she’s super good looking, but then the reader gets with Bev and Richie is S H O O K but the rest of the losers club knew that reader and Bev liked each other. Again, I love your writing, keep it up.

Summary: Richie has his eyes set on the reader and shamelessly flirts with her, only to find out she’s with the one and only Beverly Marsh.

Warnings: Nope!!

Your eyes. Your hair. Your laugh. Richie liked you, in more of an infatuation sort of way, but nonetheless you caught his eye whenever you and the rest of the losers hung out.

Little did he know, you had your eye on someone.

Beverly Marsh.

You were so upset when you realized it, how could you like her when you knew her and Bill were probably in a wonderful relationship? Yet no matter what, you couldn’t stop liking her. She was like a best friend, but even more. The way she hugged you and pulled you close while sharing a secret, the way she cupped your cheek and giggled when you said something hilariously stupid. She was the one for you, and you frankly didn’t care what anybody else thought on the matter.

“But Stan I can’t!!! Have you seen her and Bill? They’ve probably been sucking face for the past week now,” you whined as you paced back and forth.

“Actually, if you paid attention for once, you’d notice that Bill had a project and Bev is his partner. Therefore, they haven’t been sucking face, and you can go for it,” Stan said, as if it was the easiest thing in the world.

You groaned, falling into the grass and staring up at the clouds. The grass tickled your skin as you thought. You thought about how you would tell her you liked her, as more than just your friend.

Your thoughts were soon interrupted when a certain trashmouth blocked out your view of the sky, his glasses making him look extra obnoxious at the moment.

“Hey babe,” Richie smirked, “how are you doing? A hell of a lot better now I’m here, huh?”

You rolled your eyes and sat up. “God you look good today, where’d you get that skirt? It makes you look-”

“Beep beep Richie.” You cut him off, look frustratedly down at the ground. Richie huffed and went to go talk to Eddie.

Soon all of the losers arrived at the Quarry. When Beverly got there, all of the boys looked at you, and you were suddenly interested in the rocks on the ground. “Hey Y/N,” Beverly smiled, her face flushed with a beautiful pink color, and you could see her eyes shine with something yet you couldn’t put your finger on it. She sat down next to you and put her arm around your shoulders, the boys smiling to themselves and Richie just looking confused.

“H-huh-hey guys, let’s play truth o-or dare,” Bill smirked as he looked your way. You groaned internally. Why did it have to be today? You could always tell her tomorrow, or in like a million years.

Truth or dare was going well so far, Eddie confessed that the dirtiest thing he’d ever touched were Richie’s shoes, and Ben had been dared to sing his favorite song, “Please Don’t Go Girl” by New Kids on the Block. Everyone laughed as the song ended, and now it was Stan’s turn to ask.

“Y/N truth or dare,” he stated, and you could see the devilish smirk in his eyes. If you did truth he’d obviously make you say who you liked, and you couldn’t have that.

“Dare.” Everyone let out oohs and ahhs as Stan leaned forward.

“Kiss the person you like in this circle and tell them you love them.”

Your eyes went wide as you looked around at the losers. Everyone watched you intently, were you going to do it or chicken out? Richie already was leaning in, his eyes shut and his lips puckered, when you turned your face towards Beverly and smashed your lips against hers. Beverly froze, this couldn’t be real. The girl she had liked ever since they’d met, was kissing her. Before you moved back to apologize, Beverly responded, her hands cupping your cheeks and smiling into the kiss.

You guys pulled back, panting. “Yeah, so, I love you Beverly,” you breathed out, surprised that all of this was happening.

“I love you to-”

“WHAT THE FUCK,” Richie exclaimed, completely shocked. His eyes were even wider than usual and his jaw was on the ground.

“You’re so oblivious, Richie, they’re so obvious that they like each other it’s crazy,” Stan said flatly, his eyes rolling over to the glasses wearing boy.

“But I’m a total babe magnet!! I mean look at me, I’m smoking hot, girls love my jokes, they-”

“Beep beep Richie,” you and Beverly giggled as she kissed your cheek again, your face flushing and you brought up a bright smile, the smile you’d only reserved for her.

“I love you too, Y/N.”

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. That’s how the saying goes, right? All the recent meta mayhem meant that I had severely neglected my dating life. And I needed to fix that. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, amiright? Seeing Barry and Iris playing house gave me all the feels and reminded me that that’s what I want – someone to come home to. My apartment is great and all, but Siri and Alexa can only provide so much female companionship.

No one knows what the future holds – even if you have metapowers and the ability to manipulate the Speed Force – but I’ll be damned if my future is filled with me eating Spaghettios and watching X-Files reruns alone. So, update your apps, ladies, because Cisco is back in the game! As a scientist, my life is all about the formulas; trusting an algorithm to find my soulmate made perfect sense. I snagged my laptop and set-up shop at CC Jitters (their WiFi is on point) and revamped my online profile.  I realized my pic of me cosplaying as Link from Zelda probably wasn’t the biggest babe magnet, so I updated it with a more flattering photo of me at a Diamonds game – manly, right? Just as I was about to upload everything, the power went out – apparently, the barista had blown a fuse trying to meet the demand of a dozen undercaffeinated hipsters. Great. The shop was plunged into darkness and my carefully-crafted bio was lost forever.

I only had a second or two to despair before something – rather, someone - crashed into my chair, knocking me onto the floor and spilling my room-temperature latte all over my shirt. A second later, a back-up generator hummed to life and the lights flipped back on and I found myself staring up at a beautiful, yet red-faced, young woman. She pulled me to my feet and apologized profusely for bumping into me, at which point I became painfully aware that I was drenched in stale coffee. But whereas that might have been a turn-off for most women, this one simply grabbed a handful of napkins and started dabbing at the stains. Maybe I had love on the mind, but I’m pretty sure her hands lingered, and when she offered to buy me a new coffee, I took her up on the offer. We sat together and sipped our lattes, talking all the way into the night until we shut the place down.

Long story short, I got her number and am now waiting the appropriate amount of time before I can call without seeming too desperate. Safe to say, I’m no longer fretting about my profile and, now that I think about it, I might even terminate my account!


Cas: AHHH! Thank you anon for this request! I am personally a huge persona fan so I had to swipe this request from the ask box. Personally I probably would’ve change some roles (like I would’ve picked MC Kouhai for Yu’s spot bc they’re both babe magnets) but I still had a lot of fun with this!

Also a bonus for those of us waiting for persona 5:

                                       Baa got a new mask

Richie Tozier x Reader One-shot

summary ; set in the mid-80s of Derry, Richie helps reader out with a subject they’re struggling in. First they start off as friends but conversations get deep when the right questions are asked and the proverbial cards are laid out.

noteworthy ; Reader uses she/her pronouns. There will be cursing! Y/S = your subject (self insert subject)

a/n ; this is my very first one-shot on this blog. Not my first time writing but i hope you all enjoy! This one’s also kinda long sorry

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*chat chat chat*
F: “- Tell me, Elenore Cotton, do you have a family?”
E: “- Um, I have a daughter… she’s 8.”
F: “- Great age! …So If I wanted to take her mom out for a dinner and a beer to, let us say, Restaurant Ramaswami? What would she say about that?”
E: *smiles* “- Not much.. she’s in Twikkii with her dad…”
F: “- Perfect! So would you like to join me?”
E: “- …hm… yeah, why not?”
F: “- Great! Let me just change, and no, you can not convince me to wear my tights at the restaurant, even though I know that they are a real babe magnet!”
E: *laughs*

Today, I walked into a cafe.

Behind the counter, taking orders at two separate registers, were two guys about my own age (mid twenties).

The first was very Mediterranean-looking with the olive skin tone and the dark features. His eyes were ridiculously green and dude… he was jacked. Like he looked like he could land a job advertising for Old Spice or something. His goatee was perfection and his smile displayed absolutely gorgeous white teeth.

The second guy was a total Weasley. Red hair with freckles, on the short side, and a goofy grin. He laughed easily and cracked lame but cute jokes at his customers and appeared 100% confident in himself.

And you know what? I realized in that moment that I was way more attracted to the second guy than the first. Something about the dorky demeanor and the fun laugh he had was SO much more attractive than the hunk with the bedroom eyes.

I am unashamed to say that I’ll take a nerd over a babe-magnet ANY DAY…

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