the babe magnet

The ToG crew in high school
  • Aelin: Choir member, popular but in a good way. Hates fake people and is good at literally everything. Haters hate her but secretly want to be her.
  • Rowan: Notorious for dating Aelin. Is the quiet hot guy who refuses to be a f*ckboy. Football captain, but not a jock. Kind and super protective of his friends.
  • Aedion: HA. BABE MAGNET. Hottest guy in school, football co-captain, sassy jock but still has tons of respect. The most loyal guy ever.
  • Lysandra: Dates Aedion and makes sure all the girls know it. Dresses super nice everyday, get chocolates from all the guys. BFFs with Aelin, lead cheerleader.
  • Elide: Lead flute in band, also in choir. Known as the nicest and most adorable. Tutors for free, has the cutest smile and wears legging and fuzzy sweaters. Always dragged along by Aelin and Lysandra to parties.
  • Lorcan: Snarls at anyone who is mean to Elide, seems like an ass to strangers, but once you get to know him he's super protective and courageous. Always drives Elide to school, also on the football team.
  • Manon: Damn. Boys got eyes on her EVERYWHERE and she ignores them. Snarls at anyone who dares cat-call at her. Good at all subjects, on the boy's volley ball team cause she's too good for the girls'. Super competitive and will kick yo ass if you get on her bad side.
  • Dorian: BFFs with the librarian. Writer for the school paper. Dates Manon to everyone's surprise. Rumour goes around saying he's secretly a sex god (hehe), always leaves flowers for Manon in her locker once a month.
  • Chaol: Captain of the boy's track team, plays trumpet for the marching band. Teacher's pet, charges 5$ an hour for tutoring, wears glasses and cute clothes.

tyler asking ethan “will you be my boyfriend” during the whisper challenge and ethan can’t hear so he thinks he said something silly and it’s really cute

ethan thinking he can tackle tyler to the ground if he surprises him but tyler has scarily fast reflexes and ethan ends up being pinned down and tickled

amy and mark interrogating ethan trying to find out who he has a crush on and when he finally admits that it’s tyler they start shrieking in excitement and ethan’s like shHHH

tyler closing his eyes expectantly for a kiss but ethan picks up chica and has her lick tyler’s face

kathryn helping ethan pick out what to wear for his first date with tyler meanwhile tyler has wade unhelpfully saying he should wear something that will make him a “babe” magnet

@tylerthirstbot here u go senpai uwu

Today, I walked into a cafe.

Behind the counter, taking orders at two separate registers, were two guys about my own age (mid twenties).

The first was very Mediterranean-looking with the olive skin tone and the dark features. His eyes were ridiculously green and dude… he was jacked. Like he looked like he could land a job advertising for Old Spice or something. His goatee was perfection and his smile displayed absolutely gorgeous white teeth.

The second guy was a total Weasley. Red hair with freckles, on the short side, and a goofy grin. He laughed easily and cracked lame but cute jokes at his customers and appeared 100% confident in himself.

And you know what? I realized in that moment that I was way more attracted to the second guy than the first. Something about the dorky demeanor and the fun laugh he had was SO much more attractive than the hunk with the bedroom eyes.

I am unashamed to say that I’ll take a nerd over a babe-magnet ANY DAY…

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If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. That’s how the saying goes, right? All the recent meta mayhem meant that I had severely neglected my dating life. And I needed to fix that. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, amiright? Seeing Barry and Iris playing house gave me all the feels and reminded me that that’s what I want – someone to come home to. My apartment is great and all, but Siri and Alexa can only provide so much female companionship.

No one knows what the future holds – even if you have metapowers and the ability to manipulate the Speed Force – but I’ll be damned if my future is filled with me eating Spaghettios and watching X-Files reruns alone. So, update your apps, ladies, because Cisco is back in the game! As a scientist, my life is all about the formulas; trusting an algorithm to find my soulmate made perfect sense. I snagged my laptop and set-up shop at CC Jitters (their WiFi is on point) and revamped my online profile.  I realized my pic of me cosplaying as Link from Zelda probably wasn’t the biggest babe magnet, so I updated it with a more flattering photo of me at a Diamonds game – manly, right? Just as I was about to upload everything, the power went out – apparently, the barista had blown a fuse trying to meet the demand of a dozen undercaffeinated hipsters. Great. The shop was plunged into darkness and my carefully-crafted bio was lost forever.

I only had a second or two to despair before something – rather, someone - crashed into my chair, knocking me onto the floor and spilling my room-temperature latte all over my shirt. A second later, a back-up generator hummed to life and the lights flipped back on and I found myself staring up at a beautiful, yet red-faced, young woman. She pulled me to my feet and apologized profusely for bumping into me, at which point I became painfully aware that I was drenched in stale coffee. But whereas that might have been a turn-off for most women, this one simply grabbed a handful of napkins and started dabbing at the stains. Maybe I had love on the mind, but I’m pretty sure her hands lingered, and when she offered to buy me a new coffee, I took her up on the offer. We sat together and sipped our lattes, talking all the way into the night until we shut the place down.

Long story short, I got her number and am now waiting the appropriate amount of time before I can call without seeming too desperate. Safe to say, I’m no longer fretting about my profile and, now that I think about it, I might even terminate my account!


*chat chat chat*
F: “- Tell me, Elenore Cotton, do you have a family?”
E: “- Um, I have a daughter… she’s 8.”
F: “- Great age! …So If I wanted to take her mom out for a dinner and a beer to, let us say, Restaurant Ramaswami? What would she say about that?”
E: *smiles* “- Not much.. she’s in Twikkii with her dad…”
F: “- Perfect! So would you like to join me?”
E: “- …hm… yeah, why not?”
F: “- Great! Let me just change, and no, you can not convince me to wear my tights at the restaurant, even though I know that they are a real babe magnet!”
E: *laughs*


Cas: AHHH! Thank you anon for this request! I am personally a huge persona fan so I had to swipe this request from the ask box. Personally I probably would’ve change some roles (like I would’ve picked MC Kouhai for Yu’s spot bc they’re both babe magnets) but I still had a lot of fun with this!

Also a bonus for those of us waiting for persona 5:

                                       Baa got a new mask

Grey's Anatomy Characters in Grade School (Part 1)
  • Meredith Grey: Girl with a famous doctor mother who liked to sketch organs in the corners of her notebook and was a total biology/anatomy nerd. She was also incredibly dark and was considered weird or "freaky" by a lot of her peers. Despite that, she had a pretty solid friend group. They don't talk anymore, but they were solid and at least she had somebody to talk to when her mother was neglecting her.
  • Derek Shepherd: Canon Nerd Shepherd had a collection of frogs when he was a kid and played the saxophone from the time he was in second grade up until high school. He was skinny and his hair was crazy and he almost had to take his cousin to Prom. But the experience humbled him (somewhat) and he usually stood up for weaker kids than him, which resulted in him getting his ass beat. Mark Sloan would then beat whomever's ass it was that thought it was a good idea to pick on his best friend.
  • Mark Sloan: A player since Pre-K. He made all the girls giggle with his class clown antics and craved attention that his parents never gave him. Derek Shepherd was his best friend since kindergarten and practically his brother, so he defended him at school when the others would pick on him. Mark kind of, maybe, also teased Derek a little bit but it was all in good fun. In high school, he was a total babe magnet and hooked Derek up with a date to prom.
  • Christina Yang: That Know-it-All kid who always had to be better than anybody else. Even teachers were annoyed by her, though they were also pretty impressed. She was in mostly AP classes in high school and won at every science fair she ever entered. Since her biological father's death, she'd had a fascination with the heart and would often center her science projects around the way it worked and different surgeries or procedures that could prolong its use. She didn't make friends easily.
  • Alex Karev: The "fat kid" in elementary school. He was bullied mercilessly for his weight and learned how to fight, but it was never enough until he actually lost the weight right before entering high school. Then he actually became the bully. He picked on smaller kids and kids that he was often jealous of for their ability to perform under pressure. It could be seen as a defense mechanism to make certain that he was never treated that way again, but it never really made him feel any better.
  • Izzie Stevens: Grew up in a trailer park in a poor community, but excelled in all her studies and was a quick favorite for all of her teachers. She had aspirations to become a surgeon and worked her ass of to make sure that dream came true. It didn't stop her from having a social life, though, and she became pregnant at age 15. She gave her baby up for adoption, but she was still seen as an outcast at school and many of her peers' parents judged her for it. She came out stronger because of it.
  • George O'Malley: Was the "weak" youngest brother of the O'Malley clan and often felt like he didn't belong in his family. His brothers mocked him for being smart and "thinking that he's so much better than the rest of us" and he often had crippling self-doubt. But he was also the nice kid and tried his best to make other bullied or belittled classmates feel better by showering them with compliments or encouraging them to do their best. He was voted "Nicest Senior" in his Junior year of high school.
  • Lexie Grey: Sunshine and butterflies and sharp intellect. Lexie Grey's quick mind and bright personality made her a lot of friends. She was a tutor in her spare time and a cheerleader in high school. Her home life was happy and it showed in her smiles and general ease. But, when she got stressed, she took to eating nonstop and often had weight fluctuations in high school which caused her to become sick a few times. She never fell behind in her studies, though, as she read and memorized every single textbook she ever received. If she wasn't so likable, she probably would have had more enemies in school, but her smile is irresistible.
  • Arizona Robbins: Floral pattern dresses and butterfly clips in her hair. The epitome of sunshine and daisies and everything good in the world. Unless you made fun of her name, in which case she would fight you and she would win. Often found herself in the principal's office because she gave another kid a bloody nose. But her problems with authority often left her a blubbering mess and the principal was unequipped to deal with tiny balls of sunshine crying in his office, so she was perpetually let off with a warning. Also candy. Mainly because the principal was terrified of her father.
  • Callie Torres: Chubby and bigger than the other kids, Calliope Torres had to learn how to defend herself from an early age and often used her fists to help her do that. Most kids learned to stop making fun of her in elementary school, but there was always that one that she had to "teach a lesson" and she, too, found herself in the principal's office. She was able to get out of most suspensions because her father often made big donations, but she did serve more than her fair share of detention. It was worth it, in her opinion, to make sure that the other kids knew that she was not to be messed with

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I NEED more of dexs family do you have any headcanons?

oh honey believe me i have so many thoughts about this dumb family so here’s some random ass poindexter kid headcanons (you can find my original post outlining them generally here)

  • aubrey’s daughter is called sunny and the whole family think this is cruel because of her red hair but aubrey will defend this name to the death
  • she has an $800 violin that she won in a contest
  • guards it with her life
  • aubrey is the family’s Advice Queen because she doesn’t get all excited like their mom does but stays calm and collected at all times
  • the best at piggybacks
  • lucas knows the binomial name for, like, everything
  • “emu” “Dromaius novaehollandiae, at least make it hard”
  • he’s the only brunette in the family and florence always jokes that he’s adopted
  • doodles all over his notebooks
  • people keep asking him on dates and he just gives them a Look
  • why would he want to date when he has science
  • matilda has freckles. goddamn. everywhere
  • she’s so freckly it’s mental
  • speaks basically fluent french so she and nursey have Secret Bitch Sessions whilst dex glares at them
  • has qualified for the zone championships and is well on her way to the nationals competition in the 100m butterfly
  • scarily good at reading people
  • catherine is nuts basically
  • she’s so stubborn there is no chance anyone will win a fight against her
  • if anyone’s close to winning she just holds her breath until her face goes red so they panic and let her win
  • the loudest person you will ever meet don’t stand next to her at a hockey game and your eardrums will thank you
  • has hair down to her butt which aubrey loves to plait
  • but she always jokes that she can strangle people with it which is,, slightly worrying,,
  • last but not least rory
  • tried ice hockey twice and hated it both times but saw some people figure skating afterwards and cried until he got to try it
  • calls himself a “babe magnet”
  • has two girlfriends and two boyfriends and made a rota for skating partners so nobody has to “fight over him”
  • matilda and catherine take turns painting his nails different colours
  • he’s really into biology and likes to listen to lucas explain his notes
Take me Y/N

Hello love bugs! I just need to say thank you so much for all the love from Take me Howell. So I decided to flip the tables and make Dan the drunk one and you the one dealing with him.

Dan X Female Reader
Warnings- ⚠️swearing, drunk, mentions of smut.

It was honestly a pretty boring day. Dan and Phil were at meetings all day so you had the apartment to yourself. You already did everything you like to do when your alone. You watched the next episode of the thing you are all bingeing together so you can watch the boys reactions to the surprises. You made food that only you like for supper. Lastly you listened to what ever kind of crappy music you wanted to without anyone bitching about how terrible it is. Now you were sitting on the sofa flicking through channels when you hear a crash at the front door. Automatically you jump into action readying your self with the closest object as protection. This happen to be a lighter from all of Phil’s candles, but it was going to make do. As you creep down the stairs lighter in hand you can start to hear voices. You can’t make it out but one is definitely trying to whisper yell. Just as you ready yourself Phil and Dan burst through the door in a flail of arms and coats. You calm your Kung-fu stance relieved it’s just your boys.

“Holy fuck Phil I can handle my own thank you”. Dan says with a flourish of his arms until his coat hits the floor. “See I’m a grown ass man who can handle shit”. This is said as he walks over top of the coat ignoring the fact he should really be picking it up.

“Hey boys”. You say softly trying to still feel out the room. Dan was obviously drunk but you couldn’t tell if Phil was or not.

“Thank god”. Phil was pushing past Dan up the stairs to you to say he looked flustered would be an understatement. “Free wine at meetings mixed with free drinks at a pub because doing Business in London requires it, makes Danny boy drunk as a skunk”. Phil says with tiredness in his eyes. “After the meetings we saw some friends we knew at the pub and it all went down hill from there. With all my love I officially pass the buck to you. He’s all yours”. And with that Phil walks past you to his bedroom to get some much needed sleep. No one likes to be the babysitter in these situations. From looking at Dan you can tell this is a situation where you need to go in with a soft voice but firm instructions.

“Hey love, did you have fun tonight”? You have never seen Dan this drunk before. Of course the two of you have been buzzed together. There was that one time you came over here drunk looking for sex. Other then that this was a first.

“Oh baby I had a great time”. He says making his way slowly up the stairs. “Meetings were meetings but then we saw some of the guys at the pub, and things just took off from there”.

“I’m glad you had fun but did you forget about setting a limit for yourself”? reaching your hand out to try and get him to grab for the last few steps.“

“I did and then I said fuck it. You only live once Y/N”. Dan is officially on the landing with you. Even as a mess he still towers over you making you feel small.

“Well I’m glad you had fun. Let’s go get you to bed. We will get you changed, watered, and tucked in”. You say as you squeeze his hand leading the way up the next steps”.

“I like all of this babe, but I insist we put a little sexy time in between those steps”. He says giving your ass a stinging slap. He was usually forward in when he wanted sex but this had a different tone. “ I want to bend you over and fuck you till you scream my name”.

“Okay”. You say trying to put a quick stop to this. “I’m telling you right now that sex is off the table”. You had to be quick in laying down the law. A small pout forms on Dan’s lips. He had very different plans for how this evening was going down.

“We will see”. You could almost see the wheels turning in his head. You were never really one to turn down a good romp session. Dan was going to try and play this to his advantage. After what seemed like you guys were climbing stairs in a freaking tower and not the three story flat, you finally make it to Dan’s room. You start the search for his pj’s in the drawers. Dan on the other hand decided it was time to serenade you on the piano. This was always like a babe magnet. “Stop trying to impress me, and come and get your clothes on”. You knew his tricks. He forgot who was the sober one and who wasn’t. 

 “Why would I change when all I want to do is undress myself and you”. He had the biggest shit eating grin on thinking he was mr.smooth. At this point you decided it was time to use your mommy voice and just get shit done. 

 “Take. It. Off.” You say while holding the pyjamas outstretched in your arms.

“Damn, fine”. Dan says giving into the instructions. Before you know it he is finally changed. You have definitely baby sat children who didn’t take this long to change.

 “Crawl into bed and I will grab you a water”. You say exiting the room. By the time you come back he is in his bed waiting for you. “Here drink some of this. You will thank me in the morning”. You say handing the glass to him. As Dan gulps down the water you start to dress into your pyjamas, then crawl into bed beside him. You could tell he was finally starting to very slowly sober up.

 “So is sex still off the table because I think I could manage”. He wasn’t even attempting to hide his little smile. He didn’t know how freaking cute he was.

 “Unfortunately we will not be having sex. We can however cuddle”. You say as You motion for Dan to rest his head on your chest. He obliges and gets comfy. You loved to run your fingers through his hair so you started to pet his head. “Good night my sweet drunk boyfriend”. looking down at him you realize Dan however didn’t hear you say that because he was fast asleep.

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My brother got me the sweetest puppy! It may be of interest to one chocobae that her name is Honey! I have a picture on my blog she is so precious <3 Can I request headcanons for chocobros reaction to puppies? <3

AWWW! Congrats on your pup! She’s sweet and you named her Honey, how cute! Feel free to link us if you want. :3 
Boys and puppies? Gosh, no one can resist.

Noctis: He loves animals and puppies are included. If the pup is in a park and belongs to someone he can’t help himself but to play a bit.

Prompto: This boy loudly exclaims “PUPPY!!” and runs over to the adorable creature. If the girls are cute he will try to chat a bit.

Gladio: This guy knows the power of puppies. He uses the little pup as a total babe magnet and it works! He gets more phone numbers with the puppy than on his own. The only thing that works better are babies. Maybe Noct and Luna can get on that for him soon!

Ignis: He likes animals as well. He does see the adorable factor in the little pups! Now, would he keep a puppy? The answer is no because of his schedule. Would he play with one, sure.

Cor: Much like Ignis he does not have the time for a puppy. He’s pretty neutral about them on his own. A certain Moosh may convince him otherwise though~

Ravus: Much like the other two guys he does not have time for a baby animal. He does see the appeal to them. For some reason puppies flock to the man. They can see his good heart deep deep down inside.

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who is in dex's family like who do u hc being in there

okay well i started writing a response to a prompt asking for nurseydex+families!! but my computer crashed so it’s back to the drawing board for that one. anyway i came up with some family headcanons and stuff for both, here’s dex’s !!

dex’s family is quite big. this is a pretty common hc in the fandom but i agree

his mom is called florence. she is the most ginger ginger to ever ginger and she’s incredibly lively. she’s brilliant with mechanics and, like dex, very good at fixing things. she can’t cook though, like at all, but she is, however, amazing at advice. she’s very short

dex’s dad is called albert and he is a wonderful cook. he’s a maths teacher. he doesn’t really talk much and he’s pretty stoic most of the time, but he’s very good at video games, and spends lots of Quality Bonding Time™ playing with his kids. once dex brings nursey home he loves to hear nursey’s opinions on world issues

dex has three sisters and two brothers and nursey is pretty sure they form some weird secret society

the oldest is aubrey. aubrey is married and has a baby girl, and she’s always the one dex goes to for advice if it’s too awkward to ask his mom. dex came out to her first, because of this aubrey always kept a look out for her siblings at school and at home. she’s a kindergarten teacher and is incredible at playing violin

next is lucas, two years older than dex. lucas is studying medicine and is the ‘genius’ of the family. he’s very loud and says “i will fight you” a lot even though he’s quite short. he’s also brunette which is a confusion to everyone. he likes to buy people presents to see their reactions and is basically a big softie

then there’s dex, and after him is matilda. she’s fifteen and can speak very good french, she loves talking to nursey when nobody else understands. she’s already taller than lucas which she loves and shows a lot of promise in swimming (her stroke is butterfly). she has the most freckles

catherine follows after, and she’s twelve. she also plays hockey, only not on the ice. she’s got long red hair down to her butt which aubrey always plaits. she shouts a lot and is the most stubborn person you will ever meet. she can hold her breath for ages

last but not least is rory, the youngest, who is eight. he gave ice hockey a go but really he shines in figure skating. he calls himself a “babe magnet” and has two girlfriends and two boyfriends and doesn’t understand why this makes everyone laugh. matilda paints his nails before competitions. he’s also very interested in biology, lucas likes to teach him things

let’s not forget bertram the family dog. he’s a border collie and he’s a Terror, but he’s very good at tricks

this got away from me i have so many thoughts about this just tAke ThEM