the b in apartment 23

How an interaction between me and killgrave might go
  • Me:*bumps into killgrave when walking past*
  • Killgrave:go screw yourself
  • Me:*keeps on walking*
  • Killgrave:*a bit alarmed* *grabs my arm* where are you going what are you doing?
  • Me:"to find a screw. Duh."
  • Killgrave:oh... clever. But no i meant go f yourself
  • Me:"okay" *walks away*
  • Killgrave:stop!
  • *i stop*
  • Where are you going now...?
  • Me:"to go to office max"
  • Killgrave:????
  • Me:"or home depot... or Lowe's or wait no to office max. Wait i already said that... what do you call the place where you can go make a lot of copies or print a bunch of shit out?"
  • Killgrave:*a bit irritated* extINCT ???
  • Me:"oh" *walks away*
  • Killgrave:what now??? Where are you going. Answer me!
  • Me:"well it's a bit out of the way... but home"
  • Killgrave:whY
  • Me:"to go on my laptop, get on Microsoft word, type in F, blow it up, print it out, cut the f out... tape it to myself. Duh"
  • *walks away*
  • Killgrave:i mEANT... ugh mever mind. you annoy me. Go cut someone 1000 times. I want you to feel guilt. You worthless-
  • Me:*walks away*
  • Killgrave:....
  • wait!
  • *i of course, wait*
  • So you're... *actually* gonna go cut someone 1000 times?
  • Me:*shrugs* "Sure"
  • *walks away*
  • Killgrave:...
  • Me:*walking away*
  • Killgrave:....
  • Me:*walking away*
  • Killgrave:stop.... what's your plan. Tell me.
  • Me:"going to a movie theater"
  • Killgrave :wHAT WHyy
  • Me:"to wait..."
  • Killgrave:FOOOOOR? ?!??
  • Me:"the opening of the new star wars."
  • Killgrave:ELABORATEEE
  • me:"I'm gonna go and stand at the end of the line of the first opening. Right when they're about to let people in I'll then run to the front of the line."
  • Killgrave:WHAT. THE. SHIT.
  • me:"I'd be cutting maybe a thousand people.... hey you didn't say i had to cut the same someone 1000 times."
  • Killgrave:GAAAHHHH
  • Me:"..... that was quite possibly... the worst Chewbacca impression I've ever heard."
  • Killgrave:LET'S... hmm
  • *smiles and straightens jacket/tie*
  • start... from the beginning...
  • Killgrave:go FUCK yourself
  • Me:: "....
  • ....
  • ...
  • .
  • I'm...
  • Asexual"
  • Killgrave:*digs a grave*
  • *kills himself in it*

10 Underrated TV Shows That Were Cancelled Too Soon

When great TV shows are cancelled, we don’t know who to blame more: The fact that the general public is too basic to appreciate the brilliance of the show or the networks for not being satisfied with the millions of viewers the show has.

But even when our favorite shows are off the air, we never forget about them and we encourage our friends and family to binge-watch the show ASAP. Here are 10 underrated TV shows that we definitely think were cancelled too soon.

Today is my 21st birthday!!!!!

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