the b in apartment 23

  • Hades:I care about your comfort. That’s why this is so weird–I care about you. This wasn’t like this five years ago.
  • Nico:No, it wasn’t.
  • Hades:I mean, five years ago, you could’ve died, and I wouldn’t have cared. I would have stolen your sword and your ugly silver skull ring with the ruby eyes, I’m so glad you don’t wear that anymore, that ring was so bad–
  • Nico:I feel like we’re going off on a tangent here.
  • Hades:I am, it was a bad ring!
Reactions to PLL Lately

PLL 4x20

Spencer: “Ezra tried to kill Ali! He’s freaking "A”!!!“


PLL 4X21

Aria: "Ezra’s not "A”.“


PLL 4X22

Aria: "Ezra’s book says that Mrs. DiLaurentis is "A”.“


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