the b 52


The evolution of the tail turret of the Boeing B-52 Stratrofortress bomber, from .50 cal to 20mm

After the gulf war if was finally removed and replaced with a stronger ECM suit, as the USAF deemed it obsolete.

Personally, the 20mm version could have been turned into a CIWS against missiles, basically just needing a new radar and fire control system, but alas, weight savings means a lot in aircraft. 


My dad and I… used to build models together, when I was a kid. We’d build planes and boats. I used to pick the most complex ones… B-52, aircraft carriers… ‘cause they took the longest, you know? See, I was one of three kids, so you really had to strategize to get your alone time with Dad. You know, and eventually, we had a whole fleet of them; we had just rows and rows, shelves of them. You know, and then when he died I threw all the models away. I threw every one of them away. I don’t know why… why I did that, you know?