the ayatollah begs to differ

Casual Sunday binge reading. I have to write a 5-page book report on this book for missing the field trip. 

However, it’s surprisingly good. HIghly recommend. It’s funny and insightful and tells you a hell of a lot about Iran & Shiism & the clash between cultures, as it’s written by an Iranian journalists who grew up in America and goes back to Iran after the Islamic revolution. 

“It strikes me often while I am in Iran that were Christian evangelicals to take a tour of Iran today, they might find it the model for an ideal society they seek in America. Replace Allah with God, Mohammad with Jesus, keep the same public and private notions of chastity, sin, salvation, and God’s will, and a Christian Republic is born.”
― Hooman Majd, The Ayatollah Begs to Differ: The Paradox of Modern Iran