the awkward spa experience

QUEERBAITING w/ Dan and Phil

can i just say something? 

people are accusing dan and phil of queerbaiting with the vegas video stuff, but like ya’ll are the ones that assume something happened between them that is phan related while in vegas in the first place. 

for those of you who may not be familiar with the vegas stuff… dan and phil went to vegas for dan’s 21st birthday. in this video, phil says “dan’s posting a whole day in the life vegas extravaganza, so you can look forward to that” and proceeds to tell of the awkward spa experience they had. when they got back from vegas dan procrastinated on uploading the footage and eventually it became a thing, and then he said he actually lost the footage after a while. 

the vegas video is an inside joke with dan and his subscribers, he has never insinuated that anything phan related happened while in vegas. it was the phandom shippers that theorized they ‘got married’ or ‘got drunk and had sex’ and that ‘there was too much phan stuff in the footage when they reviewed it to post any of it’. 

i want to remind you all that the vegas video for dan is a joke, much like his twitter icon and how it became a thing. when he mentions the vegas video it has nothing to do with phan, but with the joke at how long everyone has been waiting to hear what happened. if he includes stories about what happened in vegas in the book they are not going to be OMG PHAN!!1!!, they are not going to suddenly announce they got married or had sex, it is going to be more funny stories like the awkward spa experience and other weird dan and phil moments. 

saying that you will find out “what actually happened in vegas” in the book is not queerbaiting because it is the phandom shippers that have ‘added the gay’ to the vegas trip, it is the phandom shippers that have turned the vegas trip into this heavily theorized phan secret, not dan. for dan and his subscribers the vegas trip and the vegas video are jokes about his procrastination. it became a joke, a thing to laugh about and tease us with. 


** you may feel like arguing ‘yeah but dan knows that the phandom believes all this secret phan stuff happened in vegas and therefore he knows what mentioning vegas will do for sales of the book”, to that i say there is no way in hell dan and phil are going to announce phan in their book (regardless of whether it is real or not). if you stop for a second and think about it all, i’m sure dan is aware of this, rational people are not going to expect them to say ‘yeah all your phan theories about what happened in vegas are totally true’. stop waiting for this big announcement that phan is real because it is not going to happen regardless of whether they are together or not. you do not have to buy the book and, if by some miraculous force, there is an announcement of phan in the book then rest assured people will post about it here so you do not have to buy the book unless it is something you really want. 

stop finding ways to demonize dan and phil. are they perfect? nobody is perfect, but they are not queerbaiting and they deserve more respect than they have been getting from some of you. 

shipping phan and discussing theories can be fun, but keep it respectable and always be nice about it. dan and phil know people ship phan, they know people have fun doing it, they know that all their little looks and touches are going to be analyzed but what can they do about it? they tried distancing themselves, remember 2012? no one enjoyed that, not even dan and phil. they are just being themselves and being friends and if they have to joke about phan in order feel comfortable doing that then that is fine by me. i mean, it has got to be stressful worrying about every tiny interaction and how it can possibly be interpreted as phan in their videos, if they just point out the phan bits themselves (like they have been doing ex: ~50 shades of phan~) then at least they can feel like they have some control over it, they can laugh about it. i don’t think any of the things they have been doing is actual queerbaiting, and they have both said in the past that phan is not real and that they are just friends, they shouldn’t have to repeat that every time they touch each other to ensure people don’t think they are queerbaiting. 

i think that is all for now, i could go on but you won’t read it because this is already way too long. sorry for clogging up your dash, i am not putting this under a read more. feel free to reblog this and add your own comments but remember #NicerInternet. you can have different opinions from others but always be respectful to others, and be respectful to dan and phil. 

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