the awkward one is my favorite

WL: tHe SeconD perSon anD memory tHat i WaS Happy for… mmm… i’D Say tHe firSt time i really got to Spoke WitH my fatHer, anD He officially acknoWleDgeD me aS HiS Son WaS one of my otHer favorite memorieS. We Sat anD talkeD for aWHile anD ate a cake He maDe. i WaS So exciteD to meet Him, altHougH fairly SHy, anD it WaS a little lot of aWkWarD…. but i WaS certainly Happy.


get to know me meme: [3/10] favorite pairings » chuck bartowski & sarah walker

our first kiss. not our first cover kiss, but our first real kiss was when we were trying to diffuse a bomb and we thought we were gonna die. and I closed my eyes and I felt you grab me and kiss me. you kissed me. and then there was a lot of pretending that it didn’t happen and awkward back and forth and even dating other people. but one day, when I was sure that you could never love a nerd like me, you came over and I asked you if you loved me and you, sarah walker, said yes. and when I asked you to marry me, you didn’t even have to say yes because we both knew that we’d spend the rest of our lives together. so please, remember this house and the red door and the white picket fence and the family we were going to raise together… and remember me. because if you remember me, then you’ll remember that a nerdy guy like me who works at a buy more could make you happy.

So I recently hit 2500 followers and i’m freaking out ahhhhhh <333333 thank you all so much for following me, you don’t know how much it means to me aka the most awkward nerd you’ll probably ever meet :”D 

I decided that I should make a follow forever thingy since I did one at 1.5k so it’s been pretty long ago x) 

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my favorite brendon reaction is the one where he fucks up and says something he most likely shoudn’t have and then he does the sort of hiss/awkward smile and his eyebrows go so far up his forehead and he looks away

About little old me

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NAME: Afra

NICKNAMES: Aaf? I don’t really have one- my internet name is Arabella/Ara though



HEIGHT: 5′7 (170 centimeters)

SEXUAL ORIENTATION: bi or poly or pan..not sure yet

FAVORITE COLOR: I have absolutely no idea but I kinda like dark blue? or bordeaux? I don’t know

CURRENT TIME AND DATE: 22:20 19-6-15

AVERAGE HOURS OF SLEEP: about seven hours? maybe eight?


LAST THING GOOGLED: sonic screwdriver (making it cause i’ve a costume party and I’m going as the 11th doctor)

FIRST WORD THAT COMES TO MIND: Cheese. Don’t ask why

PLACE THAT MAKES ME HAPPY: forests? shops. I don’t know


FAVORITE FICTIONAL CHARACTERS: Draco Malfoy, Jace Herondale, Percy Jackson, 11th doctor, Amy Pond, Arya Stark, Tyrion Lannister

FAVORITE FAMOUS PERSON: Gerard Way, Frank Iero, Dan Howell, Phil Lester

A CELEBRITY CRUSH: you don’t want to go there… 

FAVORITE BOOK: oh hard one..I don’t actually have a favourite book but atm I’m really fond of a book called “thinking fast and slow” and I love the harry potter series.

FAVORITE ANIME: I’ve never watched Anime…I’M SORRY

FAVORITE TV SHOWS: Game of Thrones, Doctor Who, NCIS

FAVORITE MUSICIANS/BANDS: Nirvana, My Chemical Romance,  Muse, Fall out boy, Panic! at the disco, Sleeping with Sirens, Kodaline, Pearl Jam, Green day and so so many more

FAVORITE GAMES: don’t have a favourite- I play a lot of games 

LAST MOVIE WATCHED: I think it was friends with benefits..that was pretty hilarious

DREAM HOLIDAY: meeting all my internet friends

DREAM JOB: Not a fucking clue

CURRENTLY WEARING: blue skinny jeans, white button up shirt and a tweet blazer because I’m trying to put together soemthing the 11th doctor would wear 

LAST BOOK READ: Looking for Alaska- John Green, had to read it for’s okay. 

I tag idkijustlovebands a-little-bit-awkward iaminwaytoomanyfandoms and brokenhearts666  cause I’m pathetic and I don’t know anyone else

“What is one career you would love to enter?”

Hmm, oh! I would want to be a private investigator. I blame Veronica Mars

“What would your dream date be?”

I’m really boring when it comes to dates. For me a perfect date would just be hanging around at home in sweats, cooking dinner and later chillin’ on the couch with either a movie or a game. Bonus if it’s raining and thundering outside. I’ll leave the thundering up to Thor.

“What is the worst thing about dating?”

The awkwardness when the date has come to an end. I mean honestly, do you hug, do you shake hands or kiss? It always ends up being some awkward half hug half handshake with an attempt of a kiss on the cheek thing. 

“Where is the one place in the world you feel most safe?”

My living room. I love my living room, it is my absolute favorite room in my house.

“What is one place in the world you wish you lived?”

Ireland. It’s so absolutely gorgeous there. I’d move there in a heartbeat and drink Guiness every single day and just… walk around with my camera getting some unbelievably gorgeous scenery photographs.

“What is the one thing you want to experience before you die?”

Expanding my family with children and animals. Oh and maybe have a rollator race when I’m 90. 

“What is one movie that influenced your life the most?”

Casablanca. Hands down. Also happens to be one of my favorite movies ever.

That’s all the questions we have time for. Thank you Bex. Any last words?

Just that I can’t wait to meet all you guys and begin this new adventure. Hopefully I will come out on the other end with my future husband. 

Team Arrow’s third wheel-ness

My favorite thing about the core Team Arrow is that (a bit like the Harry, Ron and Hermione dynamic) they’re all the awkward third wheel. 

1) The most obvious one is Diggle being a kind of (extremely helpful) third wheel in reference to Oliver and Felicity’s long drawn out sexual tension. I mean, the amount of times that guy has had to say “hehehe let me just awkwardly slink out of the room while my OTP has their epic staredown” is rather hilarious. I also often enjoy re-watching Olicity/Team Arrow scenes sometimes purely for Diggle’s facial expressions in the background. His face when Oliver is rude to Felicity- a kind of secondhand “oh shit, my bro fucked up big time” expression- is always priceless. And then there’s my favorite moment - Diggle’s little “good luck, bro, I know you got this, go make things right with your girl” pat pat before he leaves the foundry in Blast Radius. One of the best subtle little Diggle humor moments on the show, in my opinion.

2) Then we have Felicity being kind of on the outside of the Oliver/Diggle bromance sometimes. You could say that she’s ends up being on the outside of that kind of friendship just by virtue of the fact that she’s the not-physically-strong woman and the love interest while they’re the two big strong macho guys, but I’d call bullshit on that explanation, and I don’t like when the show implies this either. My understanding of it is that Diggle is military and has seen a darkness in the world similar to that which Oliver had seen in his 5 years away. Felicity has seen and experienced suffering, no doubt about it, but dare I say she still remains untainted by the darkness of the world? (eeeek season 4 and Felicity’s dad, here we come- but I digress.) The kinds of thoughts that Oliver expresses to Diggle (e.g. “I don’t want to die down here) are often very different from what he shares with Felicity. Diggle is Oliver’s friend and brother, it’s obviously going to be quite different but just as necessary for Oliver’s happiness as what Oliver has with Felicity. I hope they repair this quickly but organically in season 4- Oliver needs his bro. 

The rest is below the cut, because this is getting way longer than I expected it to be.

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The And

that was a trip. The Lover: Feels Fest disguised as comedy.

Takuya and Joon Jae made me want to throw things. Do Si and Du Ri made me cry. Mangoo and Joon really made me cry. room 510 was hella awkward. 

:) all in all i loved it. I love how the stories ended.

Maybe i wanted more for Takujae but i can’t hate on that ending - it was a little perfect. Better a nice open-ended finish with all the adorable references from the beginning than the one i thought we’d get. Takuya disappearing after the hand holding and the face toughing and all of my emotions- *sigh*

For Du Ri and Do Si, my second favorites, i also have no complaints (aside from how much i cried). I love how it ended like it began - with me laughing because of Do Si’s…advances. They didn’t get married but there’s nothing wrong with that and it works so well for them that i’m glad they didn’t change that bit.

Now Mangoo and Joon probably had my favorite “happy ending” even before the last scene with the baby, which by the way i’m still grinning about. “Where will i go? … You’re mine” - I still can’t. If Joon’s love for Mangoo didn’t make sense to you before it definitely made sense then. He wasn’t using her (duh) and that scene was one of the best.

Room 510…. I still call them room 510. I like the guy well enough and i have nothing against the girl but I never got attached to them at all. they’re big scene was..ok. I could tell it was sad and horrible but it seemed inevitable to me. I sat there going “aaaaawkward…..” when he didn’t answer immediately and then “oh shit.. ok.. saw that coming” when he finally did. Question though..that ending: is he with the manager now or….?

As for more episodes idk if i want that. I’d sure as hell watch if they made new episodes but the stories tied up pretty nicely…i’m not sure where they’d take it. With new people? i don’t want that. But then more Takujaedefinitely in.

If you haven’t seen it - watch it.

more anderperry head cannons? yes.

-neils favorite todd is early morning todd because hes very soft and warm and confused and adorable

-todd has a habit of leaving his crumpled up wads of paper all over the place. neil had a habit of reading them when todd isn’t looking.

-their first romantic kiss (read my other head cannon list for this to make more sense) wasn’t actually that romantic. it was a lot of teeth and awkward arms. neither of them really knew how to kiss. they had no problem practicing with each other.

-todd always goes to bed earlier than neil does, which usually results in neil crawling into todds bed at some point in the night while todds already sleeping.

-neil was the first person to say ‘i love you’ but he didn’t really mean to say it. it just sort of slipped out and he got all embarrassed and walked (ran) away before todd could say anything.

-todd once told neil that whatever he chooses to do - whether it’s acting or becoming a doctor - he was going to support him and his decision. neil cried tears of absolute happiness.

-their first real fight in their relationship was when neil told todd that he wished todd was more assertive. they didn’t speak for 2 days and almost broke up.


Okay so I never posted these and I couldn’t pick out of the four but oh well.

I’m Destiny (or Des). I am agender (they/them pronouns are nice, but I know slip ups happen so she/her is cool too). I live in Florida. I’m in high school.

I love reading, Greek mythology, writing, singing, and photography. I collect old cameras, comics, and records. I love music. My favorite bands are Twenty One Pilots, Of Mice & Men, Green Day, My Chemical Romance, and Nevershoutnever. I love horror movies, Supernatural, Bates Motel, Sherlock, and OITNB, and several animes. I love animals (especially cats). That’s all I can think of but if you want to know anything else, just message me xx

I’m very awkward and probably won’t be much fun to talk to, but if you ever need anything or just want to chat you can reach me by:

Messaging me
Kik- ImLostIn_Neverland
Snapchat- dropdead_dessie
Ig- destiny.deja
Or you can ask for my iMessage

That’s it lol nice to be in a network with such lovely people x

know-your-paradoxes tagged me ;)

1. Write your name in song titles

M -> Migraine by Twenty Øne Piløts
A -> Alligator Sky by Owl City
I -> Irresistible by Fall out boy
A -> America by XYLØ

2. Why did you choose your url ?

All monsters are human is a quote from AHS , one of my favorite and it was already use so I just add yes in front of it

3. What’s your middle name?

Lili just Lili.

4. If you could be a fictional/fairytale being , what would you be ?

Ogosh. .. A mutant or a werewolf or something like that … or maybe the Slender Man because it’s funny

5. Favourite colour ?

Red and Black .

6. Favourite song ?

So hard to choose , Stressed out by Twenty øne piløts (?) Idk

7. Top 3 fandoms ?

Smosh ( smosher ) , Twenty Øne Piløts ( The clique ) and the phandom

8. Why do you like tumblr ?

Because you can express yourself and meet people who like what you like . Plus you can learn so much things , and if you feel different bloggers would help you and support you .Since I am on tumblr I am more tolerant and less ignorant. Their is always something to do on tumblr. Tumblr is love . Tumblr is life .

9. Tag 9 people .

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anonymous asked:

One of my cutest moments I recall was watching a behind the scenes of you don't know you're beautiful and Harry saying he was nervous talking that close to the girls mouth during his solo and how he kept mints on him the entire day and I was like AW LIL BABY CAKES HAROLD IS AWKWARD AND CUTE. And now he's a raging sex animal/baby lover that can't decide if he wants to retire to the suburbs or become a stripper :/

he’s obviously going to become a suburban stripper 

send in your favorite 1d memories!!

Some of my favorite non-troll OC’s include:

  • Crow girl who messes with portals and  magic
  • Scorpion-based genderfluid superhero
  • Time-traveling boy who hates clocks 
  • Nonbinary human-alien hybrid who’s a precious cinnamon roll
  • This one pyrokinetic lady who’s an awkward sarcastic dork tryin’ to be cool

Let me talk about them to you and I’ll consider you one of my best friends tbh

Favorite Episode?:
Two days of the Condor

Favorite Character?:
Jared he is so cute and awkward and when he looks sad I want to hug him

Favorite Pairing?:
Jared/Richard because they would be so cute together

Something people may not know about you?:
I own 10 build a beard and I’m naming my next one Jared Dunn

Are you in any other fandoms?: The Big Bang Theory, Marvel, HTTYD

If you could be any character from Silicon Valley for a day who would it be?:
Jared or Richard honestly I tend to get really nervous easily

What hobbies do you have in your everyday life?:
I like to draw and write

Favorite quote from Silicon Valley?:
Can’t choose because I like way to many

Favorite quote from anything?:
“thank you for nothing you useless reptile"- Hiccup from How To Train Your Dragon

Write something you like about yourself or something you want others to know!:
Zach Woods has become my favorite actor he has kidnapped my heart because he is adorable