the awkward moment when someone is literally too chill to punk

Gregg Araki, Eternal Teenager by Charles Bramesco

“Life is lonely, boring and dumb.” —The Doom Generation

“I feel like a gerbil smothered in Richard Gere’s butthole.” —also The Doom Generation

Gregg Araki likes young people. He likes their asymmetrical dyed hair and ripped denim, the tight fabrics that look like placeholders waiting to be ripped off. He likes shoegaze and dream-pop music, Cocteau Twins and Ride and the Smiths. He likes drugs, whether that’s the de-stressing release of a hand-rolled joint, the supercharged kick from a bump of coke, or the rush from the right colored pill. He likes junk food, low-budget grindhouse movies, and joyriding. And he likes sex— all different kinds, with boys and/or girls, with multiple partners, often at once.

Araki clutters his films with signifiers of his many fixations, like a student doodling in the margins of their marble composition notebook or taping up magazine clip-outs to the inside of their locker. It’s all mashed together into one overstuffed barrage of out-there allusions, conspicuously cool stylistic flourishes, and endlessly quotable catchphrases. In the case of Totally Fucked Up, The Doom Generation, and Nowhere—three of the director’s early films that fans have colloquially bound together as the “Teenage Apocalypse trilogy”—those qualities of adolescence and freewheeling messiness are inextricably linked. The soul of Araki’s trilogy, the key to its rowdy pubescent essence, lives in the flaws that make these films as perversely charismatic as they are. To be a teenager is to be a fuck-up, and nobody fucks up more beautifully or entertainingly than Gregg Araki.

His earliest films were highly experimental, blithely erotic projects slapped together for next to nothing, suffused with their director/writer’s passions and fetishes. But even as Araki advanced out of both his twenties and the five-figure budget range, his unapologetic teen spirit polarized audiences. It outright alienated Roger Ebert, who notoriously slapped The Doom Generation with a zero-star rating and called its director “a stylist who can use concepts like iconography and irony to weasel away from his material.” The esteemed critic objected to the constant sarcasm and thick stew of references, and while his charges may very well stick, they’re also integral to the film’s representation of teenager-dom.

Totally Fucked Up is a Handicam-shot chronicle of queer teenage life in fifteen parts, The Doom Generation follows a nasty-tempered ménage à trois on a bloodsoaked spree across the California sprawl, and Nowhere tracks the evolution of a relationship between two polyamorous bisexual teenagers during a secret alien invasion. All three films share the foremost objective of replicating what it feels like to be young, punk, and horny. Rather than merely depicting the radical mood swings and world-is-ending dramatics of the pre-adulthood years, Araki’s films actively perform adolescence.

Nobody could possibly deny that Araki’s trilogy has a whirling chaos to it, but rather than the mark of an undisciplined filmmaker, this constitutes a deliberate aesthetic choice befitting the material. The Doom Generation’s combustible trio on the lam calls to mind the previous year’s Natural Born Killers as well as Bonnie and Clyde, Badlands, and a host of forgotten teensploitation flicks that all gibe with Araki’s arrested-development reference points. What, after all, could be more recognizably teenage than bearing your influences and personal faves for all the world to admire? Nowhere (named after the 1990 EP from shoegaze godfathers Ride) applies that more-is-more-is-more philosophy to its narrative structure, which jumps from character to character whenever the plot threatens to stagnate even for a moment.

His films are terminally chill when they’re not manic, finding quiet interludes (emphasis on ludes) for fake deep philosophizing. “Ever feel like reality is more twisted than dreams?” wonders James Duval as The Doom Generation’s cuckolded Jordan White. Araki’s not affecting the irony that his opponents so frequently accuse him of; while he’s not sincerely asking the question (even he’s not that stoned), he’s sincerely presenting the act of asking it. The director understands what would possess the character to say such a thing, and because he treats the line of dialogue as valid instead of an object for mockery, the overall tone comes off as sneering snark. The closest Araki’s characters get to an undying devotion of love is “I hope we die simultaneously, like in a car wreck or a nuclear bomb blast or something.” Grappling with meaning far beyond one’s sphere of comprehension is also a fundamental component of the teenage experience.

Oh, and the sex. There is, to put it mildly, a lot of doing-it in le cinema de Araki. He’s unabashed about the pleasure he takes in the image of the body, male and female alike (Araki has self-identified as bisexual), though most of his scenes aren’t oriented around mutual pleasure or even romance. There’s a hectic, desperate sting to the furtive rutting that goes on between the main couple of Nowhere, the assorted lovers of Totally Fucked Up, and the central threesome of The Doom Generation. The movements are fast, sloppy, driven by hunger. Araki skirts any unearned romanticization of youth sexuality and exposes a truth often denied by cinema: teenagers are not necessarily better at boning, they just try harder. Jordan and Amy Blue (a standout Rose McGowan) share the following exchange as they lie in postcoital cool-down:

“Don’t you think sex is, like, totally strange? Just the whole idea of it: all fleshy and stiff, inserted in these warm squishy places?”
“I think it’s more powerful than we’d like it to be.”
“It’s fuckin’ trippy, that’s for sure.”

Araki welcomes the awkwardness, the uncomfortableness, all the wrinkles of lovemaking that get ironed out with experience. The unsanitized experience, warts and all (occasionally literally), make it to the screen intact.

If the gratuitous sex or hormonal shifts in tone don’t get his detractors bristling, Araki’s retro razor-blade dialogue can still come off as overbearing. To acolytes of colorful Z-grade cinema scripts, lines like “You’re like a life support system for a cock!” qualify as sacred psalms. To non-believers, however, a one-liner as gleefully trashy as “This party’s about as much fun as an ingrown butt hair” sounds like the handiwork of a man infatuated with his own voice. But again, that characteristic, however amateurish, emulates the teen preoccupation with slang. Youths form social groups and individual identity through highly specialized vernacular; if it sounds like Araki’s speaking an insular language that only his chosen people can pick up, that means he’s on the right track.

The MTV-on-even-more-drugs highs and lo-fi lows, the incorrigible horndoggery, the too-cool-for-school dialogue, the efforts to do everything at the same time — it all comes back to Araki’s core nature as a trier. The Teenage Apocalypse trilogy finds Araki trying extremely hard to be cool, and this may be the most quintessentially teenage, nakedly honest aspect of his entire oeuvre. In his trilogy, Araki strives to produce a pop-culture object that will transfix the same burnout punks he fetishizes in his films, an obsession he clearly shares. That desire to be liked, to fit in, to be like your idols—that’s the central pillar of school-aged emotional immaturity.

Across the scores and scores of movies about young people, the default authorial viewpoint has been that of someone who’s been through it all. Tragedies and triumphs are kept in perspective, and by the time the end credits roll, our protagonist has probably learned a valuable lesson or two about the world of adulthood. But the most honest, true-to-life portrayals of teens don’t come from the worldly-wise stance of an adult looking back; they should hum with the ragged-around-the-edges, work-in-progress feeling of that specific life phase. Araki’s Teenage Apocalypse trilogy gives us cinema’s closest approximation of an impossible dream: a professional film about the agony and ecstasy (and Ecstasy) of being a teenager, straight from the source. Ah, to be young, hot and turned-on forever…

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Okay I might have sent this before but I don't think I did so sorry if I did! Anyways, could I request a Yuri Plisetski x Reader where Yuri is trying to teach the reader how to skate? :) your writing is phenomenal by the way 💛

i love my russian punk son he reminds me so much of myself when i danced ballet lmao

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Title: Seriously?
Pairing: Implied - Yuri Plisetsky x Reader.
Words: 1230.
Rating: K.

Нет, нет(no, no)!” His voice seemed to shrill through the air, vibrating on the ice below your feet as he skidded his way towards you. Yuri, in all his seriousness, didn’t seem to understand the motive behind you asking his help. His hair was pulled into a small pony tail, bits and pieces of it falling into his face as he glared intensely at you, “You look like a dying turtle-” Yuri had informed you, stopping on his skates in front of you with a graceful slide. “-why are you wobbling so much? Does being on ice scare you that much?” The tone of voice he was using was his usual scolder, with something perhaps a bit deeper behind the words. You couldn’t quite figure out what it was, though you did try. “Maybe, if it scares you, you shouldn’t have asked for my help. I could be practicing right now, but because I’m-” he gestured at himself and flicked back some of his bright, blond hair, “Such a nice guy, I decided to help you.”

You sighed shakily and stared at him through completely unamused eyes; to which he stared back with equally unamused eyes. But, you could see a flicker of slight playfulness and amusement as if he was enjoying bossing you around so much. “I didn’t ask to be professionally trained in the ways of ice skating, I just wanted to learn the ropes.” You retorted with a small sneer that didn’t go unnoticed in Yuri’s bright eyes.

Surprisingly, that was something he had to seriously think about. He had been skating for so long, that the ropes were nothing more than second nature to him. How do you teach someone something you’ve been doing basically your whole life? “The ropes?” Yuri pushed himself back on his skates, twisting around and circling you before shoving his hands against your shoulders, “Well, maybe if you moved and let go of the wall, I could show you them!”

Hesitantly, you did as advised and the grip you hand on the wall to your left vanished. Yuri mumbled something along the lines of ‘thank god’ before pushing you forward. Your legs were still a wobbling mess, but despite this Yuri kept pressing. “You’ll never get anywhere on those skates if you keep acting like a scaredy cat, (Name). One foot,” He removed his hands from your shoulders, leaving a kiss of warmth in their wake as he pointed to his feet in a dramatic fashion. You watched carefully, “in front of the other, like this.”

In the act of trying to imitate his movement, which in itself seemed impossible because on the ice Yuri carried himself with such grace and poise that it made you wonder if it was really him you were looking at, you had managed to skate forward only a few feet before shuffling to an awkward stop. You were too far away from the wall now to hold onto dear life, and you knew that Yuri would only scoff and push you off if you reached for him, and so you stayed put. Arms out for balance, as if you were ready to just fly, you took a glance down at your feet. They were pointed awkwardly inward as a means to stop you from skating anymore. “I don’t think I was born to be an ice skater.”

“I agree,” Yuri said without disdain, “you don’t just look like a dying turtle now, you look like a mutilated penguin. ” Skating forward a few feet, he turned in a smooth motion to face you and raise his eyebrows. His blue-green eyes shined brightly, as the ice below was shadowing the color and making them appear much more vibrant. “Congratulations, I’ve seen newborns skate better than you.”

You gave him a bitter smile, one that seemed to match his personality perfectly. You knew better though, and his words weren’t coming from the heart. The pressure put on such small shoulders resulted in nothing more that a chilled personality, one that appeared frigid and uncaring, but was quite the opposite when he finally opened up. It was just the sort of person Yuri was, and it was strange to know that it was how he showed affection as well. His attitude has been amplified considerably in the past few weeks, causing you a bit of wondering. You knew how the success of Yuuri and Victor was treating with him, and finally admitted to yourself that it was the source of his suddenly hateful outbursts at you and others. Reckon, he was always a firecracker, but his personality was spiraling even further than before.

“And I’ve seen prettier people than you.” That was a lie, and a rather sporadic one at that. Yuri’s mouth twitched on the left side as he moved towards you.

“There’s no one prettier than me,” He snapped, “not even Victor is-”

“I was kidding.” You rolled your eyes and held up a hand for him to stop. Because, one he started on the topic of Victor there was literally no stopping him until he felt the need to stop.

“Jerk…” Yuri mumbled under his breath and began waltzing away from you. The insult wasn’t directed at you, and more towards the air than anything. He had thought of Victor’s face in that moment. Solemnly, he slacked his small shoulders forward and swallowed. The athletic fabric of his black shirt and tight pants were doing nothing to keep him warm anymore, but then again, he wasn’t practicing, he wasn’t throwing himself around, functioning himself through the air. He was still, his back towards you. He looked like anyone else on the ice. Just a random stranger, no cockiness, no grace. Just, a person.

“Yuri.” You straightened your feet and shuffled towards him at a miraculously slow pace. You thought of what to say, something that may ease what he was dealing with himself. But, nothing came to mind as you grasped his arm for support before swinging yourself around him so you were face to face. For a second, he appeared to be sad, but that changed drastically as he tugged his arm out of your grip and gave you a scorn that said, ‘what do you want now?’

You stared at him, and though you didn’t quite make eye contact, he surrendered something even greater. Yuri let his wall down, even if it was only for a blink of an eye. “I’m not a skater, and I don’t think I’ll ever be. I trip on air, constantly, I have literally no center of gravity and my balance is…” You shuddered and looked to the side, “You though… You were born to be on the ice. Born to be in front of people, showcasing what you can do. And though, you’re a cocky son of a bitch sometimes, it’s still amazing. You’re Russia’s next chance at greatness. But, you know,” You grasped his arm against despite his attempt to pull you off him. You swirled back and pressed your hands to his back. He was bony, but muscular. “You can’t do it unless you believe in yourself.”

There was silence in the air as your last words hit deep inside of his mind. He finally spoke, after what felt like a few minutes, but it was nothing sentimental. “That was so motivational, I may puke.”

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Zodiac Signs As How I’ve Know/Known Them (an INTJ Libra)

***Some signs I know better than the others, that is why some descriptions are longer than others. It is not because I hate them. I love ya all!<3***

Aries: Always competitive, the stereotype exists within the person I’ve known since childhood. Although subtle and not bull-raging mad they will still elbow you aside, trip you, and accidentally hurt you a lot in gym class. They’re competitive because they fall into a trance like state to “win” and nothing will stop them and they literally “ram” down anything in the way. It’s like their soul left the body, and the sheer aggressive power of God replaced their usual self as you cannot see “them” when they are in that trance. Good luck winning a competition with them in it, be it sports or academics. They always come out on top or very close to the top. When they are their “usual” selves they are genuine, caring, and always need reassuring/advice on things. Also they need hugs, and if you need a shoulder to cry on, they can hold you while giving advice. If they trust you, they want the same treatment described above.

Story Time With Aries: The Aries I knew had a subconscious fight for our friend we shared as little kids. I think she’s winning, she still talks to our friend. (Sorry I forgot to talk to her since beginning of summer xD) Around elementary years, I tried giving the Aries a piggyback ride, I tumbled face forward, with her on top…No matter what it is they are always on top. >.<  During my whole time being with this Aries, she caused me to trip 7 times, slapped me twice in her sleep, almost sprained my arm twice, and almost dislocating my shoulder.


Taurus: Very chill. They will always pop up at the right moments, or completely disappear for months. When hanging out, they will let you choose what to do 50% of the time, the other 50% of the time they somehow make you do what they want for once. The Taurus I know does love food, but it had a good reason. There was a Starbucks points thing and they had a phase where they had Starbucks each morning. They can too be social and gossip and aren’t all about food. Also they are serious about their work when they want to be, but when they are, they gain so much from it. Bubbly, yet chill, somehow makes you jealous, sweet, and funny. I’ve observed a Taurus for a bit, they like reading, and music a lot.

Story Time With Taurus: Starbucks trips during Friday lunch, it was our thing. Be it rain, snow, wind, or sunny. We shared these times either silent or obsessively chatting.


Gemini: Talkative, yet sometimes they don’t have anything to say as their minds race for something to talk about/distracted. I know/known 4 Gemini people in total, all of them always mean no harm, bubbly/wild, and can be silent. They aren’t annoying, they know when to be quiet. Also they don’t gossip 24/7, people this stereotype is old. They aren’t shallow, they’re pretty deep when talking to their closer friends. That’s what you do people, and they do have a huge circle of friends but some may not. Very protective and may come off as obsessed with the things they like. Very private about their personal feelings/emotions/interests. Unless they choose to share of course. Very funny in their own ways. Each Gemini has a “thing” unique to their own self, all of them are memorable. (I was trying to say all of them aren’t the same as the stereotypes perceives them to be.)

Story Time With Geminis:

-First Gemini I knew owned a pet turtle, she was also sweet/shy like a lil’ bunny. >3<

-Second Gemini is loud, not in noise, but with their actions. Bold messy bleached hair, and gold jewelry that make a statement. Working out, one of the fastest runners I know, best poet I know, and the best artist I know. Just unique from the crowd. Obsessed with Tumblr. (You know who you are.)

-Third Gemini is obsessed with anything marching band related. Not afraid to speak her mind, stands her ground.

-Fourth Gemini is obsessed with punk rock. I mean everything punk rock/that direction of music/style. (Hai, you know who you are if you see this ^.^ also sorry if I’m mistaken on the alternative style you like.)


Cancer: Unconditional love emits from them. Also they are not cry babies/weak. In fact, they are very strong, controlled people. The Cancers I know workout, have strong willed personalities, yet sweet. They actually love water, fishing, boating, sightseeing waterfalls…etc. When they need to apologize, they come in peace, even if it may take them a while before they approach you. Have their own sense of creative humor. Whatever noise they emit that isn’t talking is one of a kind and comedy gold.

Story Time With Cancer: Once, Cancer and I were playing video games in our living room, when the Cancer started making cat noises as he was loosing during our evening 1v1 gaming sessions. I instantly found it funny and decided to elevate the gaming experience by making noises myself and adding jokes. Until the funniest joke ever came from them, “War, war never changes…Or does it? Maybe, no, yes, no. yyyEEESSS?” xD


Leo: They are generous, with their time and money on people they care about. Try hard in everything. Very supportive/assertive when you need help. Other wise, they make a great friend that you can talk to about anything and everything. Very trusting, actually reliable and won’t tell your secrets and share theirs. Funny in their own way, also someone you can have fun with while e\just sitting there in silence without it being awkward. They shower you with compliments.

Story Time With Leo: We both spent one summer seeing each other from 1-4 times a week sitting and chatting on the sandstone porch of our old elementary school. Conversing about anything/everything. Watching the sunset together, getting sugar rushes, and mostly sitting there enjoying the presence of one another without talking.


Virgo: They need hugs, what they need is a cuddle buddy. The strict regime gets to them, whatever it is. Virgos are humans too who make mistakes ad need comfort from time to time. Always down to unwind from the daily stress and relax their brain. Very strategic people, even when they have fun, they have a plan for that.

Story Time With Virgo: Master of hide and seek, they have came up with the ultimate funnest way to play a full scale hide and seek within a mall. Trust me, it is fun. xD


Libra: Eyyyy sup? No but really, this is how I usually greeted one and only Libra I know other that myself. That Libra over time must have adapted to coffee drinking from me. Very chill, and is interesting to be around. Supports your decisions and adds more reason to stick with your own thoughts rather than someone else’s. Good to small talk with, no strings attached. Somehow gets into drama, and always by accident. Down-to-eath, will do anything you want to. Very good at dancing.

Story Time With Libra: COFFEE AND STARBUCKS BUDDY OMG (Other that Taurus) Morning chats, and random hallway encounters was a daily.


Scorpio: Give the most intense and unreadable stares ever. Gives great advice. Masters of sarcasm. Scary when video game raging… 0.0 Goes with the flow of the crowd. Silent, but has so much to say. Speak up! <3 Super creative either with art or roleplaying.

Story Time With Scorpio: I know a set of twins, one girl one guy, they are the ultimate Scorpio twins. (You know who you are.)


Sagittarius: They are present, but like their own space. Very into people respecting their personal belongings/space. Good to get along with, extraverts. Has a good taste in things. Very talented in their own fields. Determined to get whatever they want, including riches and traveling. Very lucky with life. Live in the fast lane but stop to smell the roses once in the while.

Story Time With Sagittarius: They love movies! I either see one watching them at home, or always wanting to go to the movies when invited to hang out at the mall instead of shopping which some of them don’t really mind.


Capricorn: Very hard-working people. Always came off as the quiet type around me before they got to know someone specifically. Once they did, they open up and become themselves. Although they are social butterflies and know how to have fun. Has a competitive spirit. Either girly or full on tomboy, but which ever end of the spectrum, they all like sports.

Story Time With Capricorn: My childhood best friend I shared with Aries. We had the craziest pillow fights, and sometimes I think they are the “Aries” in their Earth group. Once sleeping over at the Capricorn’s place on the first day of summer and out from elementary, we almost pulled an all nighter, but ended up eating cheese-stuffed sausages at 3AM. With full bellies we went to sleep around 4AM.


Aquarius: Very mysterious, heavy aura along with Scorpio. Lost in your own thoughts yet very much aware of the world around them. Masters in building/making things. Loves sleep and sandwiches.

Story Time With Aquarius: The Aquarius I used to know was a huge teddy bear, and he loved to give people hugs and piggy back rides.


Pisces: Very understanding, and trusting, they trust first. Adorable in their own way. Sweetest sign ever. But cold as ice when they are questioned, challenged, or angered in anyway possible. Brutally honest, extreme emotions, nice creatures. Their talents seem to be in the arts field, as they are super creative people. Doesn’t judge you or the world around them. Is not a cry-baby, they in fact can mess you up pretty bad. Although it takes time to know them, and when you think you do, boom another thing you didn’t know about them. Seem lost in their mind, sleeping, or very closed off. They may be sometimes inconsiderate of themselves or people around them while occupied with thoughts. Even though they can control their emotions, they are still a walking nuclear bomb.

Story Time With Pisces: I’ve been best friends with one for a little over a year and a half. Best friend material, in my opinion the most open armed people, creative and intellectual stimuli type of people.