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First Impression of Me: Fun and cute. Impression of Me Now: Off the wall, zany, energetic, random, hyper, questionable choice in humor, very active poster. You blew people out of the water with your Sanji impression and made it your own. Different from anyone else.

[first vs. current impression]

//hahhahaha oh my god “questionable choice in humor” X”DDDD I have to admit I DO have a weird sense of humor~

thanks anon! :D

I absolutely LOVE the new Power Rangers movie and I ended up scribbling down a pic of myself as a ranger 😉💜 I think my favourite characters are Trini and Billy (I can’t believe how well they portrayed someone on the spectrum!) 🌸

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I can't afford your commissions but I hope lots and lots of people do because you deserve all the money in the word for your beautiful art. Gifted people like you really should be able to make their living with making art. You're drawings are so wonderful and your style is so unique! I sometimes use your drawings as reference because they're so neat and perfect! Thank you so so so much for making art!

Thank you so much!!!!! this is so nice and i love you ❤️❤️❤️ I can’t get over the fact that you use ME as a reference that’s THE MOST AWESOME THING 🙈

And I’m really sorry you can’t afford my commissions, I had a lot of internal debate about the prices and had to ask a few friends for their advice, it was hard to settle on something final :/

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Lisa and iris were friends before particle explosion au

1 - they met at skating camp. Iris was pissed off because she didn’t want to be there. Lisa wanted in but couldn’t afford it. Iris let Lisa take her place in exchange for Lisa bringing her books from the library so she could do what she ACTUALLY wanted to spend her summer doing, which was reading.

2 - Len doesn’t tell Lisa who Barry is - Iris does. While ranting.

3 - Iris has always been aware of Lisa and co.’s criminal habits. She thinks the supervillain thing is awesome.

4 - Iris got kidnapped by Len once. At first she was pissed off, then he told her it was for Lisa’s surprise birthday party. That’s how they met.

5 - They meet up for movies once a month, religiously.

MAN sorry for being pretty inconsistent with seeing posts you guys have made for me!! Heck!! I’m consistently really busy and have been running out of energy really fast lately so thanks for being patient with me!! I know that I kinda come in and apologize for bad social skills every once in a while and well pal this is that post again lmfao OKAY I’m gonna reblog some frickin awesome things people have made and tagged me in now!!

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Love how quiet you've been on the whole CJ situation, even though people like you should be speaking up in the community. I'll remember next time you try and speak up and remind you of all the people you failed by not helping anybody with this and CJ's shit, you piece of shit.

wow!!!! what an awesome thing to wake up to!!! i just love it when i see lovely messages like these in my inbox first thing in the morning!!!!!!

but tbh buddy, i don’t think i’ve ever publicly spoken about cj here, or their art, and i certainly don’t plan to buddy lmao

y'all know my opinion on septip//lier to what’s the point in talking about them at all lmao, nobody prompted me to talk about what i think of the whole thing, so why am i gonna if i have no interest in sharing that here??


That was probably the wrong answer…

Now imagine that second season starts with Victor watching Yuri skate and then he starts with “He never fails to surprise me. Ever since I first saw him skating, it’s been an unending chain of surprises” and practically the narrator of the whole season will be Victor.


Alone is what I have. Alone protects me.

- “No, friends protect people.”