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Did you hear there is gonna be a ROTG sequel?

Unfortunately thus far, that is decidedly false.

God, I would love for it to be true though …. There’s still so much that can be done with those characters. You’ve got classic holiday icons who can undergo character arcs. Not to mention you could dig into the treasure trove of wealth that is their backstory. How did the tooth fairy start collecting teeth ? That’s a whole movie on it’s own.

Alas, since RotG was probably the biggest write-down for Dreamworks in their animated history to date,,, chances are slim that we’ll see anything for it.

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Another case of privileged white men not understanding that young girl constantly live with the threat of being preyed upon, and concerts are a main target for predators. How does that joke pass a room of writers and dress rehearsal without being taken out? I’m not expecting an apology from anyone but that’s gross and I’m upset that Harry agreed to even say it.

It’s really disappointing.

When I Get Home

I’ll fill a backpack with a book and snacks

And a thermos of tea

Leave again,

And find somewhere quiet to sit,

Think. I can’t vacation

There’s really no “holidays” for me

I can choose not to look, though,

Not to occupy the space with which

I want to comfort myself

With the dreary thoughts of nostalgia


Seems it’s hard to find my smile
on this wintry morning cold and grey
yet perhaps I can conjure up one or two
and maybe even give them away

Let us never be stingy with our smiles
however many or few we have to spare
regret will not count those we delivered
but rather the ones we didn’t share

For @teaberrybee and anyone else who wants or needs a smile today.  Love you guys, Mike <3


Is it just me, or is Yesung always trying to get him some Hyukjae?