the awards i mean

It’s easy to talk shit on Tumblr about all these people in Hollywood taking a stand and “just wearing black” but they literally brought activists from all different organizations as dates and had them speak and they’re all donating and urging others to donate and SPEAKING ABOUT IT ON A HIGHLY WATCHED AWARDS SHOW. Like that means something. It means A LOT. I’m not saying there aren’t some hypocrites but at some point it seems like nothing is gonna be good enough for anyone. This is important and it matters.

My poor heart can’t handle The Hammer of Thor.

I feel I should also doodle Alex at some point because I nearly dropped the book (I think I actually screamed though) when I read that she’s gender fluid.


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  • count olaf: unhygienic, can't act, is a moldy crouton
  • also count olaf: dated kit snicket, dr. orwell, esmé squalor, possibly ??? jacquelyn, has more game than anyone in the entire series combined

MAMA awards are such trash lmao. Winner isn’t nominated for best male group, SNSD isnt nominated for best female group, KARD isnt nominated for best new artist, Taeyang isnt nominate for best male artist and that’s just some of the nominees who should be there. I’m sure the daesang nominations will be trash too. Sigh. it’s a popularity contest and it’ll be boring af this year just like last year.