the awakening pt. 1

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Awakening Pt.1

Originally posted by haidaspicciare

The tears, the lying, the heartbreak, and yet, nothing hurt as much as the thought of having to see his devilishly handsome face ever again. Or his chilling eyes. One simple look at them and you worried they’d make you forget everything he’d done to you and you’d crawl willingly back into his arms. It was a risk you weren’t willing to take.

So you started packing a bag. The only company you had was the clock hanging on the wall, ticking away ominously, counting down the minutes you had left in your hometown, in the only city you had ever known. You cried harder knowing you’d now be responsible for broken hearts, leaving people like your parents and grandparents. You wrote a couple letters explaining where’d you be, how to contact you, anything you thought was important to know. One was titled to your family and another Tommy. You stared at the dripping ink, ripping the letter in pieces. This was all his fault, he didn’t need to know anything about what you were doing.

You hated that he could do this to you, could be the reason to drive you from your hometown. You wanted to show him he didn’t control you, or Birmingham, but the fact was he did. He was in charge of the entire bloody city. People would do anything he told them, even look for you if he commanded, so you planned your escape carefully.

Once your bag was packed you’d wait until the early morning, when the sun itself wasn’t even up yet, and the only people who were were drunks at the bar. Thomas’d probably be too preoccupied by then to wonder where you were, why you weren’t in his bed. Only then would you take what few things you had and make your way, unseen, to the train station the next town over. You’d by a ticket to the city furthest away, with what money you had, and hopefully never

think about the damned Shelby who didn’t give a shit about anyone but himself ever again.

lmk what you think!! I have a lot of more parts, if you’re really interested I can post the first Tommy one tonight too!

FE Awakening Critical Hit Quotes Translation, Pt. 1

This is a great idea for a post! Why didn’t I think of it myself? I always get fantastic requests. ^^

This was a very difficult set of translations to do, because many of these lines are short catch phrases that give as little information as is needed. Meaning English-speaking grammar nerds would go crazy at the lack of complete sentences! There’s hardly a subject in sight! I want those who don’t understand Japanese to know how little Japanese sentences often say, so any words that aren’t outright said in the Japanese are in parentheses. I hope I did a good job. ^^’

Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4

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Allusions in The Force Awakens Pt. 1 - The Lost Prince

There’s been a lot of great meta already for TFA. Hopefully this will add something new.

One of things I noticed as I watched and re-watched the film is how it hearkens back to certain literary/fairy tale themes from books and movies. This is not to say that the writers borrowed directly from these sources but that they are reminiscent of timeless ideas.  I’m going to focus on a few things that TFA reminded me of, the first being the concept of The Lost Prince lured and enslaved by an ancient malevolent power.

Let’s start with something that is very similar in theme to the relationship between Kylo and Snoke: C.S. Lewis’ The Silver Chair.  

Prince Caspian, the hero of two previous books in The Chronicles of Narnia, is older, widowed and despondent when Jill and Eustace appear in Narnia. He had his fairy tale ending in The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, when he married Ramandu’s daughter. But in the intervening years, his son, Rilian, came of age and disappeared. Rilian was charmed into the darkness by a power-hungry witch who sometimes masquerades as a green snake.  In her snake form, she poisoned Rilian’s mother and enslaved him underground. Shades of Snoke’s grooming of Kylo in his childhood and resulting in the death of a parent. Snoke also enslaves Kylo in a symbolic underground, the prison that is the Dark Side.

This witch, The Lady of the Green Kirtle, is described as a being like The White Witch, albeit not another incarnation of that character. This return of a similar Big Bad, but not the same Big Bad, parallels Snoke and Palpatine. They are both Dark Lords with ulterior motives, corrupting powerful force users to eradicate the armies of the Light Side, just as both witches wish to rule Narnia and erase the power of Aslan by using the Daughters of Eve/Sons of Adam. 

The Green Lady bespells Rilian into believing that he is her knight errant (masked and in black armor no less!). Of course, there were pre-production rumors that Snoke was initially female. I can’t help but wonder if this was the kind of dynamic the writers originally intended.

Like The Master of the Knights of Ren, the black knight completely believes in his cause and is prepared to willingly lead his mistress’ armies into battle against the Light.  He is utterly devoted and silent whenever he appears, clad in his black armor and helm. But as Jill, Eustace and Puddleglum discover, there is a time at night when he is a different person. Rilian explains that he is bound to the silver chair by the The Green Lady and her minions because he has nightly psychotic episodes and is likely to kill everyone by transforming into a giant snake. The cursed knight awakens every morning, trapped again under The Green Lady’s spell. Snoke’s threatened “reminders” probably perform the same function for Kylo. Kylo is being “torn apart” and Snoke pulls him back whether it is through mental torture or through physical violence.

The trio quickly realizes that when Rilian is chained that he is once again his true self and is struggling to get free.  Only his angry pleas and utterance of Aslan’s name allow the others to free him from his bonds so he can destroy the chair and end his curse. Similarly, Snoke could have convinced Kylo that he is too dangerous without Snoke’s guidance. Snoke perhaps binds him with promises of control and adherence to a chosen path (Snoke’s path). The Call of the Light is the only thing that breaks Kylo’s semblance of controlled devotion to his cause.

Rilian like Kylo,  is spellbound by an older, more cunning power for their own secret ends. Only recognizing his true self when bound at night or in Kylo’s case, being inexorably drawn by the pull of the Light Side.

In the end, Rilian kills the Green Lady in her giant serpentine form and is finally free to return to his grieving father. Hopefully Kylo will be the one to finally kill Snoke and return to the Light.  Sadly, with the death of Carrie Fisher, Kylo will not be able to return to his grieving mother.

Next up in Pt. 2:  Innocence gains power at a price

Disclaimer: I’ve read a lot of the meta but not all of it, forgive me if I retread some old ground. 

Awaken, My Love! || klance || pt. 1/3
general || space lance and earth born keith, the end of the world, and the false life of the colonies. world building, told in fragments.

Keith is an outlier, born of the Earth and barefoot, standing in the front of his class with his hair too long for space. The teacher asks what happened to his shoes but Lance wants to ask what happened to his eyes. They’re red, a rude color rimmed as if he has been crying.


This is a fic I’ve been wanting to write since season 01 of VLD. It’s weird, but this fic emulates how I enjoyed klance back then. Sure, it’s changed, even the dynamics are now different in the ship, but I wanted to be in that old headspace while I was writing this. Enjoy!

where you’ll find dragon age characters at the store pt. 1

Shale: Shale is out in the garden section, smashing those stupid plastic rocks people use to cover ugly shit in their yard, grumbling about stone impersonators.

Sten: Stands in the picture frame aisle wondering where the paintings are. Eventually a store employee leads him to the art prints. He was more impressed by the empty frames.

Zevran: Either feeling all the bedding or in the toy section, telling an assassination story to a group of children as their parents look for security

Alistair: Free samples

Leliana: The CD department, until she finds the MP3 players. Asks the guy behind the counter if any of them double as weapons. She leaves with a brick-sized Zune.

Wynne: Crafts section, to pick up yarn. If you can’t find her there she’s looking at the erotic books

Morrigan: Belts

Oghren: Don’t even ask me here he is unless you already checked the alcohol aisle.

Warden’s Mabari: Sitting calmly in front of the lobster tank.

Hawke’s Mabari: Running through the store with an entire salami in his mouth, being chased by a disgruntled employee.

Merrill: After she’s been through the book section, check outside. Garden section, cart full of pretty flowers and tomato plants.

Aveline: Produce

Varric: Trying to talk the security guards out of throwing him from the store after he brought Bianca in

Anders: Cat aisle

Fenris: Grouchily sitting on the bench outside waiting for everyone to come out

Isabela: Lingerie, where she is trying to guess people’s bra size. Not to be a pervert, but so she can help them buy a proper fitting bra.

Sebastian: Trying to convert the sad man in the cereal aisle