the awakening pt. 1

You’re the One That I Want (PT. 1 (maybe))

Anon Said:  Yooooo can you write a grease au for hernst with ernst as sandy and hanschen as danny i will love you forever

So i didn’t QUITE do a grease au but it was highly inspired by grease and I love it! I really wanna write more and more which will hopefully be posted sooner or later. 

Words: 2081

“Oh no it’s completely different,” Ernst explained as he walked down the halls of the main building. He looked over at the shorter boy who had given him the tour around yesterday and decided to meet him at the entrance of the school today. “But I mean….yesterday wasn’t all that bad so I think it’ll be fine.”

Moritz nodded, snapping the large pink bubble he had blown. “I get it, Ernie. Must be rough moving to a new school.”

“Well, at least everyone else is starting off a new school year too!” Ernst cooed before taking a quick right turn and  opening up his bright blue locker. “I actually really like my classes. Mrs. Johnson is really funn-”

The sharp sound of a locker a few feet away slamming closed collected both boys attention. They looked over their shoulders to see, from across the hall, two boys grappling at each other and laughing loudly. A boy with a shock of bright blond hair had another boy in a headlock, tugging and ruffling the boy’s well groomed, put together brunette hair. They both yelled and hooted as many students looked on.

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where you’ll find dragon age characters at the store pt. 1

Shale: Shale is out in the garden section, smashing those stupid plastic rocks people use to cover ugly shit in their yard, grumbling about stone impersonators.

Sten: Stands in the picture frame aisle wondering where the paintings are. Eventually a store employee leads him to the art prints. He was more impressed by the empty frames.

Zevran: Either feeling all the bedding or in the toy section, telling an assassination story to a group of children as their parents look for security

Alistair: Free samples

Leliana: The CD department, until she finds the MP3 players. Asks the guy behind the counter if any of them double as weapons. She leaves with a brick-sized Zune.

Wynne: Crafts section, to pick up yarn. If you can’t find her there she’s looking at the erotic books

Morrigan: Belts

Oghren: Don’t even ask me here he is unless you already checked the alcohol aisle.

Warden’s Mabari: Sitting calmly in front of the lobster tank.

Hawke’s Mabari: Running through the store with an entire salami in his mouth, being chased by a disgruntled employee.

Merrill: After she’s been through the book section, check outside. Garden section, cart full of pretty flowers and tomato plants.

Aveline: Produce

Varric: Trying to talk the security guards out of throwing him from the store after he brought Bianca in

Anders: Cat aisle

Fenris: Grouchily sitting on the bench outside waiting for everyone to come out

Isabela: Lingerie, where she is trying to guess people’s bra size. Not to be a pervert, but so she can help them buy a proper fitting bra.

Sebastian: Trying to convert the sad man in the cereal aisle

Help I'm Alive pt. 2

Part 1:

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Rewriting chapter 2. This one’s a lot better.

Kylo landed his ship. He had a look at you.

He took in your damaged form. The trembling breaths you took, your busted lips, slightly shaking form.

He sees your hair cover your face, he suddenly had this urge to brush it off, so he could truly see you.

He fought it. He fought it with a sharp breath and clenching his hand into a fist.

There was no doubt he was drawn to you. You were strong, he could immediately tell that.

He runs a hand through his hair and leaves his seat, and softly walking over to you. He takes off his gloves and wraps an arm under your waist and shoulders, lifting you up and close to him, not expecting what happened next.

The skin on skin contact from his hands made you immediately wake up, you thrashed around in his strong arms. You stroked his cheekbone with your fist, and he immediately knelt down.

You scrambled away, horrified, and whimpering. He watches as you hide in a corner of his ship.

“Please… Please don’t touch me…” He heard you beg, your soft voice trembling.

“I promise I won’t. Please, I didn’t mean to frighten you. Please.” He said, staying where he was. He didn’t dare advance closer to you. He could feel his cheek throbbing, which he ignored.

“Why am I here?” Your voice and body trembling.

Kylo didn’t answer. He wondered that himself. Why is she here? Why did I take her? What came over me? Why her?
“My name is Kylo Ren, I saw you waking down a street, you were injured badly. I wanted to help.”


Again, he didn’t know. He was just drawn to you. He was almost in a trance when he carried you away.

He watches as you pull your knees up to your chest. He didn’t want to push you, but he needed answers as to why you were hurt and why you were whoring yourself away.

“What’s your name?” He asks.

“Y/N.” You say in an almost whisper.

He draws in a quick breath.

“Tell me Y/N,” you straighten up and come out of your corner slightly. “Why is your skin so marked?”

“Someone hurt me.”


“I said no. To them.”

“Who were they?”

“I don’t know.” You sniff.

“Why did you say no?”

“Wasn’t working at the time.”

“Working as a what, exactly?”

“What someone like you would call a whore.”

His suspicion was correct.


You began to cry again. Kylo softly put his hands around your wrists, gently pulling you up to sit in a seat, across from him.

“Parents needed the money.”

“How old?”


So young, innocent, afraid. It enraged him deeply.

“Please, I wish to talk no more about it.” You cried. Kylo backed away. “Of course my apologies. You’ve told me enough.” He stands up, and begins to walk to his cloak, wanting to give it to you.

You stand in front of him and push him back on the chair and place your hands on the waist of his pants.

He quickly understands what you were trying to do.

He takes your hands in his. “No. You don’t need to do that. Not to me.”

“But sir, please. You helped me, please I have to thank you.” You try to wrestle out of his grip, but with no results.

“Y/N. Look at me.” You ignored him, tears streaming down your face. You needed to please him. That’s just what you did.

“Sir, I need-”

“Look at me. Y/N. You can help me by looking at me.”

You immediately did.

“You don’t need to do that anymore, Y/N. No more. I know you’re frightened, but I don’t require anything from you. Nothing like that. I do wish for you to allow me to heal you. That’s why I brought you here.”

“Why would you want to heal me?” You asked.

“Because I want to.”