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Can’t wait to see what Kylo Ren looks like in The Last Jedi! I really dig what John Burns / @realjburns did by adding the cape, but I really think we may see a new helmet! Kylo didn’t pick it up off the bridge in TFA, so he’d have to make a new one, but we’ll see!

817 Days until Episode IX

454 Days until the Han Solo Movie










 Request: “Would you be interested in writing fluffy wedding night sex with Emperor Kylo Ren X Reader? I will love that so much. ^^ He didn’t like the ostentatiousness of the wedding itself, but he’s so happy that his apprentice (you) will rule the galaxy with him.”

Pairing: Kylo Ren x Reader

Word Count: 2554

Warnings: SMUT n fluff :)

He was yours, and you were his. It didn’t weigh on you yet, the sheer importance of the ceremony, because the only thing that mattered to you is that you were officially tied to him. Neither did the fact that you were now entitled to decide the fate of significant matters in the Galaxy, especially ones that included a potential death toll. It did cross your mind, but you pushed it away, pleading for it to leave you in peace at least for tonight. And it did, seeing as now you were being carried to your room by the love of your life, the only thing filling your veins was the feeling of complete happiness. Your veil dragged on the ground as Kylo had you gathered in his strong grip, carrying you (ironically enough) in bridal style to your shared room. You giggled as he dropped you onto the bed, hovering over you with a great, appreciative smile.

“Alone at last.” He uttered huskily, eyes raking over your face. “I thought we’d be caught up in formalities all night.”

“What, you didn’t enjoy the three long hours of greeting all our individual guests personally?” You asked with an amused grin. “Or having five thousand people watch us kiss?”

“I especially loved the oath we had to take in a room full of middle aged men. You know, the one about me having to attempt to impregnate you tonight with an heir?” He poked at your sides playfully.

You both burst into laughter, the sound flooding the room and escaping through the open balcony door, a city of lights expanding as far as the eye could see. As much as you hated how big the palace was, you had to admit that you were in love with the incredible views it provided, especially from this room. Your fit eventually died down to content sighs, searching each other’s eyes and finding nothing but love staring back.

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  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: wHY the fuck won't they make an obi wan kenobi spin off movie starring EWAN MCGREGOR who was the fucking star of the prequels, the man who really fucking wants to be in another star wars film, a man who is a GREAT actor and a person and is so passionate about acting and loves star wars and just please give a man a chance and it'd be perfect he's in his prime, his age is perfect for the role of obi wan between ep iii and ep iv and NOBODY could play the role of obi wan better than him and HE DESERVES IT and the fans deserve to have this movie !!

I see your Poe Dameron admiring the hell out of Cassian Andor headcanons and love them, but raise you this: Poe telling Finn stories during his recovery about Bodhi Rook, a “nobody” Imperial cargo pilot who risked his life and left his probably relatively safe life to deliver a message that would change the tide of the rebellion and war against the Empire, a man who could have kept living his life none the wiser, but opened his eyes to the horror of the Empire and, even though he didn’t think he was brave enough, had a heart so big that he walked out on his own to brave the unknown and shape history. And Finn, who has struggled with his own fear and sense of self, realizes that he isn’t alone - that there was someone like him in the old Rebellion - and there is hope.

Let me tell you a story that melted my cold child hating heart

Today at work a little boy came in dressed as Kylo Ren with his family to see Rogue One. The family is going about their business purchasing tickets and concessions, filling their drinks and buttering their popcorn, and I’m just standing in the corner watching this tiny dark side loving little boy. Two of my employees were like “but.. Kylo isn’t even in this movie” and I almost smacked them because who cares. I mean, I’m wearing my BB-8 earrings all weekend so back off. Then it’s finally time for the kid to approach and he whispers something to his dad before handing us the tickets. “Go ahead and tell them,” the dad says. Tiny Kylo: “I’m here to see Darth Vader, my grandpa.” And then I died because that was a level of child cuteness I had never encountered before. I almost cried in front of all my employees, but none of them seemed as moved by this encounter so I held my shit together.

I sincerely hope he enjoyed the movie.