the avila brothers

lmao fuck Edward Avila a grown ass adult being a fat “phobic” (correct term should be shaming but mmmmkay) piece of shit body shaming a 15 year old girl

dude literally said

“I’m pretty sure a girl at Kyla’s age can put in the effort to shed a few pounds” implying that she isn’t putting in the effort to take care of her body, and

“it surprised me that Pledis actually debuted her at that state” implying that her (body) is sub-par

you can watch the trashy vid but you probably shouldn’t bc then you’re just feeding him the ad revenue lul

  • Percy: i've killed almost every monster in Greek mythology. Even some gods, giants, and Titans. How hard could a baby sister be?
  • Percy, up at 3am: at least monsters had the decency to lET ME SLEEP

it makes me really mad that the song miss jackson by p!atd can’t apply to pjo

Sally is now mrs blofis (I think)

Little Estelle is ms blofis

Annabeth will be mrs jackson

And Percy is a boy

It was brought to my attention that percabeth’s daughter would be miss Jackson and that’s actually rlly satisfying

The roman au no one asked for:

ancient rome au where Reyna pulls a mulan and dresses as a man to run for praetor. but Octavian (her former ally) is suspicious of her and tells her he knows her secret and will go to the senate in the morning. Reyna will not let the 10+ years of pretending go to waste. her bodyguard Jason kills Octavian and no ones the wiser. Reyna runs for praetor and is elected. 

PJO characters as things I have done

I saw @novva do this and thought I should do it too, if you do this as well tag both of us

Percy Jackson-In fifth grade we were playing kickball and while I was trying to get away from the ball I fell into the fire alarm and set it off and I cried for the rest of the day because I thought I was going to get expelled (I wasn’t)

Annabeth Chase-A few years ago my brother and I were arguing over whether sharks were fish or not at an aquarium and a worker said they weren’t and recently I found out that they are fish so I went to rub it in his face that I was right all along

Grover Underwood-For a play I had to wear face paint and I thought washing it off with body soap was a good idea but I gave myself a light rash instead

Luke Castellan-I was babysitting my friend’s baby sister and told her “You are going to get so much ass when you are older”

Thalia Grace-In seventh grade I was in a yo mama smackdown and I won with “Yo mama so ugly when she goes to the strip club they pay her to keep her clothes on”

Rachel Elizabeth Dare-For our vocabulary homework we had to write a short story using vocabulary words and I turned in Miraculous Ladybug fanfiction to my teacher

Jason Grace-I was arranging my books when one of the shelves collapsed so I was trying to get the books off while supporting the shelf and yelling at the same time

Piper McLean-In elementary school I had a crush on a guy for four years and in kindergarten a rumor spread that I kissed him and I honestly can’t remember if I really did kiss him or not

Leo Valdez-My friend and I were on a walk and my brother was following us and being annoying so my friend pointed across the street and yelled “SQUIRREL” and when he turned we booked it

Frank Zhang-I was sleeping and in my dream my brother was being annoying so I reached out to flick him on the head but in reality I knocked a cup of water off of my nightstand

Hazel Levesque-I made a bunch of holes in my walls by using thumbtacks to hang up my posters and it royally pissed off my mom

Reyna Avila Ramirez Arellano-My brother made me pull him in a wagon and I said if he didn’t pull me later I would leave him in the middle of the street and he said that he was too tired to pull me so I dropped the handle and left him in the middle of the street (I went back to get him)

Nico di Angelo-In middle school I discovered My Chemical Romance and listened to one of their albums and when I scrolled down to the comments section I found out that they broke up and I was disappointed

Will Solace-In sixth grade I got to perform a skit that I wrote for the student showcase and the moment I stepped on stage I forgot my lines and had to wing it