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Boys with their Starbucks + a quick Insta selfie (థ౪థ)

[flies into the sun] bye

tonight i disappeared down a hole of looking up 80s/90s sex comedy movies and it really is such a stark illustration of the time before mass internet porn in america because there are about a thousand different movies that are all “party dudes/average dudes/nerds go to college/ski lodge/beach resort/other beach resort/the old west/the army and see some titty, in bikini, and then out of bikini”. it never fucking stops. there is a “hollywood hot tubs” and a “hollywood hot tubs 2″. “the bikini carwash company” has a sequel. “bikini summer” has a sequel. there’s one just called “hot t-shirts”. before you could even imagine the idea of being able to google “cadbury commerical rabbit with the sex voice ASMR” or what that would even mean, america’s horny was channeled entirely through playboy and knockoffs thereof, sex comedies with nerds with spinning bowties, and the concept of titty itself