the aventures of mimi


After listening the Ladybug theme in French for abour a Zillion times please tell me my french is faulty and the lyrics don’t go like

Ladybug: Amour chassé-croisé, ah ah, Mon coeur e Adrien, mais lui ne me va aimer, alors que je devienne Une Ladybug….

Chat Noir: Amour chassé-croisé, ah ah, J’ai peur d’aimer pour rien, C’est qu’elle pourrait m’aimer, quand elle vis son destin….

Please tell me the lyrics aren’t that depressing…. please….

‘Cause according to me, it’d go like:

Ladybug: Love that won’t get to nothing, ah ah, My heart is Adrien’s, but he will never love me because i transform into a Ladybug…

Chat Noir:  Love that won’t get to nothing, i am afraid to love for nothing (not be corresponded) Could it be that she’d  love me when she sees her destiny….

Please prove me wrong or i’ll cry