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Could Not Ask For More

Tony is scared of being a dad. He reasons out that he doesn’t know a thing or two on how to be a good father, seeing as Howard was never a father to him. He fears that he might turn out just like Howard and end up hurting Peter and Steve in the process, just like how his father did to him and his mother. Despite all of Steve’s constant effort to remind and assure him that he is nothing like his father, he still feels that he doesn’t deserve Steve and Peter because they are too good for someone like him.

Steve is well aware of the fact that Tony is different from his father and will never be like Howard, with the way he values him, Peter and their friends. He really couldn’t ask for more, Tony is a wonderful husband, albeit a little handful, and he’s a devoted daddy, who is obviously smitten with their baby boy. Now, he just needs to let Tony see that for himself.

Pre-father’s day feels~

Stony feels
  • <p> <b></b> - I like to imagine Tony wakes up with scream from the nighmares.<p/><b></b> And how Stve tells about it to Nat.<p/><b></b> • about how he presses to his body trembling and wet from cold sweat Tony<p/><b></b> • about how Tony's fists compressed Steve's T-shirt<p/><b></b> • about how Tony's heart pounding<p/><b></b> And how Steve tells about full of fear and horror tearful eyes of Tony.<p/><b></b> - I like to imagine how Steve stroked Tony's hair, touches them, hold Tony's face in his hands, repeating that all is well.<p/><b></b> - I like to imagine how Tony wispered in a misunderstanding Steve's name and asks him not to leave. Repeats it.<p/><b></b> - I like to imagine how Steve tries to calm Tony, holding his hands over his back.<p/><b></b> How Steve hurt, because he wants to help.<p/><b></b> And... how Tony doesn't want to talk to Steve about what he sees in every his nightmare...<p/></p>

Tony’s Hidden Food Stash

Steve: Tony!!! It’s too dangerous for you to be here in your condition. We talked about this already, honey.

Tony: But Steeeeeeevvvvveeee…

Steve: No buts, honey. It’s not safe for you and the babies.

Tony: But we ran out of blueberries in the pantry and in our personal kitchen. I just had to have some and Petey wants some blooey as snack too, so I rummaged through my food stash in here. See, blueberries~

Toy Store Misadventures

Tony: I can’t believe my own flesh and blood prefers Justice League over the Avengers. He lives with the Avengers. I’m freaking Iron Man. Capsicles is freaking Captain America. Damn it.
Peter: Uh-oh. No-no word. Bad, Dada. Papa grrrrrr…
Tony: Errr…let’s get back to the toy store, baby boy.

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Gymnophoria with bucky pleaseeeee

I’m sorry for the long wait, bb! </3

Gymnophoria - The sensation that someone is mentally undressing you + Bucky

“Something’s wrong.” You muttered into the comms, your eyes scanning suspiciously the room as you tried to mingle around the mass of people in the ballroom. “I’m having this weird feeling.”

“Now, that’s just your paranoia talking, baby doll.” Bucky instantly replied, making your skin shiver at the low teasing tone he was using even though he was miles away from you. “You’re doing good, just knock them dead as quick as you can.”

Well, that was exactly the part you were having a hard time with.

When Steve assigned you to this mission, you got nothing but giddy because honestly, undercover missions were your thing and you were glad that you were still a low-key agent slash Avenger that nobody seemed to know about just yet.

It was the typical in-and-out strategy – except you were doing it at a rich man’s house while he was hosting a ‘charity’ event. And with Bucky having your back.

As soon you entered the place, all (most) eyes were on you and your killer black dress but you still didn’t understand why you were feeling this uneasy. You’ve done this before and you never felt such a weird feeling like this one, almost as if you could feel people undressing you in their thoughts.

But deciding to ignore the sensation and focus on the mission, you gave a deep breath and adjusted your dress before walking further into the place to find the party’s host.

“I’m going for him now.” You playfully hummed for Bucky, almost failing to hold back a smile when you heard him hum contently in reply. “I wish I had time to look myself in the mirror. What if there’s something out place?”

“You look fucking gorgeous, doll.” Bucky mumbled under his breath, watching with a proud smile as you walked flawlessly through the place from his hidden spot in the ceiling. “Just don’t get too personal with him.”

You laughed quietly and stopped just a few steps away from your target, quickly grabbing a flute of champagne from a waiter as you waited for him to spot you.

“Now, why would I do that?” You feigned an indignant scoff, taking a sip of your champagne with Bucky chuckling against your ear. “I’ll give 5 seconds until he looks at me, wanna bet?”

But before Bucky could even think of a reply, the man had his eyes on you while finally walked to your direction. With a small smirk on his lips, he was looking way too confident and cocky for your liking and suddenly you couldn’t wait to get your hands on him in the most painful way possible.

And you absolutely loved that Bucky seemed to be onboard with you.

“Showtime, baby girl.”

It was just so easy to lure the target into his office that it even got you annoyed. 

No challenge and no games happened to bore you sometimes but thankfully, Bucky was there to spice things up a bit.

Once you had the man vulnerable by sitting down in one of the armchair’s with his tie loosen and shirt loosen up, Bucky strutted into the room from the fucking ceiling and it really didn’t surprise you that the guy was out cold before he could even understand what was going on.

“Warn a girl, baby.” You complained playfully, your scowl melting into a laugh as he stepped closer to you and pressed his lips against yours with his arm around your waist. “Thanks for the help though!”

“Yeah, like you were pretty helpless without me.” Bucky joked as he adjusted his guns, walking around the table to turn on the computer and get the files. “Did he touch you?”

You couldn’t help but laugh and squint your eyes at him once his words settled down.

“What do you take me for, Mr. Barnes?” You sighed dramatically, taking a seat in the armchair beside the unconscious man before glancing furtively between him and Bucky. “A fucking rookie?”

Bucky didn’t reply but the amused laugh he gave was enough for an answer. In less than three minutes he was all set, intel secured into the drive as he turned off the computer and proceeded to wipe up any evidence of it.

When he looked up to you though, you felt it all over again.

The same sensation was back but now that was clearly under Bucky’s eyes, you kind of relished on it. You knew exactly what he was thinking so as you stood up, you made your best to give him a show with the slit of your dress and your cleavage before walking up to him to sweetly wrap your arms around his neck.

“All set to go, soldier?” You smiled innocently before pressing a small kiss to the corner of his mouth, feeling his arms tighten around your waist. “You can really undress me when we’re back home. Girl scout word.”

His smirk was more than enough for an answer.

“Let’s go home, doll.”

The Elusive Bachelor

Steve Rogers is tired of how the world depicts his lover of 3 years as an eligible yet elusive bachelor. He is tired of hearing the nasty rumors and accusations about him. He is tired of just acting as a teammate and friend, to uphold his so-called image as the embodiment of the nation. He is tired of not being able to do regular couple stuff in public with his lover. But most of all, he is tired of pretending that he does not feel possessive and jealous at all, as he watch the attempts of countless women and men, alike, as they shamelessly flirt and seduce his lover, thinking that they have a chance to tame the so-called elusive bachelor.

And so, this is how Steve Rogers aka Captain America announced to the entire world that genius, ex-playboy, billionaire, philanthropist and Iron Man, himself, Tony Stark is his lover.