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Tony’s Hidden Food Stash

Steve: Tony!!! It’s too dangerous for you to be here in your condition. We talked about this already, honey.

Tony: But Steeeeeeevvvvveeee…

Steve: No buts, honey. It’s not safe for you and the babies.

Tony: But we ran out of blueberries in the pantry and in our personal kitchen. I just had to have some and Petey wants some blooey as snack too, so I rummaged through my food stash in here. See, blueberries~

Could Not Ask For More

Tony is scared of being a dad. He reasons out that he doesn’t know a thing or two on how to be a good father, seeing as Howard was never a father to him. He fears that he might turn out just like Howard and end up hurting Peter and Steve in the process, just like how his father did to him and his mother. Despite all of Steve’s constant effort to remind and assure him that he is nothing like his father, he still feels that he doesn’t deserve Steve and Peter because they are too good for someone like him.

Steve is well aware of the fact that Tony is different from his father and will never be like Howard, with the way he values him, Peter and their friends. He really couldn’t ask for more, Tony is a wonderful husband, albeit a little handful, and he’s a devoted daddy, who is obviously smitten with their baby boy. Now, he just needs to let Tony see that for himself.

Pre-father’s day feels~

Stony feels
  • <p> <b></b> - I like to imagine Tony wakes up with scream from the nighmares.<p/><b></b> And how Stve tells about it to Nat.<p/><b></b> • about how he presses to his body trembling and wet from cold sweat Tony<p/><b></b> • about how Tony's fists compressed Steve's T-shirt<p/><b></b> • about how Tony's heart pounding<p/><b></b> And how Steve tells about full of fear and horror tearful eyes of Tony.<p/><b></b> - I like to imagine how Steve stroked Tony's hair, touches them, hold Tony's face in his hands, repeating that all is well.<p/><b></b> - I like to imagine how Tony wispered in a misunderstanding Steve's name and asks him not to leave. Repeats it.<p/><b></b> - I like to imagine how Steve tries to calm Tony, holding his hands over his back.<p/><b></b> How Steve hurt, because he wants to help.<p/><b></b> And... how Tony doesn't want to talk to Steve about what he sees in every his nightmare...<p/></p>

Toy Store Misadventures

Tony: I can’t believe my own flesh and blood prefers Justice League over the Avengers. He lives with the Avengers. I’m freaking Iron Man. Capsicles is freaking Captain America. Damn it.
Peter: Uh-oh. No-no word. Bad, Dada. Papa grrrrrr…
Tony: Errr…let’s get back to the toy store, baby boy.