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Steve Rogers Imagine

Imagine Steve trying to make you ask him out.

‘’I got no plans tomorrow night.’’ he says, his eyes lifting up at you.

‘’Well, I don’t either.’’ you shrug, completely oblivious to his comment.

Steve smirked at you, his smirk made you realize what he wanted you to do. You sighed in defeat and smiled, shaking your head, chuckling.

‘’Okay Rogers Okay.. Would you like to go out with me?’’ you ask, smiling.

‘’Yes, I would love to Y/N.’’ steve smiles.

‘’You’re so smooth Rogers.’’ you scoff, folding your arms.

‘’I am, aren’t I?’’ steve puffs his chest out in pride.

‘’Smooth Steve,’’ you gasp at what you just said.

‘’Smooth Steve! That’s your new nickname!’’ you tease, poking him.

‘’Y/N, no, that’s dumb.’’ steve laughs, pushing you away from him.

He exits the door, and you followed him, chanting ‘Smooth Steve’ obviously, he was annoyed, yet he was still in love with you.

Not the One Part: 3

Summary: The reader has a massive crush on the Winter Soldier but he has eyes for a red headed.

Warnings: ANGST. CUSSING. 

Author’s Note: Thank you all for the love! I just hope y’all will like it.

Originally posted by depressedparalysis

It’s been 6 months since Barnes and Romanoff announced their engagement to the team but it’s been 7 months since they told you privately. It’s been 7 months since you lived in the Avengers tower. It’s been 7 months and you haven’t been the same Y/N everyone knows all to well. You moved out from the tower the day they told you about their stupid fucking engagement and you weren’t the only one who thought it was stupid. The whole team knew your love for the soldier and they congratulated them but they couldn’t help the look of disappointment that was painted on each and every one of their faces. 

You were cleaning your kitchen as Kodaline played in the background. You felt the sting on fresh tears seeping their way threw your waterline. You continued to clean while the tears raced down the sides of your face. 

Broken bottles in the hotel lobby
Seems to me like I’m just scared of never feelin’ it again
I know its crazy to believe in silly things
It’s not that easy I remember it now it takes me back to when it all first started
But I only got myself to blame for it and I accept it now
It’s time to let it all go, go out and start again
It’s not that easy But I’ve got high hopes
It takes me back to when we started

“Hi I’m Y/N, I’ll be your new partner.” You were too excited to be teamed up with Bucky Barnes that you were literally jumping up and down with excitement. Bucky chuckled at your child-like personality and flashed you a winning smile as he turned around to face you fully. 

“Hi I’m Bucky, it’s nice to me you.” He had a faint pink tint on his cheeks while your whole face looked like a damn tomato. You looked anywhere but him and mumbled a ‘you too.’ 

That was the first time you met Bucky Barnes. 

High hopes
When you let it go go out and start again
High hopes
When it all comes to an end
But the world keeps spinning around And in my dreams I meet the ghosts of all the people who’ve come and gone
Memories they seem to show up so quick but they leave you far too soon
Naive I was just staring at the barrel of a gun
I do believe it But I’ve got high hopes
It takes me back to when we started

”Y/N! WATCH OUT!” You felt something percolate down your right side and then you felt the rush of the pain at once. You crumpled into the dirt landing on your side and you saw feet treading towards your line of vision. They stopped abruptly in front of your face and you looked at the mysterious man with the heavy footsteps. You didn’t see his face but you did see the barrel of a gun pointed directly in between your eyes. You didn’t cry or beg, you braced for it. 

“NO!” Bucky tackled the man a little too harshly due to the pain of the tackle the pain shot your shoulder. With a quick snap of the neck, the enemy was laying lifeless in the dirt. You applied pressure to the wound on your shoulder and your side. 

“Bucky I-” 

“You’re so stupid Y/N! You could have gotten everyone killed!” You kept your mouth shut the rest of the ride back to the tower. 

That was the first time Bucky made you feel worthless. 

High hopes
When you let it go go out and start again
High hopes
When it all comes to an end
But the world keeps spinning around
But I’ve got high hopes
It takes me back to when we started
High hopes
When you let it go go out and start again
High hopes
When it all comes to an end
But the world keeps spinning around
[x2]Yeah this world keeps spinning
How this world keeps spinning around

You just received the worst news of your life and you are running away from it. Bucky is getting married to someone who was suppose to be your friend. 

“I’m leaving.” You appeared in the lounge area with your luggage in tow and your eyes hallow. The team paused the movie they were watching for movie night. You decided to tell them together rather than rumors spread or someone be missed. Even Barnes and Romanoff were there. 

“Why?” You scoffed at Steve’s acting and threw him a raised eyebrow to which he returned with a sad shrug accompanied by a tearful smile. 

“I’ll visit.” You smiled to the team as they one by one came and hugged you along with a couple of ‘please don’t go’ and ‘I’ll go with you.” You chuckled at Wanda’s stubbornness to not take no for an answer that she was moving with you. She eventually backed down with some of Visions logical reasoning. The team carried your belongs to the truck as the engaged couple came to talk to you. 

“Y/N.. what happened to you?” Natasha’s comment triggered something in you and you began to sob. 

“Yo-you want to kn-know what happened to m-me? YOU HAPPENED TO ME, BOTH OF YOU!” Your crying began to make your body shake with pain and grief. “You were suppose to be my friend Natasha. I really do hope it’s worth it. I really do hope that you both will fall in love with each other at some point because otherwise the years that I will have to endure without you Bucky, will be wasted.” You sniffled as you finally felt some weight being lifted off your shoulders. You didn’t get a response as you began to walk to the elevators. You looked over your shoulder to find a tear slowly falling down his face and Natasha looking disheveled. 


You blinked a few times as you remembered the memories that will scar you for a lifetime. Wiping the tears from your face, you made your way to the living room. You dropped your body onto the couch and reached for your laptop, thinking Tumblr would help your mood. You just logged in when your phone began to ring and at the sound you groaned rather loudly. When Steve’s name came on the screen you pressed accept. 


“Y/N! It’s Bucky, he’s been shot.. he might no-”

“I”M ON MY WAY!!” You were already in your truck when you hear Steve’s panic voice and you sped in the direction of the tower. Not giving Steve a chance to decline you hung up on the Captain. Your eyes began to leak huge tears as you thought about never being able to even hear his voice or see his smile. 

You made it to the tower in less than five minutes and parked your car in the garage then rushed your way to the medical bay. When you got to the medical bay you saw Bucky standing there looking confused and stunned. Your eyebrows furrowed and you walked in further as you examined his stature. Your hair and eyes slowly became a fiery red as you figured Steve lied to you about Bucky’s life being in danger. 

“He did it to get us to talk.” Bucky noticed your rage and began to think it was best to calm you down before you get a hold of Steve.  You had your back turned to the soldier as you tried to calm down for Bucky’s sake and began to slowly turn around and look at him, really look at him. 

“You look like shit.” Your words ran true and you didn’t hold back either. He looked like he just got back from hell. He’s skin is pale and transparent almost, his once blue eyes are now grey and dead, his hair is greasy and messy, his lips were chapped probably from dehydration, his shoulders are slumped and he looks like he hasn’t slept in months. You wrinkled your nose at the man as you thought how sick he must feel. 

At your comment and first words of choice, Bucky threw his head back and clamped a hand over his stomach due to his belching laugh. Your eyes twinkled a little at his smile and the response he gave you. Subconsciously you took a couple steps forward, you wanted to be around him. 

“You too.” You scoffed at his shortness but you laughed through your nose as you found he was right. You turned to look at your reflection on one of the glass windows. Your hair looked like it suffered a hurricane disaster, your eyes were slumped, your skin was paler than usual, your body was slumped over as though gravity was failing and your eyes were red and swollen. You cringed at your appearance in the reflection and tried to fix your hair. 

You sighed and began to walk towards a chair near Bruce’s desk. Bucky studied your every move and you began to grow nervous under his intense stare. You thought about talking but what would you say? So you decided to snoop through Bruce’s desk and you came a across a rubber band ball. You snickered and threw the ball at a wall to your right and watched it bounce off and land in your hands. 

“We should talk Y/N.” You didn’t look his way as he spoke in a gentle manner.

“Talk then.” You began to grow engrossed with the ball and you were about to catch it when a metal hand beat you to it. You rolled your eyes as you stood up and walked towards a table to sit upon. You pushed yourself on the table and looked at Bucky in a waiting stare.

“The team misses you..Y/N please move back in.” You rolled your eyes and stared in a different direction than the handsome man in front of you. 

“No.” Your voice was blunt and held nothing but emptiness. You glanced his way and saw the irritation in his eyes. He obviously didn’t want to do this but you guess Steve made him do it. You rolled your eyes as irritation began to cloud your calm state. You didn’t want to be here unless it was an emergency. This wasn’t an emergency.  

“And why not?” Bucky was getting annoyed with your stubbornness. You whipped your head in his direction in a millisecond. You glared your stone cold eyes at the foolish man before you. 

“Are you seriously asking me that question?” At this point your anger disappeared and was replaced with hurt. Your voice was laced with desolation as you spoke. 

“COME ON Y/N! GET OVER IT, I CHOSE HER! YOU LOST!” Bucky threw his arms in the air and he almost looked pained to say those words. 

“I DIDN’T LOSE BECAUSE YOU NEVER GAVE ME A CHANCE! HOW CAN I LOSE WHEN I WASN’T GIVEN A CHANCE TO COMPETE?!” You had tears dashing down your face and you had abandon your place on the table and now stood before Bucky. You were only two feet away from him as you screamed at his blindness. Bucky seemed at a loss for words so you continued your rant. 

“How can you say you don’t love me when you don’t know the first thing about me? How can you tell me to get over you? I love you Bucky. Do you know what that means? It means I’m going to pretend to love your music even when I want to blow my brains out when I hear Frank Sinatra playing. It means I’m going to always look for your favorite ice cream at the store and if they don’t have it, I’ll find it somewhere in this crowed city because the look on your face when you see it brightens my day. It means I’ll let you think that you killed more bad guys than me on missions because you look so happy when you win. It means I’m going to take all the mean comments and hateful looks because at least you are talking and looking at me. It means I’m going to let you have the last piece of dessert even if it’s my favorite. It means I will hunt down those bastards that did this to you because when I hear you scream at night, the only way I can go back to bed is to go to a HYDRA base and light them on fire. It means that I could listen to you all day about anything and everything. It means that I want you to be happy everyday even if it’s not me and it’s not. It means I will love you forever.” Your voice was gentle and compassionate as you spoke some of the things you love about Bucky. You held eye contact the entire time you confessed your tender feelings. 

Bucky’s lips parted at your confession and gulped a large bubble of air as he took everything you said in. You sighed as you walked to the entrance and leaned on the door. You didn’t want to be here anymore. 

“Steve I will light you on fire if you do not let me go.” Your voice was calm and neutral and that means you were serious about lighting Steve on fire. The door opened with a ‘sorry’ echoing out of the speakers that were installed around the tower. You glanced back at Bucky and began to walk out of the place you use to call home. 


Y/N glanced my way before she finally left the tower. I stood there completely shocked and confused at her confession. I was deep in thought when Steve and Natasha entered the room. Natasha placed a hand on my shoulder that pulled me out of my thoughts and back into reality. Steve stood before me with a sorrow look on his face. He missed Y/N and so did the whole team. Well maybe not Natasha. Wait.

“Nat did you know Y/N is in love with me?” I took a step away from her touch and her presence. 

“Well I mean, yeah.” She chuckled and tried to take hold of my hand but I pulled it back before her skin came into contact with me.

What?” Steve and I said in unison. I was flabbergasted at her confession. Y/N was her friend. 

“Why didn’t you tell me!?” She looked bewildered by my harsh tone towards her.

“I wanted you to myself. Plus we are perfect together.” She spoke in a duh manner that made me give her a ‘what the fuck’ look. 

“We are done.” At my words, she began to become fearful. Her face wore a frightened mask and she began to cry fake tears in hopes I would take her back. 

Steve stood beside me the whole time and didn’t say a word as the scene unfolded. He padded me on the back as Natasha finally left with a huff, seeing she wasn’t getting her way. 

“What now?” Steve stood in front of me as he asked about the game plan now. 

“I need time to figure things out.” My voice was small at how foolish I felt but luckily Steve just patted my shoulder and left with a spring in his step. 

I sighed as my feet carried me to my room to figure out what the fuck I’m going to do now. I rubbed my face as I thought about Y/N’s confession to me. I began to get a thought. 

“F.R.I.D.A.Y. would you show me all the footage of Y/N we have?” I sat on my couch in my living space that Stark had arranged for all of us. 

“Yes Mr. Barnes.” I hummed as my TV came on and the first thing I see is Y/N. 

I sat back on the couch and made myself comfortable because this was going to take a very long time. 

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do you ever love a fictional character so much that your chest gets tight and you let out little squeaks and you’re all curled into a ball over their mere existence?? only to remember that they exist in a world that’s completely different from your own??

yeah that feeling sucks

Bucky Barnes Imagine

Requested: Anonymous

Imagine: can you do a bucky barnes imagine where you celebrate bucky’s birthday and you arrive and it was time for him to open presents. and so as bucky opens your present, you sneak out the back and leave the building. you leave bucky completely confused and worried, and than he says he wants to drop everything, he doesn’t care that it was his birthday, he wanted to find you. and know that you were safe. fluff plz! thx, i love your writing so so much!!

A/N: love you to nonny <3

Warning: fluff

Whispers were spreading all around the building, there was a cake waiting to be lighted. The lights were dimmed low so it seemed that nobody was there, you were waiting in the livingroom, the curtains were blocking the light from shining in. You look over at Steve who was watching out when Bucky gets back from shopping, you sent him off to get some random stuff so you could throw him a surprise birthday party. He had no idea that you were coming back, and he hasn’t seen you in two years, so two surprises in one night! The whole morning the team made him think that they totally forgot about his birthday.

 And it seemed that Bucky was actually believeing it, which was the plan. Steve’s eyes went wide and he snapped his head towards everybody who was chattering.

‘’Guys! Bucky’s back! Hide!’’ steve demanded, diving to the ground.

Tony slapped the lights off and the room went pitch black, you kept running into people because you didn’t know where you were going. You felt around and finally just hid underneath some kind of table, as you crouched down, you hear the door open and you look towards the door. Bucky enters and flickers the lights on.

‘’SURPRISE!!’’ everybody yells, popping up from out of their hiding space.

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kahuna-burger  asked:

Hey, since you have trouble touching people without stabbing them, but like cuddling pets, have you considered trying to hug T'Challa? Or possibly getting Tony to put on cat ears?

you have a serious flaw in your logic. 

tchalla is a cat-man who has repeatedly tried to claw my face off. it was freakin traumatizing. you think a normal cat that doesnt wanna be petted is bad, try getting handsy with tchalla.

not that ive gotten handsy with tchalla. i like my face attached to my person, thank you very much.

tony put on cat ears a few months ago in a fit of confused sleep deprivation. the picture circulated through avengers-related group chats for weeks. nick fury called it, and i quote, ‘fucking adorable.’ tony is sometimes a no-toucher too though, so mostly we let him initiate contract when he wants to. so no, i did not hug tony when he was wearing cat ears. 

steve did have to carry him to bed though. and that picture circulated for months

Steve Rogers Imagine

Requested: @itsanniecuellar

Imagine: Hiiiii, I discovered your blog today and i really really like it I was wondering if you could make one where Steve dates a civilian and she hates the fact that he risks his life everyday but one day she gets in trouble and he risks his life to save her Something like that 😂

A/N: thank you so much! i’m glad you like my blog hehe.

Warning: None

It was completely dark in your bedroom, your arm was hanging off the bed and your face was buried inside your pillow. You could tell it was the morning but you had no desire of getting up because you wanted to stay in bed. Your phone went off about a billion times from somebody calling you, but you didn’t want to answer it because you were tired and worn out from last night. The door opens and somebody comes in and starts to gently push on you.

‘’Wake up Y/N, Buck made waffles if you want some.’’ he whispers, his voice was recognizable, it was Tony.

‘’Mmm, I’m not hungry.’’ you groan, pulling the sheets up over your head.

‘’You? Not hungry? Ha, stop lying dude, now, get up, let’s go.’’ tony grips the blanket you were underneath and rips it right off of you.

‘’Eep!’’ you squeak, as you curl up into a ball, hoping he wouldn’t notice that you were wearing steve’s shirt.

But typical Tony, he noticed.

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Not the One Part: 4

Summary: The reader has a massive crush on the Winter Soldier but he has eyes for a red headed.


Author’s Note: Thank you all for the love! I just hope y’all will like it

Y/F/F/N= Your Father’s First Name

Y/F/L/N= Your Father’s Last Name 

Originally posted by softlysaygoodbye

It’s been three weeks since you last saw Bucky and you don’t plan on seeing him anytime soon but you were called in on a mission. And guess what? Go on guess who they picked as your fucking partner? That’s right James Buchanan Barnes. You knew this mission was top priority but you begged and pleaded for anyone else other than Bucky. You almost burned the building down after leaving that office. I don’t have to tell you what they said. 

“Your job is to eliminate a certain HYDRA agent and burn the place down.” Steve stood before you and Bucky in the conference room, explaining everything about the mission. You were sitting to his left while Bucky was sitting to his right. You began to grow more empty and angry the longer you stayed in the room. 

“Who?” Bucky’s voice still made you have the fucking zoo in your stomach but you didn’t let it show.

“Y/F/F/N Y/F/L/N.” 

Your whole aura changed and the two soldiers felt it instantly. 

“Y/N? Do you know that man?” Bucky was concerned at your change in behavior and the vibes you were giving off. 

“He is my father.” Your voice was so distant and stern at the same time. 

You didn’t wait for a reply as you got up from your seat and headed to your room to prepare for the mission. 

“Steve she can’t go and kill her father.” 

“We knew this was her father. She needs to do this. Trust her.” Steve began packing up his files and began to make his way to the exit as Bucky sat there dumbfounded. 

It was an hour and half later that you found yourself in the Quinjet in your catsuit and sniper in your hands. You cleaned your knives and gun as Bucky flew the jet. You were headed to a piece of land in Maine and you were fucking ready to leave already. You felt sick being in the same country as your father and you wanted to put a bullet in his head as soon as possible. When you leaned back in your seat after analyzing the plan, back up plans, your gear and anything you could come up with, Bucky announced you landed. You didn’t say a word other than a grunt and began to check your ammo and the sharpness of your knives than stuck them back into your belt and thigh holster. 

“Let’s go.” Bucky and you walked down the ramp onto the snow covered ground that surrounded the plantation. You both began to walk towards the direction of the compound without a word and you love it. All you could think about was facing your father and beating the living shit out of him. 

You raised your sniper up to your left eye and scoped the place once you found the building a couple miles in front of you. You watched bodies hit the ground as you began to open fire as Bucky charged at the others with a handgun. You both began to drop them from left to right and then when your ammo went low, you both holstered your guns and then your knife play came into action. 

You were face to face with a ugly mother fucker and you let your rage came out a tiny bit. You put your knife away and ran at your attacker and then slid on your legs when you got a couple feet away. You successfully tripped him and made him land on his back. You straddled him and punched him with your fist that you didn’t know was on fire until you hit the fucker. His face was swollen and blood splattered all over your catsuit and face. You didn’t stop until your fist went straight through his face. You got up from the unrecognizable agent and made your way to the entrance, passing by a paralyzed Bucky. 

“Let’s go.” You didn’t look him in the eye or made a move to look in his direction as you passed the Winter Soldier. You made it to the entrance to the two story abandon building and swiped a card in the key pad that accepted it instantly. You grabbed the key card the fucker you fucked up before you made your way to the entrance. 

When you both got into the massive abandon building, you began to sweep the place for anymore agents. You found four agents and Bucky found seven but you both easily splattered their blood on the walls. Your hair was now a dark red and your eyes the same color but you didn’t notice until you walked passed a old rusty mirror in the hallway. You chuckled at your rage coursing through your veins and making Bucky become tense around you. 

“I’m not going to kill you James.” Your voice wasn’t sweet and gentle like usual, it was cold and murderous. You glanced behind you to look at the paranoid soldier following you to the room at the end of the hall. You focused your attention on the door with a spotlight like light hanging above it. 

“I’m not worried about that Y/N.” He seemed to relax at your words and you internally rolled your eyes at his pride. You stopped abruptly and Bucky had to stop himself from crashing into you. Your hands began to make sparks and when you entered the room you were face to face with a monster.

“My dear dear Y/N you have about ten years of medicine you need to catch up on.” There was your father, standing in a lab with a white coat on and a syringe in one of his hands. He was smiling as though he was imitating the joker and he was alone in the lab that he has obviously done some work in. Blood was painted on the walls like it was going out of style, the surgery tools had recently been used and his patient that he had in the room was no where to be found. 

“Where are your hostages?” Bucky was thinking the same thing by the question he asked your father. 

“Hostages? Oh no, you got it all wrong.. they were dessert.” Your father closed his eyes and licked his lips at he rubbed his tummy and made a humming noise. 

Bucky’s face was white and he looked as though he might throw up but you remained unfazed by the sicking confession. You took a step further into the room as you examined the changes that he made since you last stepped foot into this hell hole. You raised an eyebrow at the coolers he installed on the west wing of the room that is on your left. You glanced back at your father and gave him a rock solid look at made him give you a giant wicked smile. 

“Winter did you know my daughter killed more than a million soldiers before she was 10?! That’s my daughter for you. She is my greatest creation.” He moved to make his way towards you and Bucky lifted his gun and aimed it at his head but you gave a stand down signal. Your father gave you a side hug as his arm draped around your shoulder. “But sadly, her talent has been wasted,” your father removed his arms from your figure and walked back to his place before,” she began to fight for the ‘good’ and became a disappointment.” 

“Y/N is a good person and her past doesn’t define her.” Bucky was confused at the relationship between you both and he walked cautiously on the subject. 

“She is a good person and it makes me sick!” He threw a glass beaker at the wall and turned to face Bucky and I with a furious look planted on this face. He face was beat red like a tomato, sweat was on his forehead and his nostrils were flared like a wild animal. “I worked day and night to makes sure she had the best of the best powers. I created the best assassin the world has ever seen and she throws it all away to be a good person?! IT MAKES ME SICK!” 

You were tackled to the ground by your father and instantly felt a sharp pain in your neck then soon a thick warm liquid followed. He bit you in the neck and began to lick up all your blood that poured out of your vein. You quickly kicked your father off your body and punched the man in the lip. He staggered backwards and chuckled as he licked the blood that oozed from his lips. You both stood to your feet and stood your ground waiting for someone to make a move. 

“You disgust me.” You spat in his direction and made a run towards the man and jumped then pulled your arm backwards and before you landed you used the speed of the jump to land a punch on his eye. When your father hunched over in pain you clamped your hands behind his head and brought his face to your knee that swung backwards only to hurl forwards with extreme force. When you felt his nose come in contact with your knee and then heard a crackling sound you released his head only to kick him in the face with your boot. 

“He will never love you especially after everything you did.” He was on his knees before you with blood trickling down his nose and into his mouth, where he licked it dry. Your eyes went a little wider and when he was his opportunity he tackled you to the ground and began to punch you mercilessly. Bucky tried to step in and was going to tackle him but your father pulled out a silencer. He aimed it towards Bucky and smiled this wicked cruel smile before he pulled the trigger. You were pinned beneath your father and couldn’t do anything but scream. 


Bucky fell to the floor and could hardly move, he could only look at you. 

You managed to bite his arm before he could shoot him again. He cried out in agony and slapped you across the face to get you to let go of his arm but you wouldn’t if it meant that Bucky would live. He raised his hand to slap you again but you let go and pulled out your knife and cut right into his throat. He tried to pull it out but when he did he lost too much blood and collapsed onto the floor. He fell lifeless onto the cold hard floor and his cold dead eyes stared straight into your being. 

“BUCKY!” You pulled yourself up from the floor and slid over to Bucky who was shot in the chest. He tried to stand up but it didn’t work. You put pressure on the wound. You had an idea pop into your head and you stripped your top half of your catsuit so you were left with a halfway unzipped catsuit and a sports bra. 

“Y/N… I need to tell you something..” You dragged your fathers body closer to the two of you and began to search for needles and a tube. 

“Shut up James.” You were trying to concentrate as you knelled beside your lover and put both your palms over his wound and closed your eyes. 

“I love you.” Those were your words before you began your magic. 

Suddenly Bucky felt a tightness in his chest and soon the wound began to close up and then disappear completely. All he could see was your face and the red glow that radiated from your hands. When Bucky saw that his wound was no where to be found, he sat up and looked at you with adoration. You didn’t have time to look at the man before you as you stuck one needle in your dead fathers arm and then one in yours and the tube connecting the two. You began to wait and lean against a wall that was behind you too. 

“Y/N what are you doing?” He sat right beside you and showed a confused look on his face. 

“I’m waiting..” Then you felt a sharp stinging sensation and felt a warm sticky fluid make it’s way down your chest. You took deep breaths as you tried to get the worst part over with. You looked down to see a hole slowly opening in your chest and blood slowly oozing out of the hole. 

“Shit Y/N!” Bucky went to provide aid to the wound but you stopped him telling him all you need was more blood as you hinted to the tube connected to your dead father. 

“Give me ten minutes.” 

“How is that possible?” Bucky was aware of some of the powers you had but there was a lot he didn’t know about. 

“I’m a lab rat James.” You whispered your response in hopes he didn’t hear you but he did due to his super soldier hearing. 


“He took me apart and put me back together again. I have more powers than you and I know of. I can heal people but only if I take on their wound, to which I can heal myself but I need more blood. I can read people’s mind, I can control fire but you knew that already, I can communicate with animals, I can do so much James. You will never understand what happened in this room. My father died when I was four and was replaced with a monster.” You didn’t look in Bucky’s direction as you gave him a very short version of your past. 

“Y/N I can relate.. I was-”

“He killed my family and ate them.” Your voice interrupted Bucky’s pity speech.

What?” Bucky’s face was so white he looked like he was the one loosing blood. 

“He ate my fucking family James. He killed my mother and siblings then cooked their bodies and ate them. After that he went crazy.” You sighed as you saw your wound was no longer there and then gently took the needle out and stood up. You placed the upper half of your catsuit on your body and grabbed your knife then began to walk out the door. 

Bucky didn’t say a word as you both made your way to the exit and proceeded to the mission like nothing ever happened. When you both planted bombs around the perimeter, you both began to walk back to the jet in silence. You both stepped into the jet and when you took off, you pressed the detonation button and heard a very loud explosion. 

About an hour later you both were relaxed a little as Bucky drove the jet. You leaned back in your co-pilot seat and looked out the windshield of the jet and sighed in a soft way. 

“I like you.” Time seemed to stand still as you tensed up and began to hold your breath as you turned your head to face Bucky with a shocked expression. 

“What?” You whispered, thinking this might be a dream. 

“I like you and I’m sorry for everything I did. I broke the engagement off with Natasha.” You saw Bucky flick on the autopilot switch and turned in his chair to face you fully.

“You expect me to believe that you like me?” You glared at Bucky and your palms began to grow orange. 

“No, but I would like to prove it to you.” Bucky began to grow shy but you grew more suspicious.


“Go on a date with me this Friday at 9 o’clock?” Bucky was actually growing nervous as you didn’t answer and only glared at him. But when you released your cold glare and your palms were back to normal, he had a little hope.

“If this a joke or anything, mark my words James, I will kill you.” You rubbed your forehead as you started to grow a headache from thinking too much to his stupid question. 

“It isn’t, I swear!” Bucky chuckled as you rolled your eyes and huffed as you turned to look out the window again. You felt Bucky’s eyes on you as you looked out the window and your stomach started to activate a zoo or something because you currently didn’t feel butterflies. 

“Better not be.” You mumbled and you smiled a little when you heard Bucky laugh at your mood. 

This should be fun, right?

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