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Tom Holland wonders why a T-Rex wasn’t pink or furry. - A compilation.

I’ve never related to anything more than this in my life.

My greatest fear is dying before Sebastian Stan finishes his nine picture contract with Marvel.


for @lgbtincomics’s pride month challenge 2017

Day 7: a character that represents you (the same lgbt+ identity) (and) a character you identify with (in terms of personality) - Loki (YA/AOA)

“I’m me. First, last, and always.”

Dirty Jokes In Disney Movies: Then vs Now

Childhood = ignorance is bliss

Re-watching and understanding for the first time

Wanting to look cool in front of friends (hint: you didn’t)

Watching with a parent and pretending not to understand

When you and your friends can be immature together

Alternatively, when a child asks you why you laughed at that bit

do you ever love a fictional character so much that your chest gets tight and you let out little squeaks and you’re all curled into a ball over their mere existence?? only to remember that they exist in a world that’s completely different from your own??

yeah that feeling sucks

Looking at the infinity war poster:
  • Me: oh shit, there's Bucky's arm, Clint's arrow, part of Tony's stuff, etc. etc.
  • Friend: I know! There's Natasha's bullets and Peters webs too.
  • Me: I can't figure out what's right bellow T'challa's necklace though.
  • Me:
  • Me: oh, it's Ant-Man.
Steve Rogers Imagine

Imagine Steve trying to make you ask him out.

‘’I got no plans tomorrow night.’’ he says, his eyes lifting up at you.

‘’Well, I don’t either.’’ you shrug, completely oblivious to his comment.

Steve smirked at you, his smirk made you realize what he wanted you to do. You sighed in defeat and smiled, shaking your head, chuckling.

‘’Okay Rogers Okay.. Would you like to go out with me?’’ you ask, smiling.

‘’Yes, I would love to Y/N.’’ steve smiles.

‘’You’re so smooth Rogers.’’ you scoff, folding your arms.

‘’I am, aren’t I?’’ steve puffs his chest out in pride.

‘’Smooth Steve,’’ you gasp at what you just said.

‘’Smooth Steve! That’s your new nickname!’’ you tease, poking him.

‘’Y/N, no, that’s dumb.’’ steve laughs, pushing you away from him.

He exits the door, and you followed him, chanting ‘Smooth Steve’ obviously, he was annoyed, yet he was still in love with you.