the avengers premiere is going to be ridiculous

Nate Maloley - Premiere

Request:  A Nate or sammy imagine where you’re an actor and in the avengers movie playing as Tony Starks daughter or something. Sorry if it’s confusing


The amount of criticism I got during such a short period of time is too damn high. I hated how people only saw the bad in everything and just wanted to foul your happiness. When you are well-known yourself and then you start to date someone who is also well-known but not as much as you, the first thing people see is that the other one is trying to get higher on your fame, but they never see the real things.

I had been an actress since I was sixteen and my latest year was just purely amazing. I starred in three blockbuster movies and I got the role of Tony Stark’s daughter in the next Avengers movie, which was just more than I could ever dream of.

About eight months ago I met my boyfriend, Nate, and at that time neither of us knew really well the other’s successes. Since Nate wasn’t really interested in romantic comedies and I wasn’t one for rap music, we only knew each other’s name, but then despite this we ended up together. For a few months we kept it a secret, but then it eventually got out and the first thing that people thought was that Nate was just trying to get fame through me. Which was ridiculous. I wanted to yell at people who thought that, but of course I didn’t have the chance to do that, so Nate and I just kept everything low-key, but then the new Avengers movie’s premiere was coming up and I really wanted to show up with Nate.

“Baby, it’s okay if I can’t go, I understand it,” Nate said from the bed while I was sorting some of my stuff out.

“No, I want to go with my boyfriend. This is a huge thing in my life, I want you to be there!” I replied looking at him with pouty lips.

“But people will be all over us and that I’m just using you.”

“But I know that you are not using me, and nothing else matters, okay?”

He sighed but gave me a smile and then nodded.

“Alright, it’s your big day, I’ll do whatever you want me to do.”

“That’s why I love you so much,” I sighed getting onto the bed and giving him a sweet kiss.

“Anything for you, baby.”

A lot of magazines were guessing if I was bringing Nate to the premiere but neither of us told anything about it, so it was a surprise. I was very nervous, because being in this movie was such an honor and I could work with the best actors in Hollywood. I wanted everyone to be pleased with my role, and my acting. I didn’t want the biggest fans hate the movie because of me, or say bad critics of the film. I needed Nate to be by my side in this important moment of my life.

“Are you ready?” he asked giving my hand a squeeze when the car slowed down and it was almost time to get out to the red carpet.

“I guess,” I replied not too confidently.

“I’ll be there, okay? But you can handle it by yourself too, I know it,” he encouraged me and his words meant so much to me.

“Thank you, I love you,” I told him leaning closer and we exchanged a quick and light kiss, since I had lipstick on and I didn’t want it to get on him.

“I love you too. Let’s go.”

The car stopped and the chauffeur got out to open the door for us. Nate was the first one who got out and the screaming and shouting that was already so freaking loud just got two times louder as people saw him. He helped me to get out, since my dress made it a bit harder, but I step out without any problems. From that moment Nate didn’t let go of my hand, not even for one moment. We stroke our first pose and smiled towards the cameras at first ignoring the questions. A few meters away Chris Hemsworth was giving an interview and Robert Downey Jr.’s car just parked to the red carpet. We moved a few steps ahead so he could get out and continue the line of stars on the carpet.

As he saw me and Nate he immediately stepped closer, gave me a hug and then shook hands with Nate. After all I was his onscreen daughter.

“You look gorgeous!” he complimented looking at me with a wide smile.

“And you look breathtaking as always,” I grinned at him happily.

“Thank you, daughter,” he said and all three of us laughed.

After a few photos Nate and I had to move on and start our first interview, while Robert still had to pose for a little while. We walked to one of the reporters and after a short introduction the woman started to ask questions.

The first ones were about the movie, and the whole working process, and then she continued it with our obvious relationship.

“So, I’m really happy to see you too officially show up to an event together. You both look great!” she complimented.

“Thank you,” I smiled squeezing Nate’s waist. He had one of his arms around my shoulders. High heels or no high heels, he was always so much taller than me, I perfectly fit under his arms.

“I know that a lot of rumors and gossips were all over the blogs since you got together, and I’m interested in your opinion about them.”

“They are ridiculous,” I immediately said shaking my head. “I really don’t know why people even think about something like that.”

“To be clear, can you tell me what people are saying?”

“Yes, they think that Nate is only with me because of my career,” I replied looking at the camera that was recording my answers.

“And it is obviously not true,” the woman said.

“Of course not,” Nate answered speaking up for the first time. “I’m with her because I think that she is an amazing woman and I’m just happy for her success. I want my career to be only mine, I would never use someone to get to a position.”

“And it hurts that people think that I would be weak enough to let someone use me,” I added laughing bitterly.

“We have respect for each other and it will never change,” Nate closed our speech and the reporter nodded with a smile on her face.

“Thank you for your answers and congratulations on the premiere, Y/N,” she said and then we had to go to the next stop.

This topic came up almost every time and we shut down everything hoping people will now believe the truth. When we were done and got off the red carpet I exhaled the air I was holding back.

“God, we are over it, I can’t believe it,” I sighed in relief.

“We made it,” Nate smiled putting his arms around me. “It wasn’t that bad,” he admitted shrugging.

“I’m glad you think like that. Now let’s go, we still have a movie to watch.” He chuckled and giving me a kiss on the forehead he said:

“How can I forget about it when my girlfriend is Tony Stark’s daughter?”