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A- age: 19

B- birthplace: New York City, New York

C- current time: 9:53pm

D- drink you had last: black cherry seltzer water

E- easiest person to talk to: no one :)

F- favorite song: There’s a lot. And most are by Nine Inch Nails.

G- grossest memory: Any memory involving me.

H- horror yes or no: No sé.

I- in love? What is love? [Haddaway song plays]

J- jealous of people? Yeah

K- killed someone? Mentally, yes.

L- love at first sight or walk past again? Walk past me again and we’ll see what happens.

M- middle name: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

N- number of siblings: Two (2) older sisters, one (1) younger brother, and a foster sister

O- one wish: To see Hamilton live. Or to meet Trent Reznor. Either one is good. But both would be great :)

P- person I last called: My mom

Q- question you’re always asked: “Did that [points to piercing] hurt?”

R- reason to smile: Trent Reznor is real.

S- song you last sang? Bat Country by Avenged Sevenfold

T- time you woke up? 10am

U- underwear color: black

V- vacation: Trinidad & Tobago

W- worst habit: breathing

X- x-rays? I’ve had a few

Y- your favorite food: pizza

Z- zodiac sign: Taurus

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we’ve had a clone club dinner and even a clone club dance party, but what if orphan black gave us a clone club fight scene? picture sarah, cosima, alison, helena, rachel, tony, and krystal all teaming up, each wielding weapons ranging from frying pans to needles and SCIENCE! to guns and knives, all using their specific skillsets to take down hordes of Neolutionists Gone Wrong while exchanging banter and crushing their enemies.

Deleted lines from the Thor: The Dark World script #77
  • Loki!Odin: I cannot give you my blessing. Nor can I wish you good fortune.
  • Thor: I know. *(turns to leave)*
  • Loki!Odin: If I were proud of the man my son had become, even that I could not say.
  • Thor: *(makes sad face)*
  • Loki!Odin: It would speak only from my heart. Go, my son.
  • Thor: *(smiles)*
  • Thor: *(frowns)*
  • Thor: Loki...?
  • Loki!Odin: Er...
  • Thor: You little brotherly shit.
  • Loki: Ha! Yeah.
  • Loki: How did you know it was me?
  • Thor: *(laughs)* Well, all that stuff you just said was a huge giveaway. Father *never* would have said anything so warm and caring and selfless and full of pride...!
  • Loki: *(laughs)*
  • Thor: *(smile fades)*
  • Loki:
  • Both: *(awkward, silent sobbing)*

anonymous asked:

Mamapeño! I painted my nails Marvel Avengers theme and I've been so proud of how they've come out but everyone I show doesn't seem interested or as excited as I am and it's making me sad because I think I did such a good job but no one seems to like it as much and I'm sad that my hard work is just brushed off by everyone

I’m proud of you and I bet they look so awesome! 

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headcanon that natasha paints everyone’s toenails when they fall asleep in the commons rooms of stark tower 

it starts out as a joke to get back at tony for eating her leftovers but then she smiles to herself when she catches him admiring his sparkly gold nails & starts sneaking into his lab when he passes out in there to redo them & then moves on to planning out the colors for the rest of the avengers

& then she sees clint telling bruce that his bright purple nails are better than bruce’s pastel purple ones which dissolves into a conversation about the merits of the color purple & she thinks she’s on to something great

steve wakes up from an exhaustion induced nap after a particularly brutal undercover mission overseas in the living room & takes a look at his alternating red white & blue nails & just shrugs because everyone else’s are done & he’s seen other men with polished nails on tv sometimes so it must be a 21st century thing 

when bucky gets comfortable & recovers enough to openly fall asleep in such a communal area he wakes up with his toenails painted black with a silvery glitter top coat but later he asks natasha to redo them so they match steve’s

thor outright asks natasha to do his & his toenails end up a truly electrifying shade of blue that makes everyone’s eyes hurt but thor laughs in delight & thanks natasha & says he cannot wait to show his lady jane

they all get so used to it that natasha stops doing it while they’re asleep & it becomes a tradition during avengers movie night & she sometimes does their fingernails too but rarely because in their line of work it lasts for less than a week & starts taking so many color requests from the rest of the avengers that she has to order more online

meanwhile natasha’s toenails & fingernails are always red & they never seem to chip even after a rough mission & the other avengers always ask how she does it but she just smirks at them & tells them she’s just that good

so when the new avengers team moves in (wanda, vision, sam, rhodey) & see everyone’s nails the avengers just say it’s an avengers thing

wanda just goes with it & immediately asks for red nail polish & natasha is more than happy to oblige & they bond over it & vision doesn’t even blink while rhodey & sam exchange glances & sam wonders aloud, “do all superheroes do this?”

natasha just smirks at them as she gets out the huge box that contains her extensive collection of nail polish 

Kitty Avengers! Inspired by a google pic I came across the other day. I’m going to see the movie tonight & any excuse to do themed nails right?

Used in this mani:

Wet N’ Wild - French White, Black Creme

Jordana - Crystal Glitter

Characters painted all with Apple Barrel acrylic paints

HK Girl Topcoat


in·ti·ma·cy (noun)  

1. close or warm friendship or understanding; personal relationship 2. a close association with or detailed knowledge or deep understanding of a place, subject, period of history, etc.