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Just because it’s the path of least resistance, doesn’t mean it’s the wrong path.
Staying together is more important than how we stay together.

Natasha is the leader of the Avengers in many ways. […] In this movie, she has the most matured point of view of any of the characters. What fascinating about her is that she is a reformed villain, so she has an understanding of life in a way that other characters don’t. She has an empathy. She can see both sides in a way that not everyone else can. She is the middle ground of maturity. [Captain America Civil War Audio Commentary]

The first time he sees you in lingerie - Male Avengers Headcanon

This wasn’t requested but idc, @scarlettsoldier and I were talking about plus size models lmao

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He’d be so taken aback, but in the good way. He’d look you up and down, drinking you in. He’d bite his lip as he would make his way over to you, absolutely lost in the scraps of lace and bare skin, then he’d look into your eyes before mumbling that you’re so beautiful, before kissing you so passionately with his fingers tangled in your hair. “You’re gonna kill me, darlin’” 

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Steve would be so flustered, having never seen a woman in lingerie in the flesh. He would be rooted to to the spot once he walked into your shared bedroom. His facial expression would make you nervous, “Steve…Do- Do you like it?” “Oh G-God yes I do, doll, you look marvelous” It would be you that’d have to make the first move, you would take his large hands in yours and place them on your silk covered hips. He felt like a virgin again, but Jesus H. Christ, he was going to try and not ruin those skimpy piece of fabric the moment he got a hold on himself.

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You’d be looking in the vanity mirror in your bedroom, catching a glance of the handsome man at the door in the reflection before smirking at him. You’d bought the undergarments as his birthday present. You blushed as his slender fingers made their way along your shoulders to move your hair out of the way. He would press kisses to your neck and mumble “happy birthday to me” whilst smiling as his hands wandered…

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You’d walk into his lab wearing a black trench coat over the top, of course. His head didn’t turn until he heard your voice say “FRIDAY, lock the doors please.” He’d cock a brow up at your dolled up form, his eyes would travel down your legs and then his brows would raise when he saw them bare, his jaw would fall slack but would quickly pick back with a sly smirk. As you would unbutton the trench coat, letting it slide to the floor (whilst keeping eye contact and also biting your lip) you’d hear the words “Oh, my beautiful baby girl, come to daddy…”

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You had definitely remembered to pack your black corset number in your bag before Thor took you to Asgard for the first time. You wanted this trip to be memorable as possible. When he first sees you in it, you’re both in his bedchamber, you’re coming out of the en suite bathroom and his mighty facade drops completely and he chokes on his mead, he’s completely awestruck, for he had never seen such undergarments, ever. He would gently pull you between his open legs, trailing his large hands across the rigid bones of the black corset, to the silk panties below, all the way down to the lace tops of your stockings. “Do you like it, my love?” “I love it, My Queen.”

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Loki: (slightly AU)

Loki had been down the past couple of weeks, trying to adjust to being an avenger and the people around him. You wanted to cheer him up with something new, you knew behind his hard facade there was a troubled man. So you rummaged through your drawers and found the one thing you needed, the unused white lace panties and bra. You hastily slipped them on before throwing a t-shirt and shorts on over the top, before calling Loki through FRIDAY. As he opened the door to your room, he would give you a small smile before laying down next to you. “I have a present for you, darling” you would say, “and what would that be, my love?” “me, now I want you to take me out of my packaging” As he would peel your shirt up, his eyes would widen at the unusual underwear you were wearing, his hands would come to cup your breasts but at the same time, admire the fine lacework, he would let out a soft groan as he saw your panties..

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Oh god, the GIF says it all. He’d be quietly reading in his room, when you’d just saunter in casually in your pyjamas. You both usually slept in underwear, or naked *wink wink*, so as you padded towards the bed, you began to remove your clothing, as Bruce caught a glimpse of purple from beneath his lashes, he looked at you like so, and put his book down. He would murmur ‘oh god, oh god, oh god’ under his breath as you crawled your way towards him, straddling him. You would grab his hands and place them just below your breasts where the purple lace finished, urging him into touching you. His touches would be delicate and curious at first, “You like it, Bruce?” “Uh- Uh yes, baby it’s beautiful, but not as much as you” he would proceed to grasp your hip tighter as his other hand brought your chest down flush onto his, he would moan heavily into your kiss at the feeling of the lace scratching against his skin

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As soon as he would see you, his mouth would go completely dry, and if you were in a cartoon his eyes would pop out of his head. He’d mumble, “Oh fuck, YES!”  before making grabby hands at you, begging you to come and sit on his lap (I mean seriously, look at them thighs!) He’d become bold and immediately kiss your breasts over the velvet fabric as his hands would ping the elastic of your stockings. He’d tell you how sexy you’d look on top of him in such attire whilst his hand would come to softly grasp your throat…

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You would be getting ready for a party- you didn’t intend for him to see you in your lacy undergarments until after the party! It was supposed to be a surprise! But as Pietro would come through your door he would make said face, giving you a once over, (ogling at your behind, obviously) whilst having a devilish grin on his face whilst saying “Ah, princezná, all for me?” making you whip around in shock. 

Joining The Team Pt 1 (Avengers X Reader)

Characters: Avengers X Reader

Universe: Marvel, Avengers

Warnings: Blood, Violence, torture


Request: Can you please write an Avengers x reader fic, really angsty? Thank you x

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Fury had put you on the team very recently. But they had yet to actually meet you. They had never heard your voice, seen your face, or being within the same building of them. But they heard rumours.

They heard the story. The story that stuck. That story being how you came to be here. You were a product of HYDRA, almost a stray child. You were given training, but apparently it was worse than what they gave Nat. You felt no sympathy, nor empathy, no feelings. No soul. However your job was special. Your missions were to get people to confess or to spill secrets. You would kidnap them, lock them away, and then do unspeakable things to them. Days later HYDRA had information that none other than a certain missing person knew, who was found dead just days later as a mutilated corpse. They say Fury had actually found you when he found your torture room and in the midst of getting a man to confess. He had been lucky enough to shoot you to be subdued and that’s how you got here. They said that that’s why you were yet to be introduced- you were healing and fighting back.

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Y/N: Tony… I can’t breathe-

Tony: Hey, hey. Look into my eyes. It’s going to be okay, buddy.

Y/N: I can’t-

Tony: *shakes his head* Don’t give up on me, young man. You can do this, just take it slow. I’m here for you.


Faking It? (Chris Evans X Reader)

Characters: Chris Evans X Reader

Universe: IRL 

Warnings: Verbal abuse, judgemental parents


Request: Can you please write a fic where the reader has to go visit family and they’re super judgemental so the reader get Chris Evans to be their fake boyfriend (they’ve been best friends for years) and they realise they actually have feelings for each other? Thanks x

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“Y/N are you coming over for dinner tomorrow?” Your mother asked suddenly over the phone.

“Wait what? I never said I was going over for dinner.” You informed her.

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Honestly I really love original characters in fanfic
  • I love when oc's fill gaps in the stories
  • I love when oc's are created to support the main characters
  • I love when oc's are perfectly intertwined in canon
  • I love oc's who had depth to the story
  • I love oc's that lighten the mood
  • I love oc's that fall in love
  • I love oc's that help character development
  • I love oc's that connect with main characters
  • I love oc's that have their own storylines
  • I love oc's that are unique
  • I love oc's with cool names
  • I love oc's
  • Tell me about your oc's
Who is in Control - Part 9 (NSFW)

Word counting: 1800+
Chapter Summary: You take Patrick to a club and Bucky doesn’t leave your mind. Later that night, he starts some action.
Notes: Keep in mind: Age of Ultron Never happened here. Gifs are from google or tumblr.
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Mutant!Reader; OMC x Mutant!Reader
Present characters: Female Reader, Bucky Barnes, Patrick O’Malley (OMC) , J.A.R.V.I.S.
Chapter: 8/??
Chapter name: A fancy toy
Warnings: So much sex tension, oh my… NSFW. Fingering. Dirty talk. Finally some action.

Who is in Control Series Masterlist

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At the mention of the name “Stark” the bouncer opened the doors for the two and the music boomed into their ears. Y/N had realised this perk when she went to college, and it was still a surprise to be so welcomed into so many places.

‘Who wouldn’t want a Stark to go to their club?’ She remembered Tony telling her in one of their conversations.

Patrick seemed familiar with the environment and he didn’t hesitate to encourage Y/N to dance when they were by the dance floor. She was close enough to feel the warmth of his body and realise his desire to pull her closer. A part of the woman wanted to throw herself into his arms without regarding the consequences.

The other part couldn’t stop thinking about Bucky and his eyes.

“Do you want a drink?” He offered and she quickly refused.

Y/N rarely gave herself the luxury of drinking. She couldn’t access her powers if her blood alcohol level was above a certain point and that still made her too paranoid.

She walked next to Patrick towards the bar and watched him down two shots of vodka without taking a breath.

“I don’t think vodka will run out if you don’t slow down a bit.” She laughed.

“I need a little liquid courage.” He chuckled nervously.

“Why would you…“ She started to ask, but he interrupted her.

Patrick’s body pressed up against Y/N’s in a second and soon enough their mouths battled for the control out of the impulsive kiss. Unlike his timid appearance, Patrick had firm and dominating hands; It wasn’t long before she surrendered to him and he guided her body to one of the dark walls.

His calloused hands, probably full of scars, ran to her hair, grabbing it while a chill ran up her back. When their lips parted, he just bent down to kiss her neck, rubbing his beard on her skin along the way.

When Y/N opened her eyes, her heart jumped noticing the distant body staring at them a few feet away. They bent as if it was ready to attack one of the two at any time.

She touched Patrick’s shoulders as a warning, but the figure vanished as quickly as it had appeared. Still, her body went into a defensive mode and she held him for a moment.

"I think it’s time to go”.

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Bonding (Clint X Reader) *Platonic

Characters: Clint X Reader

Universe: Marvel, Avengers

Warnings: Mention of mind control

Request: Hey I love your writing, I was wondering if you could please write a Clint x reader where the reader is a new avenger and archer like clint, but they don’t talk to the Avengers and keeps to themselves and clint finds them shooting arrows and they grow close xx

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Fury found you through another agent. Your uncle’s friend was an agent and he had seen your keen eye and good shot, and Fury overheard the agent talking about you, and decided to pay you a visit.

He saw you were a lot younger than their top archer, and the compliments were not exaggerated. You had quick reflexes, great sight and aim, and you were generally quiet and had managed to sneak up on the director. He offered you the job, and by that I mean he bothered you till you accepted.

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You Will Count

Pairing: Loki x Reader (female)

Warning: Light BDSM

Words: 467



The cane lands on the back of my lover and he arches at the pain, making his muscles all the more prominent. Sometimes I use the cane on him just to make sure that he knows who owns him. Other times, times like these, I use it to hear the melody of his voice.



But to give some context…..

Moments earlier…

He opens the doors to his chamber and doesn’t show a shred of surprise when he sees me reclined on his massive bed. His eyes trace every inch of my skin, which is at full display just for his benefit.

“You are late.”

His voice almost caresses me.

“You have been indiscreet, lover.”

He closes the door and strides in.


“Looking at Lady Sif like you do.”

“I can’t even look at another female?”

I don’t answer him. He is getting under my skin. Slowly but surely.


“Impatient, are we?”

“That’s five canes.”

He starts stripping of the various layers and many adornments. I get up and go over to him, thinking of ways to mark him as soon as his skin comes into view. His chest already bears the markings from the cat. His arms, from the whip and his thighs, from my teeth. My hands catalogue each and every mark. Skimming his skin has become a habit. He is more than a pet to me now. He is an addiction.

“How would you have me, y/n ?”

He says all the right words but with insolence. He will learn. There is no alternative.

“Two lengths of silks and a sturdy pole.”

A pole manifests behind him and the silks in his hands.


He clenches his jaw.

“I do not want…”

I raise my hand and put it around his throat.

“Hmm, my pet is getting ideas. This is about my wants. You do what I tell you to do. Ten canes.”

I choke him and he gasps.



I stop entirely.

“Is this a hard limit? And be very sure of your answer, Loki.”

I need him to say no. He takes an entire excruciating minute.


He sinks down gracefully. I extend my hand and he puts the silks on it.

“Fifteen. Raise your arms and clasp them around the pole.”

I watch as his muscles tense with the motion.

“Close your eyes.”

He looks at me for a moment longer than necessary before complying. I go around to stand at his back. One length of silk goes around his eyes and the other binds his hands to the pole.


I tighten the length around his hands until he can’t move them.

“Such magnificence.”

“You think me magnificent?”


I savor the sight for a moment before raising the cane.

“You will count.”



The Other Guy (Bruce X Reader)

Characters: Bruce Banner X Reader

Universe: Marvel, Avengers

Warnings: Sexual mentions


Request: Bruce Banner is nervous to get physical with the reader because of the ‘other guy' 

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You had been with Banner for nearly over a year now. It was definitely a roller coaster, with extreme highs and lows, but nothing you couldn’t handle. You managed to make him smile when he was low and stressed, and you could get him to open up when he was the most silent. You were Bruce’s calling card, and all the Avengers knew it. If something was wrong, they knew you could make it right, which was pretty vital when it came to the big guy. You have had a few run in’s with the big guy. Once or twice you found Stark flying you to the tower to calm him down, or you’d hear on the news the big guy was running around and you’d be out that door as quick as lightning.

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Tony’s Hidden Food Stash

Steve: Tony!!! It’s too dangerous for you to be here in your condition. We talked about this already, honey.

Tony: But Steeeeeeevvvvveeee…

Steve: No buts, honey. It’s not safe for you and the babies.

Tony: But we ran out of blueberries in the pantry and in our personal kitchen. I just had to have some and Petey wants some blooey as snack too, so I rummaged through my food stash in here. See, blueberries~