the avengers (comics)

Every time I read fanfiction
  • In public: *silent, smirking from time to time, just a normal reader*
  • Alone: *unholy noises, rolling on the bed like crazy person, squealing and clapping my hands like an idiot seal*
Still going with my theory that Spiderman is such an enduring character because he’s the one superhero that actually has to deal with financial problems.

I’ll never forgot watching that early morning Spiderman cartoon:

Peter Parker: “And, on top of everything, I have to figure out how to pay my rent on time.”

*Me* “Wait, this happens to superheroes!?! But they’re all meant to be rich and have endless resources and a fancy butler!”


I usually refrain from posting fan-made posters, but this was just too awesome! Job well done, ‘themadbutcher’, this could pass as the official poster! Clearly inspired by the classic “Infinity Gauntlet” comicbook, and rightfully so!