the avengers [1]


Prompt: Living in anyone’s shadow is hard. But especially if that person is your sibling and that person is Tony Stark.

Characters: Tony Stark, Reader, various Avengers

Word Count: 1,276

Warnings: angst, language

A/N: thanks to @maxiimofff for giving me this idea. hope this satisfies! not sure how many parts i’m going to have of this so far, so bear with me.


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“That doesn’t go there.” Tony snapped at you. But that was nothing new. You weren’t as smart as him, and that wasn’t anything new to either of you either. It probably wouldn’t be possible for anyone to beat Tony on the intelligence front. Well, probably for anyone except your father or maybe Bruce Banner. But since neither Bruce nor your father were here at the moment, Tony settled to ask for your help.

“Then enlighten me to where exactly it goes, Anthony.” You sighed in frustration, throwing down the tools you’d been holding. Anthony. He hated that. He needed help with a few modifications on the Iron Man armor and he trusted you so you agreed. Well, you hoped it was because he trusted you. He had always asked Pepper, but she wasn’t really around anymore. So that left you as a last resort. That was a great feeling.

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[INFO] Team 1 ( aka Avengers Team): Kim Samuel, Ha Sungwoon, Bae Jinyoung, Lee Daehwi, Park Jihoon, Joo Haknyeon, Lee Eui Woong

Team 2: Kim Yeonguk, Kang Dongho (Baekho of Nuest), Lee Insoo, Lai Guanlin, Kim Sang Bin

Guys America Chavez

She is a lesbian latinx hero from a Utopian universe who came to our world just because she wanted to be a hero. 

Her moms died saving the multiverse so as a kid she runs away because she wants to be just like them.

She has superstrength, speed, flight, and she’s bulletproof

But by far one of her coolest powers is she can create portals between alternate universes. 

America started off as a stereotypical latinx character, but under Kieron Gillen, she was written as a calm person who thought through her next move. She is quick to fight, but  when it’s necessary because she knows she’ll win.
She’s also an uber dork who believes in love and hope. Not something you see from the quiet characters.  

She has appeared in Young Avengers, A-Force, Siege Secret Wars, and The Ultimates
She’s a powerhouse character who impresses heroes in the A league like Monica Rambeau 

Now after years of people asking for her own book and her increasing popularity she’s finally getting her own solo book!
It was announced at NYCC and will be called America with the first preview done by @mckelvie and Matt Wilson

We need to support this book! Show Marvel that this is our hero. 

I’ve been rewatching the MCU from the beginning, and I can’t get over how happy everyone looks at the start of their movies, before everything implodes on them. I mean…


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(Oh look and here’s Thor and Loki being innocent happy cuties together)

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And now:

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at all

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the pain.

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Marvel… look at what you’ve done to these poor babies.

The worst part is, it was much harder to find the gifs of them happy.

Friendly reminder that for all the critics bitching about how "sombre" and "gloomy" WW1 film Wonder Woman looks like...

CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER wasn’t exactly a parade of colors and humor and laughter and jokes either.

The ONE time the MCU made war film, they didn’t treat an actual historical event that resulted in countless deaths and atrocities with a light hand and audience disrespect - so neither will the DCEU.

Stop acting like humor and light-heartedness is the measuring stick for a good comicbook movie. Not everything in life will be better off handled with a laugh. Some things just ARE sad and heartbreaking, and no amount of “humor-washing” is gonna fix that. IT DOESN’T NEED FIXING, it needs RESPECTING.

So yeah, rather than arguing about how Wonder Woman lacks color and laughter like a good ole MCU film - think about how sullen and sombre Steve Rogers was during life circa WWII. Ask yourself why that was. Shit will make a whole lot more sense when you do.