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D23 is in June. Marvel better not hold out til then to show the Thor Ragnarok trailer

The D23 Expo is July 14-16th. That’s just two weeks before ‘Spider-man: Homecoming’ is released, but of course it’s technically not a Disney movie so I think ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ will be the main focus of Marvel’s D23 presentation, and then they will promote Spider-man at Comic Con the week after. I’m sure we will get the first ‘Ragnarok’ trailer before then though, July would be pretty late for a first trailer when the movie is released internationally in October. We could also get the first look at ‘Black Panther’ at D23. In 2015, Marvel’s D23 presentation focused on the next two movies to be released (Civil War and Doctor Strange) which makes me think the same will happen this year!

Tony: Where’s Peter? 

Steve: He went out. 

Tony: He’s grounded. 

Steve: [surprised] Are they not suppose to be let out when they’re grounded? 

Soulmate AU

Soulmate AU- the idea that everyone has that perfect someone for them but how you find them is always different.

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Birthday Girl - Bucky x Reader One Shot



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You were literally punching the bag with all you had. It was a great way to relieve yourself after finding out that your douche of a boyfriend was too busy with his shitty job to come hang out with you on your birthday. Whatever, you had the Avengers to hang out with you. What was better than a birthday with the Avengers?

Apparently, everything. Natasha and Clint were on a mission, Wanda and Vision were going on a date, Dr. Banner and Tony were hard at work on their experiments, Steve was training, and Thor was in Asgard. So now you were alone in the gym, punching the absolute shit out of a punching bag, and moping.


You nearly hit the ceiling when you jumped. Glaring, you spun around to see Bucky. 

Oh, yeah.

You had forgotten about him. Bucky was a nice guy and all, but he was quiet and usually kept to himself. Conversations with him were always extremely awkward, so you tried to avoid him when you could. Besides, he was really only awkward with you and fine with all the other Avengers, so you had just assumed he didn’t like you, and that was that.

You were pretty wrong.

“Holy fucking shit, Buck, you could knock once and a while,” you spat, wiping sweat off your forehead with the back of your hand.

He almost shrank back to the doorway, and you saw a brief look of hurt cross his face, so you mumbled a sorry, and he nodded to acknowledge it had actually been audible. “So… uh… what are you doing? You were being so loud that I thought Steve was in here.”

Oh, that made sense. He had only come in because he thought you were Steve. “I broke up with my boyfriend today. The douche bag wouldn’t even take a day off work for my birthday. He never hangs out with me anymore. I had always questioned if he actually even cared anymore but… anyway, that’s not what you asked. I’m punching a bag.” You shook your head and tapped the bag.

The punching bag’s cover literally split and sand poured out onto the floor. Oh Lord. How hard had you been punching?! “Jesus Christ, (name). Tony will never believe that you did that. Now I’m going to have to take responsibility for it,” Buck joked, the corners of his mouth tugging up. He let out the smile that had been bubbling to the surface. And he even laughed.

Your jaw must have dropped to the floor, because he stopped.

“What?” He asked, as if seeing him smile or laugh or do both at the same time wasn’t a totally rare thing that happened once every seven decades. 

“You just smiled… and laughed…” You told him, as if that explained the stunned look on your face.

“Uh… yeah. I do possess the ability to do that, you know,”

“Oh…” You turned back to the bag… that was now just casing flapping around. “Wow… okay… I didn’t know I was that strong… alright then.”

“Steve probably used it before you, so it was already weak.” Bucky explained. He saw the questioning look on your face, and he raised his hands in exasperation. “Or it was just you! Jesus!”

“What about him?”

“Haha. Funny,”

“So… I’m going to clean this up and then go celebrate my birthday… alone.” You shrugged, heading for the supply closet to grab a broom and a dust pan. 

“Okay.” Buck said, and then left.

What an asshole! Had he not heard you! You felt angry as you snatched the broom and dust pan out of the closet and walked back to the mess. You took a few deep breaths. Whatever, who needed him on their birthday anyway? He was a jerk, just like your loser-of-a-boyfriend.


Finally, the huge pile was now in a trash bag. Sweaty and covered in sand, you walked to the elevator and headed for the lobby. If you were going to celebrate your birthday alone, you might as well celebrate it at your own apartment instead of Stark Tower. 


You unlocked the door and was surprised to see a man sitting on your couch, a birthday cake on the coffee table and balloons everywhere. You whipped out your gun, but after seeing that it was just Bucky, you put it back in it’s holster. “I don’t recall giving you a key or permission,” you scowled.

“Happy birthday, (name),” Buck said, ignoring your upset tone. He got up and walked over to you, closing the apartment door behind you and locking it. “Sorry that I was a jerk earlier. I couldn’t let you suspect anything.”

You looked around. It was set up for a party. You smiled. “Is anyone else here? Were they all in on this, too?”

“Uh… no,” Bucky told you, brushing a stray piece of hair behind his ear. “I kind of did this at the last second on my own. I hope you like chocolate cake. I will admit, I kind of got it for myself, I’ve always liked chocolate cake and I haven’t had any for a while.”

“Buck… you did this on your own? For me?”

“Y - yeah…”

You pulled him down and kissed him on the lips. He held your face in his hands, making it even more passionate. It lasted for a while until he pulled back. “Let’s eat cake before we continue this, birthday girl.” He teased, heading for the couch.

Avengers Fairytale

So the wonderful Star Trek Fandom has been working so hard on their Fairytale AUs, which have turned out amazingly!!!!! We also added Phantom of the Opera to our Fairytale list. 

So I was wondering. I have seen a lot of Avengers Fairytale AUs. But all of them seem to be Bucky Barnes. Now Bucky Barnes is cool and all but I just dont dig him. I think its the long hair. Sorry. Unless he’s a dad and then I am just trash. So I was wondering are there any Steve Rogers or Tony Stark ones? I think I may have found one Steve Rogers but thats it. And since I am a multi-fandom blog I need to add the Avengers to the Fairytale AU trope. So if you have any please let me know. 

Fairytale AU has been added to my list of favorite tropes.