the avengeress

I hit 2K Followers!

It finally happened, I reached another milestone and even before I expected it to happen. Also i just never thought I’d get this far. Hell I created this blog in October and I’m at 2K already! Thanks to @oriona75 for being my 2000th follower (Might have still freaked a little at your follow?)

Also thank you to @instantlyfangirlingrain @anyandeveryspn @supernaturaldean67 @xtina2191(I can’t tag you for some reason) and @awesome-smartcookie for reblogging/liking so much of my stuff and filling my notifications!

Thank you all for putting up with my shit, I know I’ve been posting way too much personal crap lately, but I’ll change. I promise! Also I’ll be able to write more again soon, since it’s only this week and next week left until I’ve got holidays for I think two weeks and I’ll try to get something out daily again. 

It’s incredible to imagine 2000 people following me, like every one of them is one human and imagine being with 2000 people in one room. I’d probably run as far away as I can but well. And even though it doesn’t happen a lot, thanks for your kind words, for your support and sometimes feedback. 

As for the celebration!

I’m planning to do a Q&A video for you once again, so feel free to send in any questions about my life, supernatural, my writings, anything you want to know. I’ll give you time for that til Saturday I think, since I’m mostly too lazy to do anything after school anyways so!

Another celebration will be a Takeover. I don’t know yet when it’s going to happen, if I’ll do it this weekend or next weekend, but at some point around that time. 

And that’s all I have, BUT you can still send in suggestions for any celebrations and I’ll see if I’ll add anything to the celebration list!

And last but not least thanks to some people for pushing the posts and for just kind of being my friends on here. @withoutaplease @marksheppardischarming @netflixandcastiellll @jinkieswouldyoulookatthis @alice-avengeress @spnashley @ohfora67impala @iowarose @castiels-little-grace @goinghomethelongwayround @thing-you-do-with-that-thing and more but I will anyways forget people and I’m very lazy and tired at the moment.

So thank you. Really, I appreciate every one of you.