the avengera


I need a Stucky au where Steve is a hardcore health nut and Bucky is the barfly who smokes on the bench outside Steve’s gym because “the bar’s bench smells like piss and this one only smells like quinoa and people who hate themselves.”

Also: Bucky telling Steve how much he’d “love to fuck up your perfectly timed circadian rhythm” because Steve gets hot and bothered when he talks health-practices to him.

If you identify with these. . .
  • A hobbit
  • An avenger
  • A jedi
  • A sith
  • A demigod
  • A shadowhunter
  • A crystal gem
  • A timelord
  • A tribute from any district
  • A divergent
  • A Disney princess
  • A high-functioning sociopath
  • Someone who’s carrying on the family business
  • An orphan being chased by a greedy maniac
  • A cancer survivor
  • A wizard
  • Or someone in Broadway musical
  • A browncoat
  • A doll
  • A vampire slayer
  • An agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.
  • A fangirl
  • A silvertongue
  • A dragon rider
  • A researcher of titans
  • A very blonde detective
  • A guy with a big smile and a sense of humor
  • A guy/girl waiting for their yellow umbrella

We should totally be best friends or get married!


The Avengers went to a baseball game once and Natasha tripped and collided foreheads with Steve and got featured on the ‘Kiss-Cam.’
Steve blushed and laughed and looked around; embarrassed, while Natasha stared wildly at the screen. Tony said she looked like a deer caught in the headlights. Massive credit which is LONG overdue: @_.itsafandomthing_.