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What Fandom Life is Like

So you’re driving down the road that’s really nice and wow look at the scenery and there’s kids playing on the playground and hey you’re really happy and then a meteor hits and everything dies and that’s what fandom life is

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Avengers Headcanon  / Avengers Aesthetic

Xmen Headcanon  / Xmen Aesthetic

Suicide Squad Headcanon  / Suicide Squad Aesthetic

Daredevil Headcanon / Daredevil Aesthetic 

Fantastic 4 Headcanon / Fantastic 4 Aesthetic

Superman Headcanon / Superman Aesthetic

Batman Headcanon / Batman Aesthetic

Wonder Woman Headcanon / Wonder Woman Aesthetic 

Arrow Headcanon / Arrow Aesthetic 

Wanda Maximoff Imagine

Tony Stark Imagine

Peter Parker Imagine

Natasha Romanoff Imagine

Bucky Barnes Imagine

Steve Rogers Imagine

Wade Wilson Imagine

Francis Freeman Imagine

Jack Hammer/Weasel Imagine

Pietro Maximoff Imagine

Bruce Banner Imagine

Clint Barton Imagine

Thor Imagine

Raven Darkholme Imagine

Jean Grey Imagine

Peter Maximoff Imagine

Logan Howlett Imagine

Ellie Phimister Imagine

T’Challa Imagine

Scott Lang Imagine

Hope Van Dyne Imagine

Sam Wilson Imagine

James Rhodes Imagine

Vision Imagine

Sharon Carter Imagine

Scott Summers Imagine

Loki Imagine

Hank McCoy Imagine

Sean Cassidy Imagine

Kurt Wagner Imagine

Charles Xavier Imagine

Erik Lehnsherr Imagine

Alex Summers Imagine

Harry Osborn Imagine

Peter Quill Imagine

Gamora Imagine

Drax Imagine

Rocket Imagine / Groot Imagine

Harley Quinn Imagine

Joker Imagine

Floyd Lawton Imagine

Chato Santana Imagine

Waylon Jones Imagine

George Harkness Imagine

Tatsu Yamashiro Imagine

June Moone Imagine

Rick Flag Imagine

Amanda Waller Imagine

Matt Murdock Imagine

Foggy Nelson Imagine

Karen Page Imagine

Frank Castle Imagine

Nick Fury Imagine

Pepper Potts Imagine

Reed Richards Imagine

Ben Grimm Imagine

Johnny Storm Imagine

Sue Storm Imagine

Oliver Queen Imagine

Thea Queen Imagine

Felicity Smoak Imagine

Laurel Lance Imagine

Tommy Merlyn Imagine

Roy Harper Imagine

Bruce Wayne Imagine

Diana Prince Imagine

Clark Kent Imagine

Lois Lane Imagine

Lex Luthor Imagine


Finally made another Stucky video! Hope you guys like the results XD

marvel…why you trying to make all ur movies like mini avengers movies,,,,both avengers movies were average…if u want to replicate the formula of one of ur films, consider captain america: the winter soldier (2014), u can’t do better than perfection but u can always try



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