the avatar: the last airbender

hey so i unfollowed a bunch of inactive blogs recently and my dash is pretty dead so! please reblog so i can follow you if u post the following:

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  • bungo stray dogs
  • avatar the last airbender/legend of korra
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amon rp blog  - penned by dodger //FOR CENTURIES, benders have possessed an unnatural advantage over ordinary people. But thankfully, modern technology has provided us with a way to even out the playing field. Now anyone can hold the power of a chi-blocker in their hand. MY FOLLOWERS AND I WILL NOT REST UNTIL THE ENTIRE CITY ACHIEVES EQUALITY, and once that goal is achieved, we will equalize the rest of the world. THE REVOLUTION HAS BEGUN!!  


change. || listen here

*watches atla for the first time in like 3 years* yeah he’s still my absolute fave

tracklist: 1. sound of change//dirty heads, 2. carry your throne//jon bellion, 3. follow my feet//the unlikely candidates, 4. second chances//imagine dragons, 5. i am//awolnation, 6. callow//novo amor, 7. worth the fight//broods, 8. life in color//onerepublic, 9. welcome home, son//radical face, 10. 1000 nights//frenship

Sometimes I still laugh at that ATLA episode where Aang goes through all this trouble to prove the avatar’s innocence and is like “Kyoshi couldn’t possibly have killed your leader!”
And then Kyoshi rips her problematic self from the spirit world to manifest as a ghost just to be like “lmao binch you thought. I totally killed that asshole.” Classic.

I am Still a cartoon lover

I was born with a pineapple under the sea, 

I learned things in Cyber Space,

I was raised with kids in the cul de sac.

I found the escaped experiments in hawaii,

I saw ghosts in the town of Amity Park,

I watched Weird World with the Saturdays,

I had misadventures to find Candy Island,

I trained with teens in a T shaped tower,

I defeated the Fire Nation,

I fought in the Gem War,

I survived Weirdmageddon,

I broke out of St. Olga’s,

I made it over the Garden Wall,

I had silly adventures in the land of Ooo,

BUT I’m not done yet!


(I made this as a redo on my original “I am a Cartoon Lover” showing where my love of cartoons began and how I grew up with cartoons because why not?? As I am still a cartoon lover no matter how old i grow)