the autistic who must not be named

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It's insulting to force a nuroatypical to show everyone that they arn't nurotypical by using a set of pronouns you only allow for them... and its insulting and rude if you think that it should be normal for someone with problems to have to put extra work in just to make sure they only ever use your name instead of pronouns. You must really hate people.

I literally have cognition problems and I’m autistic stop using neurodivergency as a pawn for your transphobia. You’re not special, aux pronouns are also for anonymity as well as people who are learning English.

Don’t you think it’s ableist to demand that myself, a nd trans person who doesn’t even use nounself pronouns to cater to you and explain why your nd doesn’t give you an excuse to be a bigot?

Facebook Posts From A World Where Parents Treat Every Disability Like Autism

Dont get me wrong….I love Kristin….but if I’d known ahead of time that she had asthma then I don’t know if I would have wanted to have her!! PLEASE SUPPORT PRENATAL SCREENIG!


What a day…I read an article on FB last month about how cutting social activities out of a kids life can improve their food allergies…so I stopped taking Kelly to the mall and told the school she wasn’t alowed to go to assemblies anymore. Today I made shrimp for dinner and she wouldn’t even try it. I finally made her eat it and of COURSE she had an allergy attack and made us take her to the hospital. I dont believe it. I have done EVERYTHING for this kid and her allergy and THIS is what I get in exchange!

well…diagnosis is official…Timothy has dyslexia…I can’t stop crying. Feels like my world has been ripped apart. We were so happy to have a child, but I don’t know if we’re ready to deal with a dyslexic one…I don’t know what to do…please, pray for us…

NO! DON’T DO THIS! I know you want to do whats right, but learning sing language is the WORST THING YOU COULD DO FOR JAMES! All the experts agree that letting kids use sign language instead of talking like a normal person just encourages them to keep acting deaf! And when the parents start using it too that just makes it WORSE! IF you truly love your son and want his deafness to improve, you have to teach him to talk…sign language may be easy, but that doesn’t make it whats best for him!

So done with this kid. Either he learns to control his behavior, or I stg next time he has a seizure I’m gonna tie him to a chair until he calms down.

Got Sarah a Rubiks cube for her birthday, bc I loved it so much when I was a kid…she just messed around w/ it a bit and left it alone. Didn’t even try to solve it. I know she cant help it, but still it broke my heart. :( Having a colorblind kid is such a tragedy…

WHY SO MUCH HATE FOR THE PARENTS?!? I mean don’t they deserve SOME sympathy?? Yall have NO IDEA how stressful it is to have a kid with spina bifida! Maybe if you did they’d drive you off the edge too!!! More understanding less HATE!!!

so…Chauntelle tried to tell me today that she’s a boy now and her new name is Allen. I tried to convince her that it was just her diabetes talking, but she wouldnt listen…finally had to yell at her, and of course she ran off in tears like always. ARGH. Why do I even try? I should know by know…you can’t talk to people like her…cab’t reason with them…can’t even have a sensible conversation. They just live in their own little world.

You think just because you have Cerebral Palsy you know everything about it?! You think you have ANY IDEA what it means to live with it?! My son has CP, and you have NO IDEA what my live is like! You have NO IDEA what I have to go thru EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!

I had ONE DAY to get all my shopping done, so OF COURSE Mike went and had a nosebleed and made me take him home. Right in the middle of the mall. Sigh. Guess thats what Amazon is for…parents w/ hemophiliac kids they cant take ANYWHERE.

I’ve had it. She is OUT OF THIS HOUSE. If she cant control her own Meunieres, too bad, shes old enough. Not gonna waste the rest of my life babying her and putting up with her “drop attack” bullshit all the time b/c she wont take care of herself.

Photo of Katie and Erica…our beautiful twin girls…they both have Fanconi anemia, but Jill and I would jump in front of a train for them, any day…all we want for them is the best life possible. Weve been trying to find online resources to help us care for them, but I cant figure out why the disability community is so hostile to non disabled parents??? :( Can anyone help???
-omg, BOTH ur kids are fancone anemic? O. M. F. G…u an ur wife must be absolute HEROS!!!! U must need a spa day SO BAD…exept u’d never get any1 to babysit for u!! lol jk…srsly, u must be saints…if I had even ONE kid with FA, Id kill myself…no joke!

Note: This is a work of satire, not meant to mock, denigrate, or demean anyone who has any of the conditions listed above, or their daily struggles. The intention is to highlight the dehumanizing way autistic children, teens, and young adults are frequently viewed and treated by their own parents (and the general public) by transposing that treatment to children with other disabilities. All names above were chosen at random. If reading this made you angry, good, you should be, but be angry at the people who treat their disabled children like this, not at the writer who told you about it, and keep this in mind next time you see anyone post about how much their autistic child - or any child with any disability - puts them through without a word about the child’s own struggles. If you’re about to say “but this kind of treatment makes sense for autistic people!”, GTFO because you obviously missed the entire point.

  • Me: the country cant run on virtues and values instilled in the damn 40s
  • Me: so much has changed that half of it doesnt even make sense to still have anymore
  • Me: -every other country in the world- except themselves and some places in europe understands that
  • Me: but nope not america, its got too huge of an ego and too much misplaced pride to bother trying to adapt to a new age
  • Me: in fact
  • Me: there you go, thats the best comparison
  • Me: The United States
  • Me: Is the Chris-Chan
  • Me: Of Earth.
  • Me: i shouldnt have to compare beyond that
  • Me: i mean look at it; a place that calls itself a benevolent place to be in when in reality it's fat, washed up and hasn't grown up for decades and has grown an ego so huge and an aggrandized self-image so impenetrable that its impossible to reason with
  • Friend: god that analogy works far too well
  • Me: did i just
  • Me: blow everyones fucking mind right there
  • Friend: Yes
  • Friend: Yes you did

the whole notion of visibility feels weird to me personally as someone who has hated their appearance for as long as i have. but you all look fabulous and it makes me feel fabulous so here i am.

i don’t have an affinity for any gender identity label but i use they/them pronouns. i’m autistic, i have bdd and i am a survivor of intimate partner violence. i am a marxist trans feminist who aims to constantly engage with and resist the ways in which my body is simultaneously privileged and oppressed under capitalism, white supremacy, transmisogyny and imperialism. every day i must negotiate just how much of my true self i feel comfortable exposing to the world. it’s never easy, but it’s not always bad.

my name is rhone. i want to live in a world where i don’t have to be beautiful in order to be protected.

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At the anon that claimed at us "kids" are upset at a hashtag as opposed to a tortured disabled kid, tell that to your fellow white devils, who by the way, started the hashtag. Isn't it interesting that they did not mention that the kid was disabled instead THEY made it about BLM. THEY named the BLM kidnapping. So yes, "us kids" are outraged. I must mention that disability only matters when the victim is white. Surely you could've spoken to when an autistic black man having a seizure was killed