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Historic Diamonds~ War Flag Complete~

‘Do you hear the Diamonds sing? Singing the songs of angry gems!’

The first part of our Historic Diamonds cosplay is complete! Yay! All we need to do is just give the flag pole a lick of paint and make it con-acceptable but that can be done at a much later date!

There has been much Les Mis flag waving and singing since we completed it this afternoon!

Now we’re just spurned on to actually start making Yellow Diamond’s costume with material’s arriving soon! ^^

Artwork belongs to @romans-art
Yellow Diamond belongs to Rebecca Sugar

Where are pink diamond’s shards - Master Theory

Edit: I’ve made this theory into a video here:

The question of what happened to pink diamond’s shards is one of the most interesting topics in SU imo.

So to start off with im pretty sure that Pink Diamond’s shards are scattered around into different things not just one so here are the three places i think they are.

1 - Lion, well yes this has been going around for a while now but i defintely think that Lion is powered by some of her shards, he used to be a normal lion as evidenced by Buddy’s Book, but these shards have allowed Lion to outlive his natural lifespan and well changed his colours - There is also a big piece of evidence for this point which is music, as some fans may know each gem has a certain instrument that plays in their themes, Piano for Pearl, Drums for Amethyst etc, and the Diamonds have synth’s, so when Lion warps if you listen carefully it sounds a lot like a Diamond Synth  and also if you look at lion’s warp in detail you can see a diamond symbol towards the end of it - (references shown in this video)

also can hear the warp theme at the end of this track :

2- Rose’s Moss - now this one is the one that i believe Rose did out of remorse, and the shape of the flowers on the bloomed moss reminds me off the flower symbol on the human zoo door, if this was Pink Diamonds symbol then Rose wanted something to show her legacy as although PD had to be shattered, Rose did this as she had to and it was clearly against her morals, these flowers are obviously a symbol of rebirth and it is a way of rose giving life to these shards once again.

References -

3) The Crystal Heart - so this is the one that isnt talked about too much, we all know that the crystal temple is magical, but there has to be some kind of power source, this is why i think Pink Diamond’s shards power the temple, as we know gems produce energy, Gems bodies are literally just a projection of hard light, so what if part of the crystal temple is projected, not all of it but just some, this might be what peridot mean’t by harvesting - using gems to power things. We have actually seen a gem projected building before in serious steven, when the obelisk gem is pulled out part of the pyramid explodes, the projected part.

References -

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Is it just me? Or this probably doesn’t matter but anyway, I noticed Yellow Diamond’s hands formed the shape of a diamond. But the exact placement of her hands seem quite familiar..

Just noticed ;)

Remember when Eyeball tried to remove Steven's gem?

“Wait - what would even happen to me?”

Now that we know Steven is most likely going to face the Diamonds, that line sounds pretty heavily of foreshadowing.
Because the remaining Diamonds haven’t experienced human nature and interactions like PD or Rose may have, it’s not too far fetched to assume that they may not understand if/when Steven explains HOW exactly he “is his mom”. A gem creating a human hybrid? Unheard of!
Because he appears to be a human with a gem, their solution could be to remove his gem to shatter him/force regeneration/etc.

But with episode titles like “The Trial” coming up in the next month, I guess we’ll see!

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oh my gosh
if you guys haven’t watch this, I don’t know what you’re doing with your life

Speculation on: The Diamond Corruption Blast

Ever since the airing of “Monster Reunion”, the Blast we see at the end of Centipeetle’s story has piqued my interest. It has all but been confirmed as the source of Gem Corruption, but there is still a lot of mystery surrounding it.

I’ve been mulling around a few theories myself. All of a sudden, while assisting at my grandparent’s garage sale, it hit me. I was a meteorologist. Why didn’t I see it sooner?

It’s like lightning and thunder.

Let’s take a step back and look at what we know.

Centipeetle describes - er, draws - a flash of light coming from the sky. This correlates with what we observed in “Same Old World”:

However, as Centipeetle continues on with the story, Steven says: “ You stopped. You heard something. From the sky, a sound. A song? And then…”

This is where the theory gets interesting.

For those of you who don’t know, light travels faster than sound. This is why, in thunderstorms, you will typically see the lightning and a few seconds later hear thunder. These two are corresponding events. The thunder you’re actually hearing is the air rapidly expanding - creating a sonic boom - caused by the lightning.

Do you see where I am going with this?

The Diamond Corruption Blast began with a flash of light - this flash of light would have stopped any commotion on the ground - fighting, running, etc. - and have the gems’ attention turned toward the sky. Seconds later, the sound hits. And it’s the sound that causes the corruption, not the light. And you might ask, why is that?

Everything that exists has a frequency. Matching that natural frequency can have a variety of effects, but the most common example is shattering. Think of an opera singer at their highest tune… then an audience member’s glasses crack and shatter.

Gems, however, are described as “beings of light manifested by their gem”. While they do have physical forms, they don’t abide by the typical laws of physics - being able to regenerate, adjust to gravity, shapeshift, etc.. That being said, if the Blast’s sound was able to match the natural frequency of the gems, would these “beings of light” shatter? But they don’t actually have bodies. All they have is a gem, or central intelligence system – so their intelligence system gets shattered instead. What’s getting shattered is, essentially, their minds.

As per what Garnet said in “Monster Reunion”: “ It’s sort of like if MC Bear-Bear didn’t tear the fabric of his arm, but the fabric of his mind.”

And, if its a sound that causes the corruption, another sound - or song - may be able to reverse it……


This theory can be proven further.

In “The Return”, Greg tells Steven a bit about the Gem War and states:   “In the end, your mother could only save a handful of her closest friends. If it weren’t for her shield, man, I don’t know.” At first, we didn’t know what that meant. Now, we seem to have the clear idea that Rose was able to have Garnet and Pearl stand behind her and her shield to protect them from corruption.

If it were the light that corrupted the gems, it wouldn’t make sense that Rose and Co. were protected because the shield is translucent.

HOWEVER, if it were the sound that caused the corruption, Rose’s shield would have dissipated the vibrations. This can be seen in “Ocean Gem” when Steven reflects the Water Crystal Gem’s attacks:

The best comparison would be when Thor smashed his hammer against Cap’s shield.

Does anybody else find it interesting that the Diamonds gem placements are symmetrical to the “great Diamond authority” sign? White Diamond’s is on hear head, Blue and Yellow’s are on their chest, and Pinks is on her stomach.