the aurora theater shooting


James Holmes:  A Selection of Video Clips; Transcripts - Trial, 2015  (Not all inclusive, but some of the more memorable parts)

Science Presentation By James Holmes in 2006 (James’ promising start)

Video shows James Holmes in a Target store prior to the theater shooting (James’ alarming progression)

James Holmes Enters Movie Theater

James Holmes’ First Police Interview (Blue Thunder)

Audio from FBI agent’s interview with James Holmes played in court

PDF: James Holmes interview transcript

Inside James Holmes booby-trapped apartment

Aurora theater shooting first court appearance: James Holmes (The one where you see him sit down.)

James Holmes inside his cell in prison

James Holmes Trial: Day 20 - Part 3 “Holmes Interview”

James Holmes describes what he saw and felt and he entered the Aurora theater

James Holmes talks about “regrets” about theater shooting

JamesHolmes talks about hiding from shadows ENHANCED AUDIO & VIDEO

James Eagan Holmes runs into cell wall headfirst

James Holmes Movie Massacre Trial Dy 1 Pt 16 “King, Video James No Clothes In Cell”

James Holmes speaks in court: I choose not to testify

Theater Shooting Trial Day 32: James Holmes’ CU psychiatrist Dr. Lynne Fenton testifies

James Holmes’ Notebook: Read all 34 pages here:

Sanity exam doctor (Metzner) says malingering tests say Holmes wasn’t faking his illness

Psychiatrist Elizabeth Lowdermilk testifies that James Holmes was psychotic when she saw him

Dr. Raquel Gur begins testifying about Aurora movie theater shooting gunman James Holmes

James Holmes Juror Wears Metallica T-Shirt Depicting Electric Chair

Gunman’s ex-girlfriend takes the stand in theater shooting trial

PDF: Transcripts of chats between James Holmes and ex-girlfriend Gargi Datta.

Hillary Allen describes her early interactions with the theater shooting gunman, James Holmes

Hillary Allen describes text messages she exchanged with James Holmes before the shooting, part 2

Hillary Allen testifies about text messages exchanged with James Holmes, part 3

Brauchler scolded by judge for Tweeting during Aurora shooting trial

Mother of James Holmes Testifies in Court

Father of James Holmes Delivers Testimony

James Holmes’ sister cries as she testifies about finding out he was gunman in theater shooting

James Holmes’ Sister: ‘His Eyes Were Bulging’

My brother was socially awkward, like my dad, says James Holmes sister

James Holmes’ sister: I think my brother and I are both really lucky to have our parents

Children gravitated to my brother, James Holmes sister testifies in trial

James Holmes Trial - Outburst During Closing Statements

James Holmes Sentenced (Different View)


Trial of James Holmes: Denver Post Profiles & Documents (Trial evidence)

The People of the State of Colorado v. James Holmes - documents from 07/20/2012 to 09/27/2012 (The very beginning)

The People of the State of Colorado v. James Holmes - documents from 02/03/2015 to present (The very end)

James Holmes to-do list itemized, as taken from his notebook.
  • “Buy stun gun and folding knife”
  • “Research firearms laws and mental illness”
  • “Buy handgun”
  • “Committed - shotgun - AR-15”
  • “Second handgun”
  • Wildcard; explosives. Simplest and least suspicious; gasoline and oil
  • “Acquire remote detonation system and body armor”
  • “Practicing shooting at Byers Canyon Rifle Range”