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Announcing...Po Trimble and the Silver Shrew

Thanks everyone, for your patience, excitement, and support. The Po short story that you voted to see is getting fine-tuned and primed for e-book download. Check it out!

Po Trimble and the Silver Shrew will be available for free e-book and PDF download on Tuesday, September 10th at 12:00 a.m. ET. 

At fourteen, Po Trimble can out-tinker half her professors and coax even the meanest engine into shape. At this rate, she’ll graduate The Aurelian Academy and go on to apprentice on the ship of her choosing with time to spare. It’s an Airship Mechanic’s dream.

It’s just not Po’s.

She’d much rather work happily ever after in her father’s shop back in the city. But unless she can help her brothers fix up a Bylink 12-Twelve for the Grand Duchess’s brother by Mead Moon Festival, there won’t be a shop—just a steep stack of bills and no way to make ends meet.

She can graduate The Aurelian Academy early. Or she can quit and hope she’s not too late to save her last tangible connection to her missing father.

Stay tuned for more info soon. We’re super excited to hear your guys’ feedback!

Guys…the book launch party is a month from today! That means Typhon hits shelves in 33ish days!

We’ll be doing a few fun promos leading up to the party, and maybe even a giveaway or two…because we can. To start, Courtney will be publishing a fanmix (can you call it a fanmix if it’s by the author? Oh well) for a different character every week leading up to the launch. This week, check out Nivy’s

1. Blinding (Instrumental) - Florence and The Machine

2. November was White, December was Grey - Say Hi

3. The Crow - Dessa

4. An End Has a Start - The Editors

5. Mowgli’s Road - Marina and The Diamonds

6. Time Lapse Lifeline - Maria Taylor

7. The Mess - The Naked and Famous

8. Grow- Rae Morris

9. Weight of Living, Pt. I - Bastille

10. Kettering - The Antlers

11. Feels Like Coming Home - Jetta

12. Mercury - Sleeping at Last

13. I’m Not Your Hero - Tegan and Sara

14. Where is My Mind - Yoav ft. Emily Browning