the aunt who came to dinner

Pavlov had it all wrong

I am a single adult human living in a house with two corgis. Got Girldog from a shelter when she was about a year, year and a half old maybe; got Boydog a few years later as an 8-week puppeh. And let me tell you something, from Day One, this has been a three-way psychological experiment. I no longer know who is manipulating who on a daily basis.

  • One of the first things I trained Girldog to do was not to bark at the dinner table; if she barked at me while I was eating, I put her in The Quiet Place (her crate) where she couldn’t see me. She learned almost immediately to subvocalize her barks, to let out a breath with just enough vocal cord vibration that I wouldn’t QUIIIITE consider it a bark and move her further away from the food. It’s a sound like this: “Hrrrr. Hrrrr. Hhhrahhh.” I didn’t realize how odd this was until my aunt came over and said, “That dog hissed at me.” “Yes,” I said, “she does that.”
  • Boydog learned to do tricks by watching Girldog. I never taught him to sit. He learned by watching Girldog get a treat for sitting. Once, I told both dogs to sit at the same time, while I held a treat in each hand. When Girldog didn’t sit quick enough, Boydog put his paw on her butt and pushed her down.
  • I hung a bell on the door and taught Boydog to ring it when he wants to go out. Girldog sees no reason she should ring the bell, as it is beneath her dignity, and she can get her way by barking instead. Boydog, however, will ring the bell for Girldog when she lurks around by the door, although he has no interest in going outside himself. Girldog has made Boydog her personal slave in this matter.
  • Boydog rings the bell when he doesn’t need to go out but thinks I have been at my computer too long. By the time I get to the kitchen, he’s nowhere near the door, but hey mom, as long as you’re up, let’s play! He obviously does not believe I can see through this extremely clever ploy.
  • Girldog once climbed onto a sofa, crossed the back of it, leapt from the sofa to my desk chair, leapt from the chair to the desk, and knocked all my stuff off the desk. (I wasn’t there, but it was obvious from the trail of destruction what route she had taken.) Then she got down and proceeded to ignore the bag of corn chips she’d encountered and focus her attention on biting my phone charger in half, chewing up a USB memory stick, and eating a pen. I still have no idea how she could be so smart and so dumb at the same time.
  • Boydog will chase a laser pointer (not uncommon for dogs introduced to them as puppies! Pro tip) but only when Girldog is not around, because she hates it for some reason and will tackle him for it. Girldog also likes to be outside while I want to be in, and Boydog prefers to have us both inside. Boydog will lead me to the laser pointer, pester me until I get it down, and then run around chasing the laser and barking madly. No matter how stubborn Girldog has been about staying outside, she wants to know what he’s barking at and immediately comes inside. (It is always the laser pointer he’s barking at, Girldog. Always.)
  • There is a chair in my bedroom that I cannot sit on. The dogs take turns sleeping on it, depending on who gets there first. The only hard and fast rule is that if the human sits on the chair, they will both lose their cool. The chair is for dogs only. I have not even tried to sit on the chair for about six months now.

I suspect I’ll be adding more of these as the three of us continue to train each other.

Old Souls (Part 5)

Summary: Your aunt runs an antique shop in the lower parts of Manhattan, and asks you to work in her shop once a week. You happily take the job, but then on your first day you have a strange encounter with an unusual customer - Bucky Barnes, the Winter Soldier. Things ensue as the two of you end up becoming friends - and maybe even more - as you reminisce about the old things that you love as well as your mysterious pasts.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader 

Word Count: 4,724 (oh fuck)

Warnings: Fluff, ANGST

A/N: Holy shiiit this is the longest part I’ve ever written *gasp*. I always try to keep it under 4k, but oh well I got a liiiittle carried away 😬 But hey, I’m sure none of you are complaining. Enjoy!

Other Parts Here

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Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner?

Spoiler Alert: It’s Barba. Barba’s coming to dinner.

This was from a request received a LONG time ago regarding: Barba dating someone with a conservative/racist family from the Midwest. I can’t find the exact request to link to, but I had this in my WIP drafts with the bolded line as the title so… here we go.

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Please note: I absolutely mean no offense on any side for this little story, and am definitely utilizing stereotypes in both regards: My father’s side of the family was very conservative and blissfully-ignorant… I am absolutely basing this on people in my own Midwest-World experience.

“What kind of name is Barba?”

Rafael winced at the announcement of his name. “Cuban,” he advised simply, before leaning across and smiling at your aunt. “The dinner is delicious by the way, Ma'am.”

Why were you here? 

How had he convinced you that this would be a good idea? You hadn’t wanted to subject him to this. No, not at all, you had actually not even told him the invitation had arrived- he had found it on your fridge one evening he was visiting you after work.

An invitation. Who sends invitations for dinner parties?
Your sweet Aunt, of course.

“Cuban, eh?” Naturally, your father regarded this as an interesting opportunity(excuse) to be as passive-aggressive as humanly possible. “Is it normal over there to date younger?”

Younger? You were barely four years younger than your date…

Oh God; you took up your wine glass and gulped, calm Rafael only smiled and lay a palm atop your thigh to try and convey just how ‘fine’ this all was. “No, I just happen to be lucky enough to have caught youthful (Your Name)’s eye.”

Fine. That was how he said this evening would go- just fine.
The only Fine thing about this were the China dishes your aunt had pulled out from hiding.

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Seeing all the “Dizzy calling guys dad” thing made me think of her calling Ben dad but it’s not when Evie is dating him.

- So Ben is actual sunshine and he’s constantly checking up on Dizzy to make sure she’s comfortable.

- Because he and Evie are the ones that work with the Isle and specifically the kids from the Isle they’re like always checking in with each other about all of them.

- “Are you sure Uma found her way to her class correctly?” “I gave her a map that had little drawings of treasure in the rooms her class are in so she should.”

- Like they’re kinda the substitute parents to the younger kids who come over from the Isle.

- Dizzy was the first to mention it and it wasn’t because she’s tired or anything. She was learning about Peter Pan in her history class and she saw the similarities between the Isle kids and the Lost Boys so that made Evie Wendy and Ben Peter, right?

- She made a joke out of it by saluting Ben and saying, “Yes, Father!” like the Lost Boys did in the story and the other Isle kids in her class catch on and start doing it too.

- Evie and Ben start laughing because, “They’re so cute!”

- They both agree to play along because it makes the kids smile and they need that.

- “Father! Why can’t I dye Dude’s hair?” “Because I said so.” “Mother!” “Listen to your father, Dizzy!”

- The Rotten Four and Auradon kids hear it and usually ignore it or play along. They either become other Lost Boys (Carlos) or “aunts and uncles” (Mal, Lonnie, Jane).

- It started out being so small but now the Isle kids who came over in the middle of the joke don’t actually call Evie or Ben by their names. Oops. They are forever mother and father.

- “Um, have you seen mom or dad?” “I think dad’s at tourney practice and mom is helping Aunt Mal get dressed for that dinner.”

- Mal finds it the funniest because they have been trying to parent her in small ways for years.

- Evie and Ben are super protective of the Isle kids

- “Don’t talk to us or our school full of Isle children ever again!”




The older Isle kids who aren’t playing along are probably still kinda amused and use it to make poke fun (like, legit fun, not being too mean……maybe at first but not after they’ve adjusted to Auradon more). 

Also PFFT at that Uma example - either Evie or Ben better have just left that in her room tbh because she is not going to have a non-sarcastic remark to that (even if she’s smiling when she says it). 



(Also, off topic, but I can see Evie having an Ellaria Sand moment regarding VKs at some point - “I have three thousand brothers and sisters”). 

Partners in (Fighting) Crime Chapter 4: Sweet Pete’s

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Masterlist Partner’s in (Fighting) Crime

Relationships: Peter Parker x fem!hero!reader, Michelle x reader (best friends) 

Warnings: Occasional dirty joke and some shirtless Peter…and getting to feel up shirtless Peter a little bit… :)

Summary: Aunt May opens up a bakery and employs you, Peter, MJ and Ned to help run it!

A/N: This one is long but it’s really good! I hope you enjoy it!

Peter swung back to his apartment and snuck back inside his room, taking off his suit and hiding it in the closet, changing into regular clothes. He came out to find his Aunt May looking through old boxes of paper. “What’s going on?” He asks her and she looks up at him. 

“Oh Peter thank goodness you’re here maybe you can help me with this!” She says and passes him a box. “I’m looking for your grandmother’s old pastry recipes." 

"Uh…why?” Peter asks looking thoroughly confused. May ran over to the counter and grabbed a piece of paper. 

“Because I’m opening up a bakery!” May says excitedly. Peter’s eyes widened. 

“You're running a store now?” He asks and May nods. 

“Yes! I’ve been trying to get that place for months and I thought I’d never get it but then for some reason the other offer got pulled and they accepted mine!” May said excitedly and picked up Peter and gave him a huge hug. He hugged her back. 

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on the day that harry was born, he spent the day being passed around from shaking hands to shaking hands. he slept soundly through the sound of laughter and sweet whispers. he was both wrinkly and content. 

on harry’s first birthday, he woke up to a pile of presents that came up to his father’s waist. he giggled and watched in awe as the balloons that filled his house changed colors and shapes every time his chubby fists grabbed onto them. 

on harry’s second birthday, he was awoken at midnight by his aunt petunia who quickly dropped a sliver of chocolate onto his crib before shutting the door once more. he ate the sweet alone in the dark. 

on harry’s third birthday, there was no party or mention of what day it was. petunia made harry’s favorite meal for dinner without saying a word. 

on harry’s fourth birthday, he watched as dudley cruised around on a fancy motorized toy car that vernon had bought him. he watched with envy as vernon said, “that toy isn’t for you, boy.” 

on harry’s fifth birthday, he received a box of dudley’s old winter clothing as a gift. he rolled one of the fleece sweaters into a ball and cuddled it as he slept.

on harry’s sixth birthday, he spent the day outside. he ran away early in the morning and spent his time going to house to house asking for juice, since it was boiling hot and he had forgotten to pack food or water. a neighbor eventually turned him in, and he spent the rest of the summer locked in his room. 

on harry’s seventh birthday, he was dumped at ms figg’s house as the dursley’s spent two weeks on a vacation to the coast. she made him cake as she showed off more of her photo albums. there was one photo that he saw that caught his attention. it was a moving one where everyone was wearing long cloaks and in the photo there was a beautiful ginger woman smiling next to a man with messy black hair who was laughing at something off camera. the woman’s bright green eyes caught his and he felt his heart clench.  

on harry’s eighth birthday, he spent the day doing chores. not a word was spoken to him the entire day. 

on harry’s ninth birthday, he was poked and prodded at by dudley and dudley’s friends. the black eye he received that day faded overnight, almost like magic. 

on harry’s tenth birthday he stayed up the night before writing his own birthday card. he put it in the mailbox right before the mailman came and patiently waited for the sound of the mail slot. vernon reached the door before him, saw the card and laughed before ripping it up. harry spent that night silently crying as he wished for someone, something to take him away from this place. 

Revenge - Part 1

Pairing: Captain Hook x Reader

Featuring: none

Words: 1557

Warning: none

Tags: none

Request: requested by Anonymous:

“can u please do a killian jones/captain hook (from outa) imagine pls :)”

Notes: as I always say: sorry for taking so long. Really. It’s hard to find the time to write every day and I’ve been away for more than a week. But I hope you like it! It’s going to be a multiple parts thing so if anyone wants to be tagged just let me know!

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PART 2  /  PART 3  /  PART 4  /   PART 5  /  PART 6  /  PART 7

You knew your place in the world, you never had any doubt about it. You weren’t a thief, you weren’t a princess or a maid, you were just a waitress at a tavern in a small town in the Enchanted Forest. The tavern belonged to your parents until the Evil Queen decided to assassin them, accusing them of hiding Snow White. You were just a kid when that happened but ever since, you had been planning your personal vendetta against the Queen, ignoring your aunt’s advices.

She always told you to let go of it, to move on, to forget about your revenge since it would just get you killed. Like you cared. That woman made you an orphan, she killed your parents in cold blood and that was all you cared about. Actually, you had been practising with the sword for 3 years while you saved the money you got from your tips. You knew the Evil Queen wouldn’t just appear out of nowhere, you would have to look for her and you were ready to do so.

“(Y/N)!” Your aunt came running into the kitchen where you were talking to the cook about that night’s dinner. “Lucky night. A ship has arrived tonight. The tavern is full to its top!”

Your mood changed immediately. Sailors were the ones who left more tips, the ones who drank and ate the most and, therefore, they ones that wasted more money. Maybe, thanks to this night, you would be almost ready to leave.

“Perfect, then let’s get to work”, you said as you adjusted your dress, showing a bit more of cleavage.

“Be careful, darling. You also know how they are” your aunt warned you.

“Don’t worry. I know what I’m doing”, you winked at her.

Indeed you were. You knew exactly how to deal with men. They were hungry, they were thirsty and they were horny enough to waste a big amount of money trying to get a woman into their bed that night. You knew how it worked and you knew exactly how to make them think they would get lucky that night without actually give it to them.

When you stepped out of the kitchen you looked around. Mathew was on the bar, serving beers one after the another but it was obvious he needed help so you smiled and took the wooden tray before you started walking around the tavern, asking the sailors what they wanted and getting the drinks and food for them as you flirted with them, giving them your best smiles but also not letting them getting too close or comfy.

“Have you seen that guy?” Your aunt asked you when you two were having some water at the bar, taking a little break. You looked at the corner where she pointed.

There was a guy seated there. He had a drink in front of him but you didn’t remember giving it to him. He was all dressed in black leather, his hair was as black as his clothes but his eyes were so blue that you could see them from the distance. Maybe because he was staring at you which made you look away immediately.

“He’s been there the whole time?” You asked. Your aunt nodded looking at the man for a moment. “I didn’t even see him” you laughed suddenly nervous since you were now perfectly aware of his intense eyes on your back.

“He hasn’t moved from that spot since they arrived. I think he’s the Captain of the ship. Sometimes, some of the men approach him but he doesn’t talk much and he has been looking at you the whole time”, she explained in a loud whisper.

“Well, I don’t care if he’s the Captain, he’s a creep”, you mumbled running a hand through your hair and taking the tray again. “There’s a lot of work and I’m not going to worry about a man I don’t even know and who doesn’t even talk”, you added.

Giving him one last look you went back to work but you had to admit you weren’t completely focused. You feel his eyes on you, like he could see through your body somehow and it was making you nervous.

After an hour you just couldn’t take it anymore so you took a beer from Mathew and walked over to his table with a smile.

“Hey there, you seem too quiet”, you said placing the drink in front of him.

“And you look too young to be seeking revenge”, he replied looking at you with a hint of a smirk on his lips.

His words made your smile disappear. How did he know? The Queen sent him? Was this all a trap?

“Who are you?” You asked when you managed to put yourself back together.

“Hook, Captain Hook”, he said.

Hook? You knew him. You knew who he was, everyone did. Instantly, you looked down at his hand where you saw the silver hook instead of his hand and then your eyes went back to his face. This was the man who had been to Neverland, who had faced Peter Pan, whose hand was eaten by a crocodile and who wanted to kill the Dark One. He was a legend and there he was.

“Apparently you heard of me, love”, he said.

“How do you know who I am?” You asked.

“I certainly don’t know your name, but I do know your story”, he smirked. “Your parents were victims of the Evil Queen, you were left an orphan, raised by your aunt in this tavern, learning the family business, being nice, all smiles and flirting, being the perfect waitress. But you have a secret”, he leaned closer to where you were and whispered loud enough for you to hear his words. “Every day, every night, you dream about stabbing the Queen’s cold heart with your sword”

By the time he finished talking your eyes were as cold as the Queen’s heart. Somehow this man knew your story, knew your purpose, knew you. But how?

“How do you know that?” You asked.

“Information flies, love”, he shrugged. “And people talks. You talked a time ago, someone heard you and talked. Eventually, the news came to me and here I am”, he said.

You tried to remember when was the last time you told someone about your plan. You knew your aunt knew about it, but you also were certain she had never said a word. Looking around, your eyes went to Mathew. Of course. You knew he had heard you talking to Anne, your aunt, once. It had to be him.

“And what do you want?” You asked Hook.

“I want in” he stated.

“What?” You said shocked. He wanted…in? “It’s the Dark One you want to kill, not the Queen”, you said placing the tray against your hip.

“Well…it happens the Crocodile and the Queen are quite close and I’m not exactly an admirer of her work”, he explained.

“So you’re just bored”, you said rolling your eyes. “I work alone, Captain. Have a good night”, you said before turning around to go back to your work.

Just like every time a ship arrived in town, the sailors were there drinking until closing time. Even then it was hard to kick them out of the tavern. The whole time you were thinking about Hook’s proposal. He couldn’t be serious. It just made no sense. There had to be something behind it. Judging by the stories you heard, Captain Hook never made a move without a reason.

“That’s weird”, Anne told you when you two were cleaning the table while Mathew was cleaning the bar and Andrew, the cook, was cleaning the kitchen. “But you know what I think, (Y/N): you have to forget about it and move on.”

“I know that’s your opinion, aunt, but I can’t ok?” You said for the hundredth time.

“Alright”, she sighed.

Once you finished cleaning the place it was 3 in the morning. You took the bucket full of the water you had used to do the cleaning and walked out of the tavern to throw it out. You never expected to see Hook out there, just in front of the establishment, leaned against the wall. All you did was looking at him for some seconds before throwing away the water and going back to the tavern but his voice stopped you.

“You know you’re considering it”, he said in a calmed tone.

“You know nothing”, you snapped turning to look at him.

“C’mon love, it can be fun”, he replied now walking towards you. “An adventure, you get your revenge, I have another chance to get mine, and maybe you and I…” he winked at you.

“Your chances to get me into your bed, Captain, are the same of you killing the Crocodile” you snapped once again. He laughed and nodded his head.

“I deserved that”, he admitted. “Just think about it. We will set sail in the morning. If you change your mind and want to grab this chance, you know where the Jolly Roger is”

With that being said, he turned around and started walking away, towards the dock, leaving you there alone with a million doubts in your mind but knowing you would never have a chance like this one ever again.

And Faded || Barry Allen || Cancer Series 3

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Pairing: Barry Allen x Sick!Reader

Word Count: 2380

Summary: You have cancer and are currently going through chemo therapy. You are currently seeing forensic scientist, Barry Allen. You are trying to figure how to work with your condition as it worsens. 

Warnings: Serious illness, Cancer, Sorta sad not really, minor swear words

Note: this is based off Cancer by MCR covered by TØP. I kinda want to make this a series, but let’s see how this one goes first.

Part 1     Part 2

By the time you got back to your aunt’s apartment, it was almost noon. You left Barry’s house just before nine, but had gone to the store on your way home. You hadn’t meant to spend nearly three hours in the department store, but as you walked around you thought of more and more things that you needed and wanted.

The only intended purchase was an electronic razor. When you put the razor into your basket, you realized that you only had a few things to put on your head when you were done with it. You made your way to the clothing section of the store and looked through the hats and scarves. After about thirty minutes, you had decided on about ten hats and scarves that fit your wardrobe. You now had around eighteen to choose from when you were getting ready in the morning counting the one you had stolen from Barry this morning. After you finished picking those out, you spotted a cute shirt that you felt the need to try on. It spiraled from there.

You placed the ten shopping bags right inside the door of the apartment and went into the kitchen stepping over your bags. You weren’t all that hungry, but your food alarm had gone off. You had this system that you established with your aunt Marie to make sure you ate enough food. There were six alarms on your phone. Two of the alarms were for large meals and four were for small snacks. It was for the days when you had no appetite to remind you that you had to eat. This was one of those days.

You took a shiny red apple (or a small healthy snack if you are allergic to/don’t like apples) and took a big bite. You looked over at the bags thinking of all the work you had to do to put away all of your stuff. It exhausted you just looking at it. Instead of taking care of them, you kicked off your shoes and moved to lay down on the couch with your apple.

You turned on the tv and flicked through channels, landing on an old episode of Friends. You laid there for hours just watching episode after episode. You didn’t even notice that had gotten dark. At some point, you had fallen asleep.

When you woke up, you looked around to see that the bags you had left in the doorway were gone. The tv had also been turned off. You figured that your aunt had taken care of it. You got off the couch and stretched. Your whole body was stiff and let out a loud symphony of pops and cracks. You slide along the hard wood floor with your slippers and went to change.

You put on a tank top, comfy pajama pants, and an oversized cardigan. You looked over at the clock beside your bed to see that digital numbers read 10:00. Your aunt had probably gone to bed not too long ago. Knowing her, you went to check the microwave for whatever dinner she had prepared for the two of you. Sure enough, there was a bowl of tomato soup there. You warmed the soup up before settling at the counter to eat.

Not long after you started eating, a knock came from the door. Your eyebrows furrowed. Who would come over so late? You didn’t think that you were expecting anyone.

You didn’t get up right way in case it was just you hearing things. When the second knock came, it was more urgent. You quickly jumped off the bar stool to see who it was. You looked through the peep hole before you actually opened the door.

You saw Barry. His lips were pressed into a hard, straight line and his jaw was clenched. You watched through the peep hole a moment as he looked down at his watch and brought his had up to knock again.

You threw the door open before he had a chance to. If he kept at it he would wake up your aunt and you knew that she had to go into work early tomorrow. She needed her sleep.

When Barry had registered that you had opened the door, he pushed in and wrapped his arms around you. At first, you were shocked and didn’t move, but you got over that and wrapped your arms around him as well. You didn’t know what had warranted this interaction, but you sure as hell weren’t going to be taking it for granted. Barry buried his face in your neck. His warm breath fanned across your skin.

Through the hug you felt Barry’s heartbeat pounding hard in his chest. The longer you stood right inside the doorway holding each other, the more it slowed down to a normal rate.

“Barry, as great as this is, do you want to tell me why you are here?” You said. You felt him nod from his place buried in your neck. Slowly, he pulled away and looked at you. There were tears budding in the corners of his eyes.  You brought your hand up to his face to wipe one away as it slipped out. After that first one the rest came down like waterfalls.

You pulled him further into the apartment to the couch. Quickly you went to close the front door before anyone saw at as an invitation to come in. You went back to the couch and took the seat next Barry. He had calmed down some, but he was continually running his hands over his face.

“I texted you earlier,” Barry started softly. “It was just a simple hey, and I wasn’t that alarmed when I got nothing in response, but later I sent you something else about work and you always respond to those. Cisco said not to worry, but the way that Caitlyn was looking at me…”

You watched him scramble to get out all of the words he needed to. He looked so scared as he stared at you. His tears had stopped coming, but their paths were still marked into the gorgeous man’s cheeks. You moved closer and laced your fingers in his. He looked down at them and began rubbing his thumb along the back of your hand.

“I thought something had happened to you, but I tried not to freak out,” he continued. “I texted you a million times, and you didn’t respond. I even started calling you, but I didn’t get anything. Not a text or a call back. Even Julian said I was freaking out. I was really scared. I just got you back and I can’t lose you already.”

The last part was spoken softly. You weren’t sure if you had heard it right. You played his words over in your head. He was worried and scared when he couldn’t get a hold of you. You had only fallen asleep for like six hours. It hadn’t even occurred to you to check your phone when you had woken up.

“Barry, I fell asleep,” you said trying to make eye contact with him. He kept his eyes focused on your interlocked hands.

“I was scared,” He kept repeating. It was a little ominous as he just said the phrase over and over again.

“Barry, I get really tired all the time because of my chemotherapy,” you explained. “I take really long naps and go to bed at unusual times. It’s all side effects, but you have nothing to worry about. I promise you I’m fine. If something happens I’ll have my aunt call you right away.”

He nodded and finally made eye contact with you. He moved closer to you. His lips barely brushed against yours and you closed your eyes. He slowly pressed his lips to yours. He seemed so careful with every movement. You felt almost like a paper doll in his arms.

You made the move to making the kiss more forceful. He followed your lead as you pushed him back on the couch so that you were over him. He placed his hands on your waist as the two of you made out. It had transformed from the tentative gentle kiss to something more urgent and rushed.

When you pulled away to breath, Barry’s eyes searched your face. You didn’t know what he was looking for, but he must have found it as he started kissing you again. He maneuvered the two of you up and he carried you to your bedroom and laid you on your bed. What followed was sweet and slow. He was gentle, but it was perfect.

This time when you woke up, you were greeted by a warm arm laid gently on your waist. You turned around to see that a shirtless and sleeping Barry Allen. You laid there admiring the man in all his glory.

“Good morning,” Barry said as his eyes fluttered open. A small smile graced his lips. He leaned toward you to press a kiss to your swollen lips.

“Morning,” you said. “Did you sleep well?”

“Very,” he said. A chuckle resonated in his chest as he stared at you. The hand that had been on your waist moved up your arms to rest on your face as Barry placed another kiss on your lips.

The man sat up after that. You rolled onto your back to look up at Barry. You made sure that the sheet on your bed still covered all of you. He was watching you with warmth in his expression. You could see that he was happy.

“Will you help me with something?” you said. Your voice was quieter this time. Barry’s eyebrows furrowed as he looked at you.

“Of course,” he said as you sat up. You placed a kiss to his shoulder and held the sheet over your chest.

“Will you help me shave my head?” you said. You were leaving a trail of kiss up his neck to his cheek. His expression softened as he just nodded.

You moved to get out of your bed. The first thing you did was pull on leggings and a large comfy shirt. You could feel Barry’s eyes watching as you got dressed. He got out of bed and pulled his clothes from yesterday back on. After placing fuzzy slippers on your feet, the two of you exited your bedroom. You saw your aunt in the kitchen at the sink.

“Good morning, Marie,” you said. She scoffed at you.

“Y/N how many times do I have to tell you not to leave dirty dishes on the cupboard all night?” She said without turning around. As you got closer you saw that the thing she was scrubbing at was the bowl of soup you were eating when Barry had showed up. You looked to Barry sheepishly. He was the expression you were making and let out a loud laugh.

Your aunt jumped where she was in front of the sink and turned to look at you. Her eyes were the size of saucers as she looked at Barry. Lots of little things slipped your mind. Her not realizing that Barry was there was one of them.

“I’m sorry I didn’t realize we had company,” she said. She gave you a small glare. “Y/N didn’t mention that you were coming over.”

“That’s because I kinda showed up unexpectedly,” Barry said touching the small of your back. He offered his and to Marie. “I’m Barry Allen. You must be Y/N’s aunt that she talks about so much.”

“That’s me,” your aunt said. She took Barry’s hand and shock it smiling at him. You looked between the two admiring them. These were the people who took care of you, and you were glad that they were finally meeting.

“Marie, where did you put the razor that I bought yesterday?” you said alerting her of your presence once again.

She looked at you and her face fell. She really didn’t like the idea of you losing your hair. She was convinced that you would be one of the few that didn’t lose your hair and had been adamant about you not doing anything to it.

“I put under the sink in your bathroom,” she spoke slowly. “Do you really need it?”

You didn’t say anything as you looked at her. She stared back challenging you. You really didn’t want to have to say what she needed to hear. You didn’t want Barry to know about your hair loss. Barry’s hand that was resting on the small of your back began making comforting circles on you back.

“Yeah, my hair started falling out yesterday,” you finally said. Marie nodded at you with sadness in her eyes. She glanced at the clock.

“I have to head to work soon,” She said. “Call me if you need anything sweetie, and Barry, don’t be a stranger.”

“I don’t plan on it,” Barry said chuckling. Marie was out the door not long after.

You made Barry breakfast, and the two of you ate together. He helped you clean up when you were done. You lead him to the bathroom and got everything ready for him to shave your head. Barry stood behind you leaning on the door frame watching you. You leaned against the sink and took a deep breath.

“I’m ready,” you said. Barry walked to you and turned the razor on. Slowly, he shaved all your hair off your head.

He set the razor aside when he was done and let you look over your head in the mirror. You ran your hands over the smooth skin. It kind of freaked you out, but you knew that you could no longer avoid it.

“You look beautiful,” Barry said wrapping his arms around you. He leaned his head on to your shoulder and looked at your reflections in the mirror.

“Thank you, Barry,” you said. You took a deep breath before turning around in his arms. You pressed a kiss to his lips.

“Thank you,” you repeated over and over again as you just stood in his arm in the middle of the bathroom.

This was your life now, but you weren’t mad because you had Barry. That was something you wouldn’t give away for anything.


Imagine you and Jerome staying the Easter Holiday with your crazy mercenary family, that lived on a farm.

-You arrived nearly dusk. The sky couldn’t be more beautiful, and Jerome smiled nervously by your side

-‘Everything is going to be ok. We are staying just for a weekend’, you said, taking his hand and directing your path to the barn, instead of going to the main, big and white house

-His lack of words was scaring you

-‘We don’t need to stay, you know. Just wondered you would like to get away from Gotham for a tim-’

-'No, (Y/N). We are staying’

-You smiled in response to his little smile

-Inside the red construction, you pointed a safe, where your father kept your clothes for riding

-'We have to leave our pistols here. My mother hates weapons inside home’

-Your parents were not like you and Jerome, but they accepted the boy and his peculiarities, what meant that he should really be nervous to meet the family who somehow, liked him

-After you shut the trunk, Jerome took you by the waist, closing the distance between you, and kissed your lips nervously

-He smiled and nodded, letting you lead him to the center house

-You crossed the field and arrived to the front door, the one Jerome knocked firmly

-'Uncle Ty, take your fucking hands out of the pie. Babe, please, help him… Bloody hell’

-The blonde and well maked-up woman took a long step, hugging you soon after

-'Daddy, look who is here! No, not the hot neighbor, it’s your daughter and…’

-She trailed off, reaching Jerome’s face, touching him kindly

-'You are much 'more pretty’ live’

-Jerome laugher came cut and your mother laughed long after that

-'Truly a childish laugh, (Y/N). Come in, you two’

-All your family was inside the great house. Your aunts and uncles, your cousins and your grands

-'I know you!’, a kid said when put his eyes in Jerome, 'you are the magician’

-The dinner was after you and Jerome found your bedroom

-Grandma Dory was the first one to take notice of Jerome after the eating begun

-’(Y/N) is dating, hum? And you boy, what you do in your life?’, asked the grandpa

-Jerome could turn himself into a innocent human being when he got ashamed

-'He is a journalist, grandpa, a journalist from Gotham’s newspaper’, you said, a mischief smile playing in your lips, as your laid your head in Jerome’s shoulder

-'A journalist, hum?’

-'Well, kind of…’

-'What you talk about, boy?’

-You, your mother and a knowingly grandmother laughed at Jerome’s thinking face

-'About politics, babe’, grandma answered

-'By the way, Jerome, thanks for your social work killing the commissioner. We were anxious for her death. And the vice-mayor’, and Theo Galavan’…’

-'Theo Galavan mainly. That son of a bitch obligated us to leave our last city because of our “dishonest job”’

-'Killed? He is a fucking murderer too?’

-'Please, Joe. You judge too much. The boy is inoffensive’, Grandma Dory said, putting a white lock behind her ear, and sent Jerome a flirt smile, 'He seems so, at least. How is he in bed, (Y/N)?’

-You saw Jerome lost his shame gradually during the night talks, all family amazed by his and yours accomplishments

-'I think it’s time for us to go to sleep’

-Grandma asked for Jerome to follow her till her bedroom, kissing his cheek dreamily

-'I liked her’, he said, closing the door behind him

-'Go sleep with her, then’, you said, teasing him

-He laughed and approached you, 'all this is jealous?’


-'of an old lady?’

-'maybe’, you smiled, putting your arms around his neck, 'I might be kind of insecure’

-'and what can I do?’, but you didn't  have to answer because he was kissing your lips before you had the chance to formulate a sentence

-'Kids! Try not to make too much noise, alright? No one want grandma wondering tomorrow’

-You laughed in Jerome’s neck as he answered a 'we can try’, taking from your mother another laugher

-Jerome lost all his shame before morning, building other thing in this meantime: respect, for a family he never had but still treated him like part of this.

Sorry my mistakes XO

Ink and Blood (PLATONIC) [Darth Vader x Skywalker!Reader]

Summary: The reader is the third Skywalker triplet who has been raised by Padmé’s family–the prestigious Naberries. After a successful political career, she accidentally spills the secret identity of her mother to the one person she was not supposed to tell: Darth Vader.

Words: 7,000+

Warnings: Reader Fears Death, Death Threats, Death

When you were younger, your interest in politics was next to nonexistent. Perhaps that would’ve disappointed your late mother, but she wasn’t exactly around to tell you so. Oh, you sat still while the Imperial Senate was in session, but even when you actually tried to listen, your sketchbook always managed to distract you. Your cousin Ryoo would elbow you to make sure you were paying attention to which you’d respond by jabbing her with your pen. Nothing visible separated you from the other twenty, bored schoolmates.  

You hadn’t wanted to be a politician anyway. It disgusted you to even think of mixing with them. To you, average politicians were ordinary people who’d climbed a long ladder and pushed people off in the process before planting themselves on their own lies. After all, you already lived one lie, and you weren’t prepared to live anymore.  

The lie was quite beautiful. She took up half the pages of your sketchbook and slipped into your dreams. Her image hung on the walls of your home, and her name cast shadows over your grandparents’s faces. You heard from them that she had been compassionate and honest–unlike your average politcian. Your Aunt Sola had taken her place for appearances, but she never hid the truth. Padmé Amidala was your real mother. Your lie was pretending she wasn’t.  

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The Incredible Nightcrawler

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Kurt Wagner x Reader

The Incredible Nightcrawler

Author: Morgan

Prompt: One with Kurt where he meets a person at the circus who’s not afraid of him and brings him food and stuff and he thinks he’ll never see them again, but when he gets to the institute they’re there please?

Note: Awwwwwww

Warnings: Very cheesy ukulele love song that I may or may not have legitimately written chords for…

You could not believe your parents had sent you to live with your aunt and uncle for the summer. It was a dream come true, spending the entire summer in Munich. Of course, part of your staying with them meant you had to work in their flower shop, but you didn’t mind. You loved working behind the counter, meeting the people from the city who came in everyday to get flowers for their loved ones.

It was your first Friday night here, and after you closed up shop, you walked up stairs into the apartment above the shop, where your aunt and uncle lived. After hanging up your apron and taking off your nametag, you sat at the dinner table just as your aunt set the plates on the table.

“So (Y/N),” your uncle started, setting the newspaper on the table. “A friend of mine works at the circus. He thought you might enjoy going to see it.”

“That’d be really cool, yeah.” you nodded.

“He gave me these,” your uncle set three tickets and backstage passes in front of you.

“Sweet!” you smiled, taking a bite of mac ‘n cheese. “You’ll have to tell him I said thank you.”


The circus was amazing. All of the performers were breathtaking, especially the acrobats. You watched with a blindingly bright smile as the performer named Nightcrawler flew above the circus tent, flipping through the air. He was astounding, and you couldn’t wait to meet him.

As soon as the show ended, your aunt and uncle followed you backstage with baskets of flowers and started giving them out to the performers. You handed them out too, smiling and chatting idly with the fire breathers and animal handlers. Finally, you got to the back of the tent, where the acrobats were. You brushed a lock of hair behind your ear and shyly approached the tall blue teen.

Up close, you noticed that he only had three fingers on each hand. His ears were pointed, he had a spaded tail, and swirling scars lined his cheeks. He was tall, thin, lanky. His skintight uniform showed off his chest and arm muscles. You blushed deeply at the sight of him, flustered.

“Hi! Um…this is…for you…” you held out a flower. He watched you uncertainly. How was it that you weren’t afraid of him like everyone else was? Every other person that came back stage after shows seemed to fear his unusual appearance.

“Danke, fraulein.” he took a deep whiff of the sweet flower before tentatively offering you his hand. “I’m Kurt. Kurt Vagner.”

“(Y/N) (L/N).” you shook his hand. “You were amazing out there. Took my breath away.”

“Danke,” his cheeks darkened to a deep shade of purple, a hand reaching back to scratch the back of his neck.

“Do you…can I get a picture with you?” you asked, holding up a Polaroid camera. Kurt nodded, asking one of his friends to take a picture of the two of you together. You wrapped an arm around him, and he did the same, wrapping one of his long arms around your shoulder. He crouched down a little so he didn’t tower over you as much, despite his height.

You thanked the other acrobat when they handed you your camera and the pictures, one for you and one for Kurt.

“Thank you so, so much. It was so nice to meet you, Kurt.”

“Nice to meet you too,” he smiled. “I hope ve’ll meet again.”

“Well, I’m here all summer, so I’m sure we’ll cross paths again.”


It was a summer love, sweet, innocent, pure. The kind of love that made your heart soar. It felt like fire pumping through your veins. Whenever you heard his name, you felt like you would explode, but in the best possible way.

It had become a habit to go watch him perform every weekend, but throughout the week while the performers were practicing, you would bring him little goodies from the flower shop or the bakery nearby. You took lots of pictures together, all over town. He introduced you to his friends, and you introduced him to your aunt and uncle, who were more than happy to host him for dinner from time to time.

And yeah, he was blue, but it didn’t matter to you. You loved him. Unabashedly, unashamed, unafraid of judgement. Kurt’s circus family couldn’t have been happier to see him so happy. He was head over heels, performing better, humming little tunes before shows and waiting anxiously afterwards for you to show your face in the performer’s tent and hug him tightly and add a few flowers to his ever-growing collection.

He made a habit of wrapping his tail around your waist or wrist whenever you were near. It was a silent announcement that you were his, that his heart belonged to you, that he wanted to keep you near and hold your hands and be there for you always.

When the summer came to an end, you had to go home. You told him goodbye, teary-eyed. You tried to blink the tears away, but you couldn’t. Big wet water droplets rolled down your cheeks. Kurt held you close, and in a swift, confident move, he kissed you. It was your first kiss. His too. A fairytale to say the very least.

The plane ride home was long, sad, but you couldn’t fight the smile that tugged at your lips every time you imagined his on yours. You could still feel his arms wrapped tight around you, still hear his voice reading you stories in German, or just joking around and having fun. You missed it. You missed him.


Months later, you were back at school, Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters. It was a safe haven for people like you. Mutants. A place for them to play and have fun and learn in a secure environment.

You were sitting in front of the window in one of the living rooms. A small group of children had assembled in front of you, waiting for you to sing a song on your ukulele.

“Are you sure you want me to?” you checked, earning a resounding ‘yes!’ “Well, all right then…” you took a breath and began to sing.

Summer love is a dangerous game.

You never know if you’ll be the same…

I fell in love with a German guy.

He was really sweet, and he caught my eye.

He was blue. It shouldn’t matter to you.

He’s the nicest guy that I ever knew.

He stole my heart, again and again.

I loved him there…in the circus tent.

But I left. I went home.

Now I can’t help but feel all alone.

I remember his lips, soft against mine

Thought we’d be together for the rest of time.

It’s like he disappeared in a puff of smoke

And I think my heart’s having a stroke.

So yeah…I’m feeling kinda blue.

But so would you.

If you fell…in…love…

With a blue guy.”

You ended the song there, searching the kids’ faces. They looked kinda amused and confused, but they seemed to like the song one way or another.

Jubilee walked into the room, followed by a new kid, as she often was. You were too busy staring at your ukulele frets to notice who it was.

“Zhat vas a very sad song.” he stated, amber eyes looking at you with sympathy. He couldn’t fight the smile that tugged at his lips or the tears that streamed down his cheeks. You looked up, jolted by the sound of his voice. His accent was as thick as ever, and he was wearing a dark green trench coat over his costume.

“Oh my God.” you set down your ukulele and hopped up off of the couch, running into his arms. He twirled you around and then just held you there, letting your feet dangle above the floor. “I missed you so much…”

“I missed you too, mein liebe.” he swallowed, laughing as tears of joy streamed down his face.

“Wait…(Y/N)…” Jubilee put the pieces together as she looked at you and her new blue friend. “Kurt is the amazing mystery guy you’ve been singing about?”

“He’s a blue German guy. Is it really that hard to put together?” you laughed. Kurt set you down and held both of your hands in his. His tail secured itself around your waist, comfortable and snug there, as it usually was. “How did you get here?”

“It’s a long story…”

“Well, you can tell her as we finish our tour. How about that?” Jubilee asked, motioning toward the door. You nodded, taking Kurt’s large hand in your own and following the yellow-clad girl through the halls of the mansion.

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Awww I saw your post, please write some grandpa Bruce

“It’ll be nice to have everyone over for the Holiday Master Bruce” Alfred leaned heavily on his cain, the only concession to old age he’d make. “Hm” Bruce was trying to think of a tactful way to get the 97 year old to sit down and relax. At least this Christmas Alfred had been satisfied to oversee the cleaners Bruce hired rather than try to do it all himself. They were both slowing down Bruce though catching his reflection in the mirror, far more white than black, though all things being equal he looked far better at 62 than he ever thought he would.

Matt came sliding into the room followed a second later by his brother Terry. “They here yet?” 

“Not yet young master Matthew”

“aw Alfred let me grab you a chair while you wait” Terry said moving to grab one from the corner. “If you insist master Terry” maybe only Bruce could see how gratefully Alfred sank into it. A moment later the grand doors of the Manor banged open. The first person to make it into the library was a skinny girl of 15 with braces on her huge smile and shoulder length fire red hair. “Grandpa!” Bruce Smiled and opened his arms and she attacked him in a bear hug. “Hello Mary” a second latter a 13 year old boy with equally red hair was hugging him “and John” another boy, 11 years old with his father’s black hair “if it isn’t the other Bruce” he ruffled his shaggy hair and got a smile with blue braces. The last of Dick and Barbara’s children a silly boy of 9, his skin almost might night black walked in shyly. His adopted siblings were loud and wild, but Jimmy was quite and shy. Bruce waved one arm and pulled Jimmy into the hug. 

A moment later the group hug was over and the four of them were all over Alfred. Dick and Barbara came in handling a huge load of gifts between them. Terry dashed over to help them, and together they managed to place them around the massive tree. Bruce smiled at them, hugging Barbara and placing a kiss on her cheek and giving Dick a handshake and on armed hug. Bruce noted that Babs was dying her hair now, the crows feet were deeper, she’d turn 50 this year. There was gray at Dick’s temples and lines on his face, not bad, but it still hurt Bruce’s heart that his son wasn’t young any more. It had only been yesterday that Dick had been sliding down the banisters of the manor now it was his children who did that. 

They chatted about work, it was nice to talk to his son about being CEO of Wayne Enterprises and his job as a lawyer and not as Batman and Red Robin. It was also nice to here about the Police Commissioner’s day to day work rather than meeting her on a rooftop in a suit of battle armor to talk about what’s going wrong with the city. 

“Didn’t start without me did you?” Jason stood in the door way. Unlike any one else he wasn’t dressed up, jeans a t-shirt and his leather jacket. Roy was beside him dressed just the same. For men in their 40s they barely looked any different than they had 20 years ago. Between them his long blonde hair in his eyes, all but swimming in his oversized t-shirt and cargo shorts, and flip flops in the middle of a Gotham winter, was their 10 year old son Ollie. The Grayson kids came running with cries of “Uncle Jay! Uncle Roy!” hugs were had all around. Bruce got a high five from Ollie noting at the big skull and cross bones metal ring on his hand. “Lian going to be joining us Roy?” Bruce asked, “nah she had work, she’s trying to put in as many hours as she can before the baby comes” 

“grandpa” Jay and Ollie said together giving him an evil grin and Roy put his hands over his face. Bruce rested his hand on Roy’s shoulder “now you know how I felt” Roy sighed “really I’m looking forward to it, even with the teasing” he glared at his husband and son. 

“hey hey lift those with your arms not tactile telekinesis!” A number of Christmas presents came floating through the door followed by the Twins, Jack and Jon. At 13 it was hard for Bruce to look at them and not see Tim when he’d first become Robin, though they looked as much like their other father too. Tim and Conner came through the door Tim rolling his eyes at his sons. Their daughter the 10 year old Janet was between them. Bruce let each of the boy’s pick him up with their hugs before pulling Tim in for a hug. “Hi dad” 

“Bruce” Conner reached out and they shook hands. “Duke and Janis were right behind us” 

“No running!” Malachi rounded the corner a big smile all over his 7 year old face. His shoes were lighting up all over the place, his sister, 5 year old Jasmin was a second behind him. Their mother came striding in with a smile on her face, her youngest two year old DeShawn on her hip. “Hey Bruce” she walked over and air kissed him, clearly not wanting to leave any of her bright red lip stick on his face. DeShawn leaned out and wrapped his arms around Bruce’s neck and Bruce kissed the top of his head before the little boy retreated back to his mother. Duke came in a moment latter carrying the gifts, Dick, Jason and Tim leapt forward to help. Malachi and Jasmin had already glued themselves to their older cousin Mary who was happy to indulge them. 

“Feet on the ground please!” Jon’s voice carried. Jon and Damian came in together, Jon was holding the hands of Talia and Lois, Talia the 5 year old was floating a few inches off the ground, though her sister, the 4 year old Lois was walking. Damian had the sleeping baby Bruce Wayne the second in his arms. Bruce leaned down to kiss each of the girls before pulling Jon into a hug, and leaning over to kiss Bruce’s forehead and then Damian’s. “How’s he been sleeping?” 

“tt finally through the night, I thought we’d never get there” Bruce laughed “even the great Damian Wayne needs sleep some times?” Damian gave his father a rye smile, before walking toward Alfred. 

No one was totally sure when Cass got there, one minute she wasn’t, then she was and there were kids climbing all over her with cries of “aunt Cass!” She smiled at Bruce and he noticed the gray in her hair before she swung Malachi up in the air by his wrists and he giggled “more! more Aunt Cass!” 

“Sorry I’m late!” Steph came staggering in, her 6 year old Molly clinging to on leg. Her husband Steve came in behind her with Emily the 8 year old. “Hi boss” She said to Barbara who smile “Captain Brown” she said half mockingly. “I hope I didn’t miss dinner Alfred” Steph said leaning down to kiss the old man on the cheek. “Of course not Miss. Brown we would never start without you” 

“you’re the best Alfie” 

The door opened and Bruce smiled, she’d come after all. Selina was nearly 60 now but stunning all the same, aged the way Katharine Hepburn had 50 years before. “Hey B, good to see you” She had a playful smile on her face. “Hi Daddy” The tall girl behind her said leaning in for a hug. “Hello Helena, how was your 21st? I hope you didn’t over do it” 

she laughed “of course not, it was very civilized”

“hm I’m sure it was” he dropped her a wink that said he knew all about 21st birthdays and how civilized they could be. “Well we gonna eat?” Selina said walking to Alfred and placing her hand on his skinny shoulder “you cook Alfred?”

“afraid not Miss Kyle”

“well who ever Bruce hired for this shindig will never measure up to you, but we’ll all have to suffer through it won’t we”

“yes ma’am” Bruce smiled and shook his head taking Alfred’s other arm and helping him out of the chair, supporting him on one side Selina on the other as they lead the whole large strange Wayne clan toward the dinning room. 

So, I was at our annual family holiday dinner, and I was just kind of eating my food and listening to the adults talk about politics and stuff, and then all of a sudden my grandfather (who was sitting across from me) exclaims, “Girl, whose class ring is that around your neck?” (Because I never got a class ring, so I guess he assumed it was my boyfriend’s or something.)

I looked down, because I’d kind of forgotten what necklace I was wearing. 

It was the replica of Jace’s Morgenstern ring that I bought at Hot Topic two and a half years ago when the City Of Bones movie first came out.

I had to explain to my grandparents (and my mom and aunt, who had now dropped their conversation to listen to ours), at Christmas dinner, that no, I didn’t finally get a boyfriend, I’m just a huge nerd who bought her favorite book character’s family ring and had to put it on a necklace because it was too big for my tiny fingers. 

No one was even remotely surprised. 

Slam Dunk Chapter 1

Hello everyone! Welcome to the third and final part of the Defense series. I cannot wait for you guys to read this series, you’re in for a crazy ride!

Most of the chapters in this series will be inspired by Banks’ songs, the song inspo is real right now! 

The song that I seeked inspiration from is, Alibi by Banks

Here is the link to the song

I hope you enjoy this first chapter.


“Mom, can I stay over Dad’s for dinner?” Mackenzie asks Ahsha who just came in from a long day at work at the dance studio. The mom had been working on choreography at her dance studio and was in need of a well deserved nap.

“Yes sweetheart. Where is your brother?”

“He’s hanging out with Daddy. Do you want to speak to him?” The eleven year old has a sly smile on her face as she looks at her great aunt, Katharine.

Ahsha tenses up at the mention of Derek’s presence and she finishes putting the papers into their appropriate files.

“No Ken, it’s okay. I can just talk to him later.”

“Ken, is that your mom?” Derek asks as he strolls into the room with Carter at his side, the two just finished watching basketball.

“Yeah, here dad!” Mackenzie cheers and practically throws the phone into her father’s hands. Derek chuckles at his daughter and shakes his head.

“Thank you, Ken.”

Derek and Ahsha have not spoken to each other in two years and had just finished with the finalization of their divorce.

“Hey.” Derek answers the phone, letting out a light chuckle at Ahsha’s incoherent rambling on the other end of the phone. He hopes that she says something to him over the phone.

“Hey. Derek, I have to go. I’ll be at the mansion to pick up the kids around eight, if that’s okay.” She blurts out and smacks herself in the head for talking, grabbing her laptop.

“Yeah, it’s fine Ahsh,” Derek answers and his eyes widen at the mention of his wife’s nickname, Ahsha’s heart skips a beat. “Remember, you’re always welcome over for dinner.”

“Thanks Derek. I really need to go, I’m in the middle of something important. I’ll talk to you later.”

“Okay. Talk to you later.” Derek retorts.

“Bye.” Ahsha says and quickly hangs up the phone. She feels her heart racing once again and feels tears rushing to her eyes. She quickly wipes them away before they turn into full on sobs.

“You already cried over him last night. When are you going to stop?” She asks herself, unable to stop the tears from flowing this time.

Her phone rings once again and her heart races as she closes her laptop. She grabs the phone and realizes that Kyle is calling her phone.

“Hey Carebear!” The blonde answers excitedly. Little does Ahsha know, she is making her way up to her condo now.

“Hey.” She answers the phone, sounding glum.

“Carebear? Spill it.” Kyle drills, sensing the tone of her best friend’s voice.

“I’m fine, Kyle.” Kyle’s phone cuts off and she knocks on Ahsha’s large white door. Ahsha jumps up and opens the door for her best friend. Kyle walks right into her best friend’s condo and gives her best friend a tight, comforting hug as she cries in her arms.

“Sister intuition told me you weren’t fine which is why I came over. Now spill it.” Kyle says as she lets her best friend go and takes a seat next to her on the chair, putting her Celine bag on another chair.

“Derek invited me over for dinner and I don’t know if I can go. Kyle I’m not even over him yet.” Kyle nods her head in understanding and rubs Ahsha’s back.

“I know it’s been a year since the divorce and I know how hard it is seeing him everyday and not being able to still jump in his arms and tell him you love him. It’s okay to still be upset. Getting over him is going to take some time, take as much of it as you need but don’t rush it.”

“I still love him.” Ahsha admits for the first time since the day of the divorce being finalized.

“And that’s okay, love.” Ahsha wipes her tears away and wraps her arms tighter around Kyle, holding her close.

Ahsha’s phone rings once again and she sees Derek’s number pop up on the screen. Kyle gently rubs her back as she picks up the phone.

"Mommy can you please come for dinner? We’re having chicken parmgon.” Chloe answers. A chuckle escapes Ahsha’s lips, giving both her and Kyle some light at the end of the tunnel.  

“Chloe it’s parmapon.” Lillianna answers, causing Mackenzie and Katharine to crack up at her.

“Sweetheart, it’s Chicken Parmesan.” Mackenzie says before taking the phone. Ahsha sits at the other end of the phone chuckling at her girls.

“Mom can you please come for dinner?” Ahsha’s eldest inquires.

“Please mom?” Carter says, standing next to his sister while his father is still busy preparing dinner in the kitchen.

“Pleaseeeee?” All four kids beg, warming Ahsha’s heart.

“Fine, I’ll come to dinner tonight. Auntie Kyle’s coming too.” Kyle’s face has confusion written all over it.

“I’m doing what?” She asks.

“Okay mommy! I’ll talk to you later, bye!” Mackenzie answers before she quickly hangs up the phone, seeing her father walking into the den.

“What are you guys doing?” Derek asks, noticing Mackenzie’s nervous expression. Chloe and Lillianna look at each other with their eyes wide open.

“Nothing!” The twins exclaim at the same time.

“Chloe and Lilly are up to no good like always.” Carter says, causing the twins to give him the side eye.

“They look just like Ahsha.” Katharine laughs out loud as she sees the twins’ little faces.

“Right?” Mackenzie chimes in and sits next to her great-aunt on the chair.

“I’m going to take the chicken out of the oven. Dinner should be ready in about fifteen minutes.” Derek tells everyone and leaves the den.

“Kids.” He scoffs as the thought of Ahsha coming for dinner crosses his mind.

Back at her apartment, Ahsha is now tapping away at the emails on her laptop while a million and one questions escape Kyle’s lips.

“What if you two get back together again?”


“Ahsha. I’m just asking Carebear, it’s so obvious that you still love him.”

“Really? How so?” The mother asks as she stops typing up the roll sheet for tomorrow’s hip hop class. The conversation strikes a nerve and she tenses up.

“Shall we talk about when he walked in here with the twins yesterday? You couldn’t stop staring at him.” Kyle says as Ahsha looks down at her lap.

“Yeah. But.”

“There’s no buts Carebear. Plus you told me twenty minutes ago that you still love him. I may be blonde, but I’m not stupid. Let’s go to dinner, I’m hungry.” The blonde chuckles and wraps her arms around her best friend.

“I’m not driving.” Ahsha tells her. The two best friends head out the door and get into Kyle’s car.

En route to the mansion, Kyle starts to ask questions again. “So are you excited to finally talk to Derek?”

“I don’t want to talk to him Kyle,” Ahsha replies bitterly. “The last time he and I had a full conversation, it was the day I divorced him.”

Kyle stays quiet and continues driving, knowing Ahsha’s stubbornness will wear off after a while. “What?”


“What, Kyle?”

“You don’t think you guys gave up too easily? I get that he was hurt about Mary and that he decided to shut down, but you shut down on him too.”

“Kyle, I really don’t want to discuss why he and I divorced. I am trying to move on.”

“Move on or keep stuff from me? Carter told me that you still cry in your sleep. I know today wasn’t the first time you’ve cried like that.” Kyle takes a glance at Ahsha before she pulls up to the red light.

“It happened once or twice.”

“Not counting tonight. Last night, two nights ago?” Kyle asks, seeing Ahsha crumble.

The young mother looks out the window, feeling her heart racing. “Yeah.”

The blonde stops the car and looks over at her friend again. “Like I said, It’s okay to still be upset babe. You two have been divorced for a year, no one says you have to heal overnight.”

“It’s easy for you to say when you’re married and you two are going strong, Kyle. Do you know how bad it hurts to see him everyday and know that what we had is gone?” Ahsha asks as tears fill the rim of her eyes.

Kyle pulls into the driveway at the mansion and hugs Ahsha after putting the car in park. “I can’t go in there crying.” Ahsha jokes and wipes her eyes.

“I’m right here, remember.” Kyle tells her and grabs her hand.

“Thank you, Kyle.”

The two get out of Kyle’s car and walk to the door of the mansion. Kyle knocks as Ahsha stands there somewhat frozen in fear of what the evening holds.

Max the Pit Bull barks in excitement as he smells Ahsha’s scent and runs in circles around Katharine who makes her way to the door. “Calm down, buddy.”

Katharine opens the door and beams as she sees Ahsha. “I missed you!”

“I saw you earlier at dance, Kath.” Ahsha chuckles and hugs Katharine back.

Max waits for Katharine to stop hugging Ahsha before he jumps on her and then jumps back down. “Max!” Ahsha coos and plays with the large dog who is very excited to see her.  He excitedly rolls over and lets her rub his stomach. He snorts out loud and moves his large legs as Ahsha reaches his ticklish spot.

“Mommy!” The twins scream and run to their mother. Ahsha perks up and stops rubbing Max. The dog gets up and runs out of the room, going to greet Derek in the kitchen.

“Hi my babies!” Ahsha coos and kisses Chloe and Lillianna all over their little faces. They let out their little laughs and hug their mom.

Ahsha puts the girls down and notices Lillianna’s hair is out of its ballerina bun and into a regular ponytail. “Where’s your pretty bun, Lil?”

“I like ponytails better, mommy.” The three year old sighs.

“Auntie Kyle!” Lillianna screams, making Kyle laugh.

“Lilly pie!” Kyle happily cheers and picks Lilly up, kissing her all over her face.

“What about me?” Chloe says, crossing her little arms in disbelief about her godmother’s behavior.

“If you aren’t your daddy’s twin.”

“No! I’m Lilly’s!” Chloe replies as Kyle kisses her cheeks. Kyle places both the girls down and notices Ahsha and Katharine in conversation.

The twins run off to go tell Derek that Ahsha and Kyle arrived. Ahsha and Kyle take off their shoes and place them next to the door with everyone else’s shoes.

“Hi mom!” Mackenzie calls out and rushes to give her mother a hug.

“My big baby!” Ahsha says and wraps her arms around her oldest child.

“Your favorite baby.” She reminds her mother as Ahsha kisses her forehead.

“Actually, I think Carter’s my favorite.” Ahsha says as she sees her son coming into the room to greet her as well.


“It’s not my fault I’m mommy’s favorite.” He replies as he hugs Ahsha as well. Ahsha presses a kiss to her little boy’s forehead and holds both of her children close to her.

“I love the both of you.”

“We love you too.” The two siblings reply at the same time. The three let each other go and they go to hug Kyle.

“I’m your favorite, right Auntie Ky?” Mackenzie asks, batting her big brown eyes.

“Yes, you are, my sweet Kenzie.” Kyle tells her and kisses her forehead, wrapping her arms around her goddaughter.

“Me too?” Carter asks, seeming hopeful. Kyle laughs loudly and hugs her godson.

“Yes, you too, my handsome.”

Derek walks into the living room with the twins at his side, he looks at Ahsha and suddenly forgets what he has to say. He is taken aback at her beauty.

Even in a pair of leggings, a Loyola Marymount hoodie, no makeup, and her hair up in a bun, Ahsha Hayes could still be the most beautiful person to Derek.

“Dinner’s ready?” Katharine asks, noticing Derek and Ahsha looking at each other without breaking their gazes.

Katharine and Kyle look at each other and wink. “Yes.” Derek states as Lilly bumps his side on purpose. She and Chloe look at each other and laugh loudly, the two wink at each other.

“Yeah, dinner’s ready.” He replies again, rubbing his head.

“Let’s eat!” Chloe cheers and rushes into the large dining room, pulling Lilly with her. “They still love each other!” Chloe excitedly whispers to her little twin.

“I know!”

Everyone follows behind the twins, unaware of their whispers to each other regarding their parents.

Taking their seats, Ahsha notices that she is sitting in between Mackenzie and Kyle.

Derek says grace and then everyone passes around the food. The parents each help out the twins with getting their chicken and spaghetti on their plates.

The dinner table was filled with small conversation as everyone enjoyed the delicious dinner prepared by Derek. Ahsha internally sighs, appreciating the taste of Derek’s cooking all over again. Chloe and Lilly were the first to finish and were excused from the table to go play. The kids finish eating and everyone around the table shared stories about their day, except for Ahsha who stayed quiet, feeling awkward in the presence of her former lover.

The sound of her ex-husband’s deep voice was enough to send Ahsha’s heart beat into shock. The angelic voice was enough to take her brain to places she had forgotten all about in the past year. The thought of the former baller turned Devils CEO’s body pressed against hers made her soak in a place where she thought was a desert.

“Well guys I have to go. I have a presentation that I have to prepare for class tomorrow.” Katharine tells everyone.

“Go ahead, Ms. high schooler.” Ahsha teases. The seventeen year old lets out an exasperated, “Two more weeks until graduation.”

Katharine gives Kyle, Ahsha, and Derek hugs. “Goodnight guys.”

“Goodnight. Let me know when you get home.” Derek calls out. Ahsha and Kyle finish eating their food and are stuffed.

“Will do, nephew!” Katharine teases as she makes her way out of the dining room. Derek rolls his eyes at his younger aunt’s statement. Having a great aunt who is eighteen years younger than him seems a little embarrassing, but having her around was like having a younger sibling.

Katharine says goodbye to her great-nieces and nephews, then heads home to her parents, John and Elise.

The girls run back into the dining room. “Daddy what’s for dessert?”

“Apple pie and ice cream in thirty minutes.” He answers. The two run back into their playroom right after they get the answer they were looking for.

The table falls awkwardly quiet as the three adults sit in silence, not knowing what to say next.

Ahsha realizes that she has to use the bathroom.

“Excuse me.” She says and gets up from the table feeling hot, dizzy, and nervous. The young mom wanders upstairs and straight into her large, spacious, old master suite without even realizing her actions. She heads straight to the bathroom and starts to use it. Looking to the left to grab toilet paper to wipe with, she notices that there is barely any toilet paper left.

She uses what she needs and gets off of the toilet. She then gets dressed again and goes about her business in the bathroom.

After washing her hands she plans on getting more toilet paper but remembers she cannot reach. “Okay, jump.” Ahsha says, speaking to herself jumps as high as she can to grab the toilet paper.

“Dang it.” She says aloud and continues to try and reach the toilet paper.

Derek finds himself checking up on Ahsha who has been gone for a while. He makes his way to the master suite and hears Ahsha trying to reach the toilet paper and chuckles. He knocks on the door and she answers it, breathing heavily due to jumping around.

“Do you need help?” He asks, sending an entire army of butterflies to her stomach.

“I got it.” She snaps, realizing that her tone came out somewhat harsh when she sees his face change.

“Sorry I didn’t mean…”

“It’s okay. Here.” He tells her. He comes behind her and wraps her arms around her waist, picking her up so that she can reach the basket with the toilet paper. She grabs a roll and Derek gently places her back down, slightly hypnotized by the smell of her perfume.

“Thanks.” She tells him and looks up at him, realizing that she cannot look away from his eyes.

She notices what is happening and excuses herself. “I’ll see you downs…” she is cut off by her ex husband’s lips covering hers.

Without giving any thought to their ordeal, the two continue to kiss. Ahsha forgets about the toilet paper in her hands and lets it fall onto the bathroom floor.

Derek picks Ahsha up and places her on the bathroom counter, still attacking her with body with kisses.

He starts to slip his hands underneath Ahsha’s hoodie and she quickly removes it without hesitation. She grabs Derek’s white tee shirt and slips it over his head and goes back to kissing him. In one swift motion Derek manages to pull off Ahsha’s leggings and lacy peach thong. She feels the cool air in the bathroom hit her bare center and she shivers.

Derek presses hard kisses to Ahsha’s neck and she pulls his pants as well as his boxers, revealing his large, erect piece.

The kisses on Ahsha’s neck start to move down to her breasts as Derek twirls his tongue around her hard, sensitive buds, causing her to moan. Derek’s large hand covers Ahsha’s bare center and she nearly jumps when his large finger traces a circle around her clit and she bites her lip.

Derek senses her body’s reaction and gently moves his two fingers into her. Ahsha struggles to hold on to the bathroom counter and nearly falls off when Derek places her back on. Her fingernails claw at Derek’s back as he continues his hard movements. Ahsha’s moans grow louder and before she knows it, Derek’s face is now in between her legs, cleaning up her juices himself.

Ahsha’s legs turn into jello as Derek continues his work at making her moan his name. “Derekkkkkkk.” She screams as she releases into his mouth. The feeling of euphoric pleasure takes over and a smile graces her lips as he continues to pleasure tease her with his soft lips.

“Please Derek!” She screams, begging to feel him inside her warm body. Derek gives in to her plea and stands back up, moving himself into her, nearly shocking her. Her eyes roll to the back of her head and she rubs Derek’s back as his lips devour the sweet spot on her neck.

He stops to look at the beautiful woman that he is having sex with after a year. His brown eyes scan her beautiful face, sensing her love filled emotion.

Ahsha looks into his eyes as his movements continue. Their eyes automatically read “I still love you.” and Ahsha lays her head on Derek’s shoulder as he quickly moves in and out of her. She feels herself release for the second time and Derek moans when he feels Ahsha’s walls tighten around him once more.

The dancer picks her head back up and presses another kiss to the baller’s lips, this time pouring pure lust is in the kiss.

As Derek keeps moving Ahsha feels his piece pulsing inside of her and decides to mess with him a bit by going faster than his pace. She smirks as he slows down, this time stroking her hard and slow.

He releases inside of her and kisses Ahsha’s lips. The both of them stay silent, the pleasure still takes over them and without a word, Derek slides out of her, leaving her sore.

Ahsha gets up and quickly gets dressed, finally realizing what she had just done with her ex husband. Derek passes her her gray hoodie.


“You’re welcome.” He answers.

Ahsha finishes getting dressed and fixes herself in the mirror. Derek does the same and lets her leave the bathroom first.

He runs his hands over his face and realization of recent events hit him. “What did I do?” He asks, feeling nauseous and dizzy due to his actions.

Ahsha practically races out of her old bedroom and downstairs to Kyle who looks at her best friend as if she has two heads. She notices the small mark on her neck that wasn’t there an hour ago and her eyes widen.

“Girl!” Kyle screams, causing Chloe’s head to snap up.

“We have to talk later.” She whispers, running her hands through her short hair.

“I’ll tell you everything.” Ahsha whispers back as the kids go back to playing amongst themselves.

Derek is in the kitchen moving the warm, freshly baked apple pie slices to plates when Kyle walks into the kitchen. “What the did you two do?”

“Nothing.” Derek quickly chirps and finishes plating the desserts.

“D-Ro.” Kyle sternly says, causing Derek to look up from the plates.

“Ahsha and I had sex.” He admits, tears threatening to rush down his eyes. Kyle’s heart breaks as she hears Derek’s voice crack.

“You did what now?”

“I’m pretty sure I messed things up even more, Ky.” Derek says, trying not to become too upset in front of one of his best friends.

“No you didn’t. Look, between me and you, Ahsha still loves you even if you think she doesn’t. You didn’t mess things up. Who knows, maybe this was a good thing.”

“How Kyle?”

“I don’t know, but it could probably help you two get back together again.” She says, rubbing his arm. She heads out the kitchen, leaving Derek to ponder his conflicting thoughts.

Kyle sits down next to Ahsha in the den as Mackenzie tells Ahsha a story about something that happened earlier in the day. Derek walks into the room waiting for Mackenzie to finish telling her story. She finishes and looks at her dad.
“Pie time?” She excitedly cheers.

“Pie time!” Derek mimics.

Everyone walks back to the dining room and sit down for dessert. Ahsha feels a little awkward as Derek passes her some pie and ice cream. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

Derek takes his seat and starts to eat his dessert with Ahsha completely on his mind.

The group finishes their dessert when Ahsha notices that it is now eight thirty and that the kids have to be in bed my nine thirty.

“Okay guys lets go home and get ready for bed.” Ahsha says to her four kids.

“Goodnight daddy!” Chloe and Lilly cheer and run to go hug their father. Derek laughs and kisses his little girls’ faces.

“I love my girls.”

“We love you too.” They tell him and let him go.

Carter is the next to go hug his father. “I’ll see you tomorrow dad.”

“Sounds like a plan to me CJ. You know we still have that basketball game to watch.”

“The one where the Sixers beat the Devils! Yes!” Carter cheers excitedly, causing everyone in the room to laugh.

“We’ll see about that, Car.” He tells his son and rubs his head.

Mackenzie is the next one to say goodnight to her father.

“I love you daddy.”

“I love you more, Kenzie.” Derek presses a kiss against his daughter’s head. A feeling of sadness waves over Derek’s most sensitive child and he hugs her again.

“I’ll see you tomorrow okay baby?”

“Okay.” She tells him and holds back her tears.

“Hey, no crying. I’ll be right there to pick you up from school.” He tells her and presses another kiss to Mackenzie’s forehead. The young girl leaves her father’s side and heads to the corner of the room to grab her backpack.

Kyle says goodnight to Derek as Ahsha helps the kids out their backpacks on.

Ahsha says goodnight to her ex husband, also holding back tears. “I’ve been crying way too much today.” She tells herself as Derek pulls her in for a friendly hug, holding her tight.

“Goodnight.” He tells her.

“Goodnight. Thank you for inviting Kyle and I over for dinner.” She tells him and lets him go.

“You’re welcome. You’re always welcome to come for dinner, Ahsha.” He tells her, looking deep into her eyes. She quickly averts her attention elsewhere.

“Well I’ll see you guys tomorrow.” He almost immediately says, trying to relieve the awkward tension.

Derek opens the door and the army of four children run out of the mansion and straight to Kyle’s Ford pickup truck.

Ahsha and Kyle follow soon after.

“Drive safely!” Derek shouts, waiting for everyone to get into the car.

“Thank you!”

Derek chuckles to himself and closes the door to the now empty mansion. He looks out the window and sees Kyle drive off, heading back to Ahsha’s condo.

“Max!” He calls out. The large dog comes running out of the den and straight to Derek, sensing his sadness. Max whines and licks Derek’s hand.

“I miss her, buddy.” He tells his dog and heads upstairs to take a shower feeling upset over what happened earlier in the evening. Max does not leave his side and crawls into bed with him later in the evening.

Back in the truck, the kids are talking amongst themselves when Lilly starts to speak up. “Mommy, are you happy?”

“Yes, Lilly I’m happy. Why sweetheart?”

“Nothing!” She quickly says, earning a confused look from Mackenzie. Kyle pulls up to Ahsha’s condo and puts the car in park.

Ahsha leans over and hugs her best friend. “Thank you so much Ky.”

“You don’t have to thank me Carebear. You know I love you.”

“I love you more.” She tells her. Kyle hugs her tighter.

“Call me later.” She whispers in her ear. Ahsha nods her head, understanding what Kyle meant and lets her best friend go.

“Let’s go little people.” Ahsha tells her four kids. They all climb out of Kyle’s truck.

“Goodnight auntie’s babies!” Kyle calls out.

“Goodnight auntie Kyle!” All of the kids cheer at the same time causing Ahsha and Kyle to look at each other and laugh.
“Alright girl.”
“Let me when you get home.”
“I will, Carebear.”
Kyle drives off while Ahsha and the kids go into their condo. Mackenzie and Carter head to their rooms while Ahsha goes with the girls so that they can get ready for bed.

Whoever said that getting four kids ready for bed was easy lied like a cheap rug.

“Mommy can you tell us a story!” Chloe eagerly asks as she climbs into her bed.

“What would you guys like to hear?”

“How you met daddy and got married!” Lilly cheers, pulling her fluffy blanket over her small body.

“Of course.” Ahsha tells herself. She takes a deep breath and tells the story, smoothing down her eyebrow, a nervous habit of hers.

“I met your dad when I was fourteen. We weren’t friends but he loved me very much. One day, a couple years later, I was running outside and I ran into your dad. He and I started talking and he asked me to be his girlfriend, then we got married a year later.”

“Can we have more details?” Lilly asks, shocking Ahsha.

“How in the world are these little three and a half year olds so smart?” She asks herself, internally groaning.  

“One day, babies.” She tells her little girls and kisses their foreheads.

“Mommy loves you guys.”

“We love you too.” They tell her and settle into their individual beds. Ahsha turns their lights off, leaving their matching Elmo night lights on.

Ahsha closes their door and leaves to go check on her other two children.


“Yeah Chlo?”

“Mommy and daddy need to get married again.”

“I wish they were married.” The twins wish out loud before closing their eyes, heading to sleep.

Ahsha goes to Mackenzie’s room and finds her daughter already asleep. “Goodnight baby.” She whispers and kisses her daughter on the cheek.

“Goodnight mommy.” Mackenzie whispers back and reaches her arms up to hug her mother. Ahsha wraps her arms around her daughter, holding her tight.

“I love you.”

“I love you more, Ken.” Ahsha answers and kisses her daughter one last time. She leaves her bedroom, closing her door.

Mackenzie opens her eyes again and jumps up, seeing that Ahsha is gone so she grabs her cell phone.

“Kath! I think my parents kissed!” She texts quickly, before heading to sleep.

Ahsha makes her way to Carter’s room and finds him sleeping as well. “Goodnight mommy’s big boy.” She tells him and kisses his forehead and gently hugs him, silently thanking God that he does not wake up too easily to her being in his room. Carter keeps his eyes closed, feeling exhausted after a day of basketball with his father after school.

The young mother heads out of her son’s room and she goes back to her room feeling a sense of emptiness, so she goes to take a shower. She removes her hoodie and immediately smells Derek’s signature scent of Gorgio Armani’s Acqua Di Gio written all over it.

She throws the jacket into the dirty clothes bin and continues to undress herself. She makes her way to the bathroom and starts to take a shower.

She closes her eyes and lets the water hit her face. Flashbacks of Derek standing with her in the shower pop up in her head, she feels herself wanting to reach out and grab him. She opens her eyes and begins to wash her body of the day’s events.

“You just had to go over his house.” She tells herself as she finishes showering and turns off the water. She dries herself off and walks back to her room with her towel wrapped around her wet body.

She lets out a sigh and finishes the rest of her night routine by getting dressed for bed in a large tee shirt and a pair of shorts. She gets into bed and grabs her phone, scrolling through Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and is interrupted by her phone ringing.

“Ahsha Marie!” Jelena fake scolds on the other end of the phone.

“Jelena Anne!” Ahsha mimics, her voice unknowingly cracking.

“What’s wrong love?” Jelena asks, sensing the tone in her best friend’s voice.

“Nothing. I’m fine, J.”

“Come on, you’re like my sister. You can’t make an attempt to cover your feelings Ahsha.” Jelena tells her, tucking a piece of hair back in her curly bun.

“Jelena, I’m fine.” Ahsha tells her, her voice cracking even harder. She quickly wipes her tears away.

“You’re okay.” She tells herself as the tears continue falling.

“I’m coming over.”

“You don’t have to.”

“You’re my sister. I’m not going to let you be upset by yourself.” Jelena insists and starts to put her shoes on. She hangs up the phone and Ahsha texts Kyle.

“Can you come over?” She sends and lays down in her bed. Crying was something that Ahsha Hayes had not done since the divorce.

Jelena and Kyle get to Ahsha’s condo at the same time and rush to their best friend’s door, being careful of the noise. The Roman kids are irritable when woken up, but just like their father, they all sleep like rocks.

Ahsha comes to the door no longer crying, her eyes bloodshot.

“You guys didn’t have to come over.” She tells the two women and they both hug her without saying a word. Ahsha gives in and allows herself to cry in her friends’ arms.

“Aww Carebear.” Kyle says, gently rubbing Ahsha’s back. Jelena gently closes and locks the door and goes back to tending to her best friend.

“Let’s go sit down.” Jelena suggests. Ahsha sits in the middle of the short, comfortable chair while Jelena sits on the right side of her and Kyle sits on the left.

“What happened babe?” Jelena asks, holding Ahsha and trying to calm her down. Ahsha begins to speak but is very incoherent so Jelena just holds her.

“I know you haven’t spent much time crying over this but it’s okay.” Kyle encourages and lays her head on Ahsha’s shoulder and tries to comfort her as well.

“I can’t keep hanging on to him.” She sobs out. Kyle removes the large throw blanket from behind her and places it on hers and her two friend’s legs.

“Hey, look at me,” Kyle tells her and moves her head off Ahsha’s shoulder. The blonde wipes her best friend’s tears away and gently caresses her cheeks. “It’s okay to still be upset, Carebear. He means a lot to you and losing him was heartbreaking. You haven’t given yourself time to grieve.” Kyle says and wraps her arms around Ahsha tighter.

“You’re going to get better. I promise Ahsha.” Kyle reassures, pressing a kiss to Ahsha’s forehead.

“I promise too Carebear.” Jelena also promises, grabbing her best friend’s hand.

Something inside of Ahsha has a small glimmer of hope that things between her and Derek would be fine, but of course her stubbornness would never let her admit it out loud.

“What if I don’t get better?”

“You will, in due time, love.”

In due time.

And that was chapter 1. I hope you enjoyed reading this long chapter, and if you listened to the song, I hope you enjoyed that as well!

Thank you for reading! :)

please help

I’m so fucked, please, I need help, anyone, I’m not asking for money I just need your moral support.

I recently moved to Denver to go to college, I’m living with my aunt and my cousin who is 11. it’s been a wonderful opportunity for all of us.

until yesterday when my cousin started asking about who Loki was, reading a charm necklace I have placed on his altar. I told her I’d tell her later and that he was a friend of mine.

Last night she started asking again and was noticeably curious. my aunt came home about that time so we had dinner and I decided I’d address it with her after my cousin went to bed.

so I told her, I lightened it because I know I can get intense about these things and although she seemed not to understand, I figured she’d leave it alone. we decided I would tell my cousin that his altar was sort of like an altar to Buddha or Mary , which is sort of true.

this morning I got a text from my mom asking me to call her ASAP.

my aunt texted her telling her how come my mom didn’t tell her I was “some Wiccan Loki worshipper bringing altars into her house”

I’ve never known my aunt to act like this. it’s completely uncharacteristic and I am blindsided. I’m in my bathroom right now trying to get dressed and think of what to do , but I got my mom to calm down but I’m scared about what’s going to happen when I leave my room. I’m afraid she’s going to kick me out or make me take down the altar - in which case I don’t know what I’ll do. He is a huge part of my life and I love Him so much. I’ve had his altar up for three years and it’s gentle presence is such a familiar comfort.

I just need your moral support. just a kind word that you’re thinking of me or you’ve been through something similar.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have not gone through anything like this before so I’m hurt and betrayed.

please. just let me know you’re out there - Lokeans, Heathens, Polytheists, Wiccans, Pagans, witches, all of you, let me know you’re there

Christmas at the Compound (Part II)

christmas with the avengers is just about as much fun as you’d think it is. heres the second and final part to this mini-series.

part one

Dinner came and went fairly quick, and everyone was warmly settled in the living room with their families after the big dinner. The only people missing were the twins, who went home to Sokovia to be with their remaining Aunts and Uncles. Aunt May came in for the weekend, Jane was happily sitting on Thor’s lap, Scott’s daughter Cassie was even running around playing with Clint’s kids, and Natasha was chasing them all around. You were sitting with your legs up on Steve’s lap and your back on Bucky’s side, those two are the best to sit with on a couch. There were mounds of presents stacked under the tree from when everyone came in for the weekend, and you were sure that the pile was only going to get bigger by the morning. Matter of fact, you and Natasha were in charge of putting out the kids presents in the middle of the night this year.

But of course, once the kids were finally asleep, Sam brought out the spiked eggnog and cranberry vodka. It all went downhill after that, literally.

When Aunt May came in the previous day, she had pointed out that the small pond across the street from the compound was frozen solid. That was of course because there had been a storm that dumped nearly a foot of snow with 10 degree weather on top of it. The only people left standing were you, Thor, Peter, Clint, and Bucky. Everyone knew that once you and Clint got drunk enough, bad ideas would come about. So Nat claimed she was still hungover from the previous weeks Christmas party, and she laid in bed until you were ready to help put out the presents from “santa”. Little did she know that you were going to get into some real shenanigans.

The movie that was playing on the tv in the living room was just background noise at this point, considering that you and Thor were in an intense game of drunk scrabble. He kept playing words that he said were from Asgard but you didn’t believe him at all. Clint finally came back from getting beers out of the snow for you and him, and he was ready to step up the party. “I say we all get our knife shoes on, and go to the pond!” He was definitely more drunk than you were, considering the nickname he had just given to ice-skates. After a giggle fit, you decided that it was a brilliant idea and you quickly ran to your room to find whatever snow clothes you had scattered about your room.

Not even 10 minutes later, you were slipping and sliding all across the frozen pond on your wobbly ankles, Peter and Bucky were standing on the hill watching you guys fall over and nearly slide on your ass every 30 seconds or so. Peter had a bet going that you were going to end up in the medical wing within 20 minutes of you stepping onto the ice. But Bucky knew that as much as your drunk self was stupid, Clint was the one who always ended up getting hurt from picking fights with you. And unfortunately, he was oh so right.


Wrapping paper was flying in every direction, little children’s laughter was piercing your ears, and that’s how you knew it was truly a successful Christmas morning. There were still about a hundred presents for the kids to open during their sugar high of a morning. The only bad thing was that Clint was laid up on the couch with a broken arm and a deep slash on his leg, and you had a horrible bruise on your forehead with a dislocated shoulder. The story for the kids was that you and Clint had to wrestle a bear from hurting santa, and they were absolutely enamored listening to the battle tale that you came up with while in the medical wing that morning.

But, what really happened was a huge mess. Clint basically started a skating competition between you and him, with Thor as the judge. For some reason you thought that it was going to be okay to jump into the air mid-spin, and you landed hard on your shoulder. But before Clint even thought of helping you, he decided to try the same thing you did to try and “show you how it’s really done”. When his inevitable fall occurred, he tried to brace himself with his hand, and ended up breaking his arm and slicing his leg as it hit your ice-skate. Bucky and Peter sprinted from their spot on the driveway to come bring you inside to the medical wing, and luckily you were still coherent enough to know not to move while Bucky had you in his arms. Thor had to bring Clint in while Peter ran to get Laura, and tell Nat to put the presents out by herself.

So as you sat there in pain, wondering why Sam let you drink as much as you did, you still had a smile on your face from seeing everyone’s families together. Christmas was truly the best time of the year for you all, considering the defenders of New York City were your backup in case anything went awry. Even Fury was there at the compound with his wife, he’d brought some gifts for Clint’s children and he had cleared Scott’s record in the system. You almost cried when the team presented their gift for you, it was a framed picture of the whole team (and Fury) from the Christmas party the week before, and it was also taken before everyone got absolutely hammered. As you went to go hang it up in your room, you had a moment to reflect on how much you loved the team.

It was really a beautiful Christmas morning, you just have to remember not to drink so much next year.

bruiserelliot  asked:

Hey dad, so, two things. One good, one bad. Good news first, I MIGHT NOT HAVE TO USE MY BINDER MONEY AFTER ALL! Now, the bad thing. So my aunt invited me over to have dinner tonight since I"m home alone this weekend, and when she was driving me back I came out to her as ace, and she gave me the whole, you're young, you'll change your mind, spiel. So basically she gave me the 'it's just a phase' line, but worded differently. So that sucked. Sorry to bug you, I just didn't know who else to go to.

You’re not buggin’ me darlin, I promise.

Good lord that annoys me. People should never just dismiss ANYTHING a person says like that. Even if something is “just a phase,” that person should be willing to support the other no matter what. And if it turns out to be a phase? Cool. If it doesn’t? Still cool.
Support and love go such a long way.

I am rather happy to hear you might not have to spend your binder money though!!