the audacity of hype

In case you haven’t yet seen them, here’s the full programme listing for FourFuss, the new digital channel from Channel 4 that consists entirely of programmes commissioned just to cause a fuss. Highlights include:

“Celebrity Circumcision Live” From Gordon Ramsay’s kitchen. Contains strobe effects.

“Racist Bingo” Presented by Jon Snow and Dr David Starkey

“Balls of Testicles” More comic capers from the bollock-naked team, who use their testicles to fool members of the public into thinking they’re bags of money.

“Was Goebbels nice? Yes, He Was” Controversial documentary claiming that Hitler’s henchman was actually lovely.

“I Love Having my Tits Sliced Off” With John McCririck and Vanessa Feltz. Contains astonishing nudity.

—  Just some of the hilarious fake TV shows listed in The Audacity of Hype by Armando Iannucci