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Van Gogh drank yellow paint because it exuded joy.

He indulged in its toxicity because he thought it could emulate his happiness.

Mind over Matter.


1. Sevdaliza - Loves Way (Outro)

2. Self-Control - Frank Ocean

3, Bad Girl (Black Cab Sessions) - Solange

4. Give Up - FKA Twigs

5. Peace of Mind -  PARTYNEXTDOOR

6. Something’ Tells Me - Bryson Tiller

7. Terrified - Childish Gambino

8. All the Smoke - 21 Savage

9. Broken Clocks - SZA

10. Sunroof - Boogie ft. Dana Williams

11. Apologize - Luther Vandross

12. How Come You Don’t Call Anymore - La Porsha

13. Loves Way - Sevdaliza

Horror/SciFi AUs

Send me a letter for an AU starter based on a horror or science fiction prompt.

A - Hunting for cryptids/paranormal investigator AU
B - Paranormal activity in our home AU
C - Lost in space AU
D - Necromancy AU
E - Mad scientist AU
F - Clairvoyant predicting disaster AU
G - Werewolf AU
H - Torture chamber AU
I - Alien invasion AU
J - Demonic possession AU
K - Post-apocalyptic wasteland AU
L - Lost in the woods with predators AU
M - Deadly merperson AU
N - Vampire AU
O - Serial killer and accomplice AU
P - Time travel AU
Q - Entering a parallel universe AU
R - Undead walking the earth AU
S - Stalker and victim AU
T - Coming into contact with a curse AU
U - Extreme natural disaster AU
V - Making deals with demons AU
W - Learning how to use dark magic AU
X - Vengeful ghost AU
Y - Spirit medium and desperate ghost AU
Z - Kidnapped and held hostage AU

Ay get lit wit meee

 1. Sage the Gemini- Don’t you (Joey Kay’s slow edit)

 2. Cardi B- Bodak Yellow 

 3. A$ap Rocky- Telephone calls Ft. Playboi Carti x Tyler the creator x Yung Gleesh 

 4. A$ap Mob : RAF ft Playboi Carti, Quavo, Lil Uzi Vert & Frank Ocean

 5. Lil Uzi Vert x King Ziplock- That’s my rule

 6. Smokepurpp- Audi 

7. Jay Critch- Did it again 

 8. Lil Uzi Vert x Gucci Mane- Threesome

 9. Lil Yachty ft Migos- Peekaboo

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On fatness in fic

Likely because my main fandoms – as with, you know, most of popular media – generally consist of characters who are both thin and beautiful or, if not beautiful, at least thin, I don’t see a lot of folks talking or writing about how to write fat characters in ways that aren’t dehumanizing in the same way I see a lot of good, thoughtful meta around race, gender, and sexuality on this here blue site. But I’d like to! 

Preface: I hard-closed out of an ostensibly happy fic today because it engaged in some casual fatphobia in ways I don’t think the author intended but that nonetheless served to dehumanize the character in question, absolve the character engaging in fatphobic behavior, and all-in-all treat fatness as something shameful. I don’t know if some of these issues were resolved later in the fic, because, as I said, hard-close even though I’d made it about halfway through. 

Preface the second: I’ve been fat all my life, but I’m still a smallfats with white middle class privilege. I’m not exactly writing here about my own experience as a fat woman, though, so much as my experience as a fat reader concerned with representation of lots of different kinds of fat people and bodies across the media I consume.

My unease isn’t exactly about that one fic. Because there are so few fat main characters in media in general, if we’re writing about fatness in fic it’s often taking a character who is thin and/or primarily muscular in canon and making them fat for some reason or another. I don’t, categorically, have a problem with this. But let’s maybe try to think a little more critically about the ways we do write fatness in fic?

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Do Not Go Gentle
By Organization for Transformative Works

“This is all a game to you, isn’t it? Well, it’s not for me. This is a real life or death situation,” Louis says, spitting the words at him. “And I just don’t think you’re cut out for it.”

For a moment, they stare at each other in complete silence. Harry can feel his blood thrumming between his ears, can see Louis glaring at him, feels red-hot anger. And then all he feels, oppressively and desperately, is lust.

Suddenly Louis is surging up to him to press his lips against Harry’s. Harry walks the two of them backwards, pressing Louis back against the door. Louis oomphs in surprise and brings his hands under Harry’s scrub top, scratching at his lower back.

“Lock — oh — lock the… fucking door,” Louis mutters.

When Harry Styles starts his first day as a surgical intern, he expects a lot of things: to treat patients, to observe a surgery, to feel a bit overwhelmed. What he definitely doesn’t expect, however, is that the handsome guy he kicked out of his bed this morning is also an intern.

A Grey’s Anatomy AU where tensions are high, Harry and Louis are hooking up in secret, and no one has time for love. Or do they?

by: afirethatcannotdie

Chaptered, AO3, Complete, Mature

Sunday Night Smut Fest

Originally posted by infinitblaq

so here we are again, having another blurb night. I know I am going to get more requests than I am going to be able to complete; but no matter what, this is a good old time. I always have fun writing these and I didn’t want to go as long as last time before doing another blurb night, so here we go! you all should know the drill by now, and if you don’t, or if you have any questions at all about it, just send me an ask. and I decided to make a new post just because I thought it looked cleaner and I thought it would make things easier. so yeah.


Pick An Idol

(Recommended Groups)

  • Seventeen
  • Astro
  • Red Velvet (please please please)
  • f(x) (please pick Amber please)
  • Got7
  • BTS
  • i.o.i
  • Twice
  • Monsta X
  • Girls Generation
  • **also don’t forget that I write for other fandoms like Degrassi and The Walking Dead, so if you wanna request something for one of those, completely feel free

Pick A Reader

  • female/male/gender non specific
  • no reader (member x member pairings)

Pick A Category

  • smut (seeing at this is Smutty Sunday)
  • fluff
  • angst

Pick A Letter

  • A: Sugar Daddy/Sugar Mommy AU
  • B: Vampire AU
  • C: Zombie Apocalypse AU
  • D: Monster High AU (yes, I mean like the dolls)
  • E: 1930′s Gangster AU
  • F: Angels & Demons AU
  • G: Halloween
  • H: Harry Potter AU (with prefect bathroom or library bonus)
  • I: Frat House AU
  • J: Daddy/Mommy Dom and Little One (AU?)
  • K: Reverse Idol AU
  • L: Idol Reader AU
  • M: Porn Star AU
  • N: Step Sibling AU
  • O: Hybrid AU (now with heat sex/going into heat bonus)
  • P: A/B/O AU (now with heat sex/going into heat bonus)
  • Q: Friends With Benefits
  • R: “you have a crush on my best friend so now we’re gonna have a threesome” (choose three)
  • S: “you’re my (older) sibling’s best friend but let’s fuck anyway”
  • T: “I can fuck better” (choose three)
  • U: Boarding School AU
  • V: Royalty AU
  • W: “I sent you a nude by accident”
  • X: (come up with your own!!!!) (wild) (absolutely wild)
  • Y: High School AU
  • Z: Internet Friends AU (now with sexting or Skype sex bonus)

send your requests here!

The Haunted House on the Hill: A Captain Swan/KnightRook AU

CS Halloweek Day 5: Gothic Romance

(@lillpon@bleebug the KnightRook angle is totally your fault)

When Emma Swan takes a job as a governess of a young girl an huge old house, she starts hearing rumors, that the lady of the house is a vengeful witch, that the ghosts of sailors stalk the halls, but she doesn’t mind. She doesn’t believe in ghosts and she doesn’t believe in magic.

Killian Jones is a ghost, cursed to watch his daughter growing up in the home of the witch who cursed him. Fortunately for him, he isn’t the only ghost in residence. His older brother, who he long believed was lost to him forever, is here also, teaching him all the tricks of being a ghost, including how he can still play chess with his daughter, even though she can’t see him.

Emma starts seeking out the secrets of the old house and finally encounters the ghosts. She finds herself drawn to the ghostly pirate, even as she tries to save his daughter from the clutches of the witch who has stolen the girl as her own.

Can Emma free the restless spirits who haunt the house? Does she even want to if it means losing Killian?