the aubs

Peur des accommodements, des lâchetés, des demi-mesures. Peur de ma violence et de ma faiblesse, peur des forces de la nuit, peur de manquer d'amour.
—  Marcel Arland, Attendez l’aube
Jeunesse #3

Au pied de le colline endormie Villefranche
Se pare des couleurs du matin sur la mer,
Portant son long collier de diamants réverbères :
C'est toute ma richesse au temps de nos nuits blanches.

Et nous sommes heureux : la tonnelle et trois planches,
Nos esprits aussi pleins que sont vides nos verres …
Réinventons le temps ! Gardons les yeux ouverts
Même si, éblouis quand le soleil se penche

Inondant le jardin de ses rayons obliques,
Je songe à d'autres fois, d'hier et de demain,
Qui donnent à chaque aube un air mélancolique.

Mais soudain, ma douleur, mes regrets disparaissent
Car aujourd'hui je vis et j'ai dans mes deux mains
Et la vigne et la menthe exhalant ma jeunesse !

Horror/SciFi AUs

Send me a letter for an AU starter based on a horror or science fiction prompt.

A - Hunting for cryptids/paranormal investigator AU
B - Paranormal activity in our home AU
C - Lost in space AU
D - Necromancy AU
E - Mad scientist AU
F - Clairvoyant predicting disaster AU
G - Werewolf AU
H - Torture chamber AU
I - Alien invasion AU
J - Demonic possession AU
K - Post-apocalyptic wasteland AU
L - Lost in the woods with predators AU
M - Deadly merperson AU
N - Vampire AU
O - Serial killer and accomplice AU
P - Time travel AU
Q - Entering a parallel universe AU
R - Undead walking the earth AU
S - Stalker and victim AU
T - Coming into contact with a curse AU
U - Extreme natural disaster AU
V - Making deals with demons AU
W - Learning how to use dark magic AU
X - Vengeful ghost AU
Y - Spirit medium and desperate ghost AU
Z - Kidnapped and held hostage AU

anonymous asked:

I was wondering if you had any supernatural identical twin aus? (Vampire, werewolf, phoenix, etc.) Thanks!

  • Character A is attacked one night, and wakes up having turned into a werewolf. One of the first things they notice is how their twin sibling smells subtly of fire and smoke, all the time. Character B is a Phoenix, and has been since birth, but was told not to tell anyone, even their twin, lest it put them in danger. But now it seems that doesn’t matter, because Character A finds out on their own.
  • Character A and Character B are both vampires constantly hiding from hunters. However, one day, they’re ambushed and taken by the hunters, who then experiment on them to study both the healing of vampires and the link between identical twins.
  • “You’re a what?” “I’m a Reaper.” “So all this time I thought I was about to die for no reason was because I could feel you taking people’s souls?” “… Maybe.” AU
  • Being immortal certainly has it’s perks, especially for two identical twins that enjoy nothing more than playing pranks on people. It’s not long until the siblings are attracting attention, though, and soon enough their are conspiracy theories popping up all over the world about this person that has been around for centuries, and also manages to be in two places at once.
  • “I’ve been trapped here for weeks now, because these enemies of yours don’t believe that I’m not you, and they keep telling me to show them my ‘true form’, which they say includes wings, and I’m getting the feeling there’s something you haven’t been telling me” AU
  • Character A, a werewolf, has been having some problems with bullies at school, but the physical attributes that come with lycanthropy haven’t kicked in yet. However, Character B, their twin sibling, was an early bloomer. Together they devise a plan to take those bullies down.