the aub

Tu me disais: Ma femme est belle comme l'aube
Qui monte sur la mer du côté de Capri
Tu me disais:Ma femme est douce comme l'eau
Qui poudre aux yeux mi-clos de la biche dormante
Tu me disais: Ma femme est fraîche comme l'herbe
Qu'on mâche sous l'étoile au premier rendez-vous

André Verdet

—  Le livre d’or de la poésie contemporaine de H à Z . Pierre Seghers
Horror/SciFi AUs

Send me a letter for an AU starter based on a horror or science fiction prompt.

A - Hunting for cryptids/paranormal investigator AU
B - Paranormal activity in our home AU
C - Lost in space AU
D - Necromancy AU
E - Mad scientist AU
F - Clairvoyant predicting disaster AU
G - Werewolf AU
H - Torture chamber AU
I - Alien invasion AU
J - Demonic possession AU
K - Post-apocalyptic wasteland AU
L - Lost in the woods with predators AU
M - Deadly merperson AU
N - Vampire AU
O - Serial killer and accomplice AU
P - Time travel AU
Q - Entering a parallel universe AU
R - Undead walking the earth AU
S - Stalker and victim AU
T - Coming into contact with a curse AU
U - Extreme natural disaster AU
V - Making deals with demons AU
W - Learning how to use dark magic AU
X - Vengeful ghost AU
Y - Spirit medium and desperate ghost AU
Z - Kidnapped and held hostage AU


future: aubs! how’s it going?

drake: uh… fine, nayvadius, i’m fine. hey, listen, is this urgent?

future: fuck yeah it’s urgent, man! i’m in the six right now for a video shoot! we should hang out, bro! you, me, a couple thermoses of lean, reg hartt’s cineforum… it’ll be fucking sweet!

drake: uh first of all nayvadius the last time we went to reg hartt’s cineforum he made us pay $20 to stand in his backyard and listen to an hour-long lecture about the physiological benefits of LSD and then he led us all into his living room and made us watch nosferatu but he muted it and played kid a on a loop for the entire duration of the movie.

future: really not seeing the problem here aubs

drake: whatever. i’m not going back there. also, i have plans with sufjan.

future: plans? what plans?

drake: we’re doing… a thing.

future: a thing? what thing? 

drake: just… a thing!

future: dude! you can’t blow me off like this! whatever happened to bros before… before, uh… bros before… 

drake: oh my god. i’m hanging up n-

[There Is A Rapping At The Door]

sufjan: Please Extrude Your Self From The Lavatory This Instant My Dear Watson We Have Just Had A Most Intriguing Visit From A Mister John Mason He Is The Head Trainer At Shoscombe Old Place A Racing Stable In Berkshire And He Has Come To Us Requesting Our Aid In Investigating His Master Sir Robert Norberton Whom He Believes Has Gone Mad

drake: i… uh… did the gentleman provide any further details pray tell

future: hahaha oh dude… ohhhhhhhh dude…

sufjan: Well Sir Robert’s Sister Lady Beatrice Falder Owns Shoscombe But It Will Revert To Her Late Husband’s Brother When She Dies And The Stable Has A Horse Shoscombe Prince Whom Sir Robert Hopes Will Win The Epsom Derby Indeed Sir Robert’s Debts Would Be Expunged If This Were To Take Place

drake: well uh, sherlock, we must, uh, make haste to shoscombe at once to investigate these puzzling allegations

future: oh dude your british accent sucks dude

drake: shut up nayvadius! shut the fuck up!

sufjan: What Was That Doctor Watson

drake: why nothing at all sherlock

sufjan: Well At Any Rate I Will Give You A Moment To Collect Your Self But Do Not Be Too Long The Actors And Race Horse Trainers I Hired To Flesh Out Tonight’s Re-Enactment Are Only Available Until Eleven O’Clock

drake: oh no i shan’t be long

sufjan: Pip Pip Cheerio

[There Is A Sound Of Foot Steps Faintly Retreating]

future: aubs man i’m dyyyyyyyyyyyyyying

drake: nayvadius, if you breathe a single word about this to anyone…

future: aww come on aubs don’t be like that i was just about to upload this to snapchat

drake: i will cancel the summer seventeen tour so fast your head will spin

future: hey look on the bright side if you cancel the tour that’ll give you and your husband more time to LARP the adventures of sherlock holmes

drake: nayvadius i swear to god

A quatre heures du matin, l'été,
Le sommeil d'amour dure encore.
Sous les bosquets l'aube évapore
L'odeur du soir fêté.
—  Arthur Rimbaud (Bonne pensée du matin- Poésies Complètes)