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best friend’s brother - tom holland au ♦︎

Pairings: best friend’s brother! tom holland x reader

Warning(s)?: steamy forbidden make-out sesh ooh la la

Word Count: 1.6k

Summary: Tom’s your best friend’s older brother that you couldn’t help but to catch feelings for. Now you two are dating behind her back, but your secret can only stay hidden for so long..

A/N: hi ok i’ve never seen this idea with tom before so i thought it’d be cute? this idea popped into my head bc i deadass have a crush on my best friend’s brother whoops … but i can only pray what happens in this imagine happens to me lmao. but listen to best friend’s brother by victoria justice A BOP for added effect while reading okay bye enjoy!! also gif credits to kelly aka tomshollandss 


You walk into your best friend, Alisia’s room, slinging your book bag off your shoulders and onto the floor carelessly. “Thank God it’s Friday,” you exclaim, plopping into your friend’s furry bean bag chair beside her bed, feigning exhaustion.

Alisia giggles before rubbing her stomach. “I’m hungry. Let’s get some food.” You follow Alisia down the hall and into her kitchen where her mom, Nikki, was unloading groceries into the fridge.

“Hey, mom,” Alisia greets before grabbing two granola bars out of the pantry, one for you and one for her.

“Hey, love. It’s so nice to see you around here again, Y/N.” Nikki commented, even though you’d been over here more times this week then you’d like to admit. She didn’t know about those times though, because it was a secret.

As you take a bite out of the granola bar, you couldn’t help but ask the question swirling around in your mind. It was awfully too quiet for a place where Tom Holland resided. “Hey, where’s Tom?” You tried to sound genuinely curious rather than concerned, even though you were. You had a right to be though, he was your boyfriend.

The only problem was that Tom was your best friend’s brother. You were aware of how cliche it sounded, but it was hard to not fall for a guy like Tom. While you and Alisia were juniors, Tom was a senior, and a complete heart throb to say the least. He was popular, well liked, and charming. Every guy was friends with him, and every girl couldn’t help but turn their heads whenever he would pull up to school with the top down on his Audi TT and his best friend Harrison Osterfield in the passenger seat with him. He could’ve had any girl he chose, but he only wanted you.

When you and Alisia got close the summer before sophomore year, you couldn’t help but silently swoon every time you and Alisia would walk into the kitchen and Tom and Harrison happened to be watching TV in the living room. Or when Nikki would force Tom to take you and Alisia home from school. Soon enough, you, Alisia, Tom, and Harrison became close, almost like a band, and would hang out normally without having to be told.

And that’s where the feelings came in. You and Tom instantly clicked, both of you possessing the same sense of humor and sharing a lot of the same interests. The subtle flirting and the stolen glances weren’t enough for Tom; he wanted something more with you. So when he asked you out, it was quickly after Alisia had momentarily left the room. Immediately after you hurriedly kissed him, he said, “She cannot find out, okay?”

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she pranked her boyfriend into thinking she broke his favorite camera and his reaction was so sweet

i really want someone to write a taekook version of this,,, i mean

just imagine jungkook laughing and kissing tae all over his face cause jk thinks he is really crying bc of the camera

- “baby, why are you crying? it’s just a camera. i didn’t even like it that much.’’ 

i saw this video on twitter and this is their youtube channel ^~^

OTP !!
  • Person A and B are in a car. B is driving, and the radio is playing softly. They're probably sitting in peaceful silence, or having small talk.Then, the song changes to A's favorite song!
  • Person A: *screams at the top of their lungs*
  • Person B: *swerves car a bit* WHAT THE FUCK! WHAT IS IT!
  • Person A: I love this song!! *turns up volume and starts singing*
  • Person B: ... WE COULD HAVE DIED!!!!

I was watching/listening to a let’s play of Life Is Strange: Before The Storm while working on the art projects and commissions and I kinda had keith in my mind for it? So, here a doodle :D

i really like doing those light effects hahaha


Jesse, you don’t have to listen to me all the time. It’s your own damn life. But if there’s anything I want you to actually take to heart, it’s this:
Find someone who is the lyrics to your music and the music to your lyrics.
Got that mijo?

Band AU. It’s honestly my favorite AU that I have going on with this lovely.

It has become extensive story wise and I do not have the confidence to summarize it well enough to do it justice. oTL

But some context for these two: Hanzo and McCree are in a rag tag rock band and get to know one another during the band’s tour. Hanzo is the bassist and McCree is lead vocalist who also plays guitar. Hanzo is excellent at writing lyrics and McCree excels at composing songs. They learn more about each other, help each other through their fears and the ghosts of their pasts, connect through music and lyrics, flirt while they play billiards, cheesy lyrics and implied confessions happen on stage, twooter drama, lots of antics in trailers, and more. 

Bottom line, we love this AU and it’s very dear to us!



Soulmate au

So you know how people always say that when you sneeze, it’s because someone is talking/thinking about you? What if that was true, but only when your soulmate was talking/thinking about you? Like a classmates forcibly thinking about each kid in the room, and being suprised when one sneezes, and trying it over and over again. Or seeing a celebrity live and being ecstatic when they keep sneezing when you think about them, but not being 100% sure bc they’re famous and lots of people think about them. Like just thinking about them to make them sneeze because you know it annoyess the other person. Or talking about your best friend with someone and then getting a text from them saying they’re sneezing alot.

OTP lego
  • Person A: are you going to be okay?
  • Person B: *tearing up, while standing bear foot on other side of lego covered floor*
  • Person B: yes..
  • person A: do you want me to carry you?
  • Person B: *quietly sobs* yes..
  • Person A: Fuck you!
  • Person B: When and where?😉
  • Person A: No, seriously! FUCK YOU!
  • person B: Yeah, and I said WHEN and fucking WHERE!!
  • Person A: NEVER! And NOWHERE!
  • Person B: So,... my room my room in ten?
  • Person A: ...
  • person B: ..?
  • Person A: Fuck it, yes!

just another social media AU. because why not.

Jungkook is a famous solo artist and is in the middle of a comeback. His new concept? Dance. Only problem is, he keeps getting distracted.

i suck at summaries.
-NamJin = pseudo parents.
-Suga and Rapmon are rappers and produce songs for Jk to sing. They both feature in most of his songs.
-Hobi is a world renowned choreographer
-Jimin is an underground famous dancer
-Tae is brothers with Namjoon but goes to college with Jimin. He models. For GUCCI. 😏 Also Jimin’s bffl. but y'all knew that already.


2/? :

[currently at 46 installments. (side stories and “.5’s” not included.)]

OTP Things:

1. “No, I lost my key. You lost the spare key. And I’m locked outside in the fucking rain!”

2. “You know that thing your phone does…when I vibrates? It means I’m calling you. So freakin’ answer!”

3. “Wakey-wakey eggs and bakey.”

4. “Hey, get me a drink, scumbag.”

5. “No pillow fights! You broke a window last time.”

6. “Why do you tangle your legs with mine? It hurts my junk.”

7. “Babe, it’s Mario Kart. Please don’t give me the silent treatment.”

8. “Aww you made me dinner? What do you want.”

9. “Sex. Sex. And Sex. That’s what I want for Christmas.”
“Good, ‘cause I’m broke.”

10. “Beg me…or you’re not getting the charger.”


inspired by @inktaire’s goth éponine/cheerleader cosette AU

my headcanon is that éponine’s punk goth style is a byproduct of not having very much money for clothes, so she started to pretend that the rips and smudges were part of an intentional look. she’s fantastically jealous of cosette’s wardrobe of well-made skirts and blouses. meanwhile, cosette can’t get out of the house in anything that’s not proper and modest and would never be able to get permission to dye her hair even a darker shade of brown – can barely convince Valjean to let her wear any makeup at all – so she’s  fantastically jealous of what she perceives as éponine’s freedom to experiment.

for a while, neither one of them can tell the difference between “i want to be her” and “i want her.” 

buuuut they figure it out in the end.


Doodle of AU College student Natsu and Lucy  link

Love the idea of them going to the same University and Natsu and Lucy are classmates in one of the subject. Lucy runaway from home to pursue her dream as a writer and Natsu’s reason for going to the University is to find his dad Igneel who is a Professor (Sorry for my bad english //CRY)

I actually plan to make this a doujinshi…but it may not be sooner (because I’m a lazy potato XD)


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au where bitty comes from a family of, like, eight siblings…and he’s the tallest of them all.