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Game: Uh Bacon?



Dominus looks up from his book to see who this ‘he’ is brother is referring to. He quickly bites down on his bottom lip to stop himself from laughing. It’s harder than it seems, given the scene before him.

Minimus, hands on his hips, glares up at the transom window like it has somehow offended him greatly. The light of early dawn filters into their humble home through the windows installed above the front door, casting a warm and soft glow.

Except, every now and then, the head of a hatchling pops up and the baby dragon scrabbles at the glass, interrupting the stream of light by in its attempts to get inside.

It seems Rodimus is still dead set in reentering the cottage. No matter how many times he falls off from the narrow ledge of the transom - a soft ‘whump’ and unhappy cry signalling this occurrence - Rodimus continues to scrabble up and press his head against the glass as if it’ll move for him before he loses his grip and the cycle begins again.

Its an impressive and rather cute display from the baby dragon. Not that he’ll say it aloud, of course. A mere glance at his brother’s expression is all he needs to know about what his beloved sibling thinks of the little Nyonian’s antics.

“By Scales of Primus! Looks at all those scratches he’s leaving on the windows.” Minimus runs a hand over his head if only to try and quell that headache that threatens to bother him. “Does he not know when to quit?”

“He must smell your cooking,” Dominus says in reply with a smile, doing his best to lighten his brother’s mood. “It looks like it isn’t only Ambulon or our friend down the path who appreciates your culinary skills.”

Minimus huffs and turns his attention back to said cooking, trying his best to not look flattered by the idea someone would go to such great lengths to have some of his bacon strips.

Dominus spends another minute or two observing Rodimus’ attempts to enter their home through the impossible entrance. He makes a point to wave if he sees those brilliant blue eyes peer in his direction, his heart warming up when he sees the wings twitch and flutter in joy.

When it seems like Rodimus has given up when he doesn’t climb up again, Dominus returns to his book and jots down the important observation he made:

Dragons, like any good creature, is attracted by the wonders that is bacon.

The hatchling from the pride of Prime attempted to enter our residence upon smelling my brother’s cooking. It seems he has tuckered himself out because he’s no longer trying to


Dominos pretends he didn’t hear his brother shriek in favour of trying to not drop his book in shock, the sound of breaking glass ringing in his poor ears.

It takes him a few seconds to catch his breath, a hand pressed against his chest out of instinct more than anything else. He orders himself to not run, to not curl up in a ball and expect a blow or worse. He’s no longer in the capital, no longer in the game of thrones and crowns. Ge and his beloved brother are safe here in the woods of dragons and fire, exiled or not.

Gathering his courage after he gathers his wits, Dominus looks towards the source of the racket with fear in his eyes and fear gives way to confusion and confusion gives way to amusement and amusement gives way to joy and this is the part where he’s unable to hold this round of laughter.

Rich and deep peals fills the silent room for the scene before him is both absurd and wonderful:

The transom and the transom window itself has been demolished, evident by the pieces of glass and splintered window panes that still hang forlornly around the edges. The cool breeze of the morning enters their home along with the light with the sounds of nature now much louder thanks to the spontaneous renovation to the door.

And on the ground, surrounded by broken pieces of wood and glass and more evidence of his wanton destruction, is little Rodimus. He who looks pleased as punch by his actions now that he’s in the house. He stretches himself out in a languid and lazy manner, his healing wings unfurling just a bit to reveal dazzling gold and brilliant red, before he makes his way over to Minimus’ side.

Minimus, for his part, is taking this well enough. He’s only placed his head in his hands so far. “Why are you like this, Rodimus. Why?

Rodimus merely chirps an innocent chirp and rubs himself against the clerk.

( a wip fic where the ambus brothers, dominus and minimus, live in the drakein woodlands where dragons roam free and even the exiled and the disgraced can find a home. it is here that their lives are changed forever, following their fateful decision to save a hatchling from certain death. hic sunt dracones, )

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PYLOT - Shadowtask for those cyberpunk moments

Song Meme (Not Accepting)

Pylot - Shadowtask

Location not clear
In shadows, we all disappear
Hold on, switch gears
We’re gone as fast as we appeared

Songbird // Stanley Uris

Songbird by Fleetwood Mack


SUMMARY: You’re having a bad beginning of the week, but Stanley will no allow you to, he just wants to see you smile.

For you, there’ll be no more crying
For you, the sun will be shining
And I feel that when I’m with you

You slumped down on your bed, hugging your knees into a fetal position. Your week seemed to get worse the longer it dragged on, and you couldn’t handle it anymore. It was Wednesday morning and the last thing you wanted to do was get ready and go to school so you begged your parents for the day off which they agreed to after the week you’ve encountered. On Monday you failed your first science test which for you ruined not only your day but your week. You didn’t know know how you failed it but that was only the beginning. On Tuesday your family had gotten bad news about your grandma, who since you were born you were basically attached at the hip with. She died late Monday night and all you wanted to do was stay home and cry.

Your boyfriend Stanley had sat on the phone with you the night before, for many hours much to his parents dismay. Stanley was your other half and he was the only bright thing that lit up your life at the moment. Little did you know Stanley took the day off too, to take care of you while your parents were at work. He didn’t want you to be lonely.

A knock came from your front door and you slowly raised yourself from your bed. You looked like a mess, with puffy eyes, red rashy nose and an unkept look. You opened your door to see Stanley with a wide smile and a basket full of your favourite candy. “Surprise!” he spoke in excitement before embracing you in a hug. You fell limp in his arms as you sobbed hard into his chest. “I’m going to make you happy today okay?” he whispered placing a kiss on the top of your head.

Stanley had never seen you so upset and it killed him to see you in such a state. He wished he could make all your problems disappear as he missed your bright smile that lit up the room, even a dull one. He didn’t want you to be crying anymore, he knew that wasn’t possible with what was going on but he wanted to try his hardest to at least make you smile.

To you, I’ll give the world
To you, I’ll never be cold
Cause I feel that when I’m with you

“You didn’t have to take the day off Stanley.” you sniffed, burying your face in his chest. “I’m your boyfriend, when you’re sad, I’m sad. I’m not going to let you sit at home crying all day when I can come and help.” he ran his slender fingers through your hair, the soothing touch making your eyes drowsy.

“How about your favourite movie?” he asked, pulling a VHS tape out of his back pack. You nodded eagerly as he placed he tape in the player and your favourite film showed on the TV screen.

All day Stanley treated you like a princess. He watched films with you, made jokes that only you would understand and laugh at, he even went out of his way to cook you a nice lunch. Even though Stanley can’t cook, so, you ended up helping him and it ended in a small food war but nothing too messy. Safe to say that Stanley made you feel a whole lot better when you were in a state of mind that you wouldn’t be okay for a long time. He made you smile as much as he normally did on a daily basis and you were extremely grateful for someone like Stanley.


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Royai reincarnation au!

In every life he lived, Roy was innately born with a deep-rooted fear that he wouldn’t find her in that lifetime. That the cycle would somehow be broken if he didn’t so much as lay eyes on her again. But every life that had passed, he found her again and the richness and love that forever bound their souls together would flourish. 

That is, until the cycle brought him into this lifetime.

His determination was strong, but his heart was weak. Roy had beaten the odds for far longer than his initial prognosis, but even then there was a point where that defiance would subside. That deep-rooted fear festered and proliferated inside of him with every failed procedure and disappointment met.  On the eve of his 25th birthday, he fell asleep praying that the heart they found would carry him to her.

When he woke up the ache in his chest he felt was physical, but the emotional burden he carried in the heart he had prior was gone. It wasn’t that simple, Roy knew; losing the ceaseless love he had for her. Instead, he recognized the sensation that pooled in his gut when he realized that fear was gone. He knew that at some point between the moment he had been induced and the moment he awoke, she had been there.

Every moment of his recovery from there on out was spent searching for her. Looking at every doctor, nurse, resident, patient. Looking for signs of Riza’s soul embedded into their eyes. But every day that passed and every face he searched brought nothing, and the elation that had settled in his new heart began to gradually ebb, though it never truly vanished.

It wasn’t until the name of the one who had given him life was uttered that he realized why. Her name in that life was foreign to him, but the soul behind it was not. 

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👄 because we all know Diego and Johnny must kiss even if they don't wanna.

👄 – a kiss on the lips

We live in cities you’ll never see on screen
Not very pretty, but we sure know how to run things

((here you go beb! hope you like it :3c))


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i'm loving all these incredibly creative plots you're building with these titles!!!!!! :D how about "to build a fire" as a title?

AhhHhHHH thank you, my friend!!

“to build a fire,” hmmmm. I really like the idea of Castiel as Prometheus? But that’s a little on the nose, isn’t it.

OH, OK, YOU KNOW WHAT I LOVE? I really love that show “Naked and Afraid.” Really not sure why. While they usually have a man and woman compete together, sometimes they do have two men or two women on. Dean and Castiel meet on a survivor trip like this one? But something goes wrong. The settlement is ravaged by a natural disaster or they get separated from the crew’s supervision in a landslide or something and end up at the bottom of a dark ravine, waiting for rescue before deciding to try and rescue themselves.

Dual Survival” also used to be the Best, because Cody and Dave literally acted like a grumpy married couple out in the wilderness together. Stuff like, “You’re going to FREEZE in those shorts, are you kidding me?” and, “Oh my god, you are so slow,” Versus surprisingly sweet instances of admiration and devotion like, “Hey, that’s actually a really nice fire-starter. Good eye, man, good job finding that,” and, “I’m not going to leave you here. We’ll figure out another way to get across this mountain pass.” So Dean and Castiel are survival experts each with different backgrounds that bring something new to the table - Castiel with his military experience and Dean with his survivalist childhood hunting up with his Uncle Bobby in the Dakotas - tasked with pushing themselves to the limit on camera for the whole nation to see. The public is very skeptical about these “guys bein’ dudes.”

I just really like the idea of survivalists!DeanCas!

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Jungkook’s suits Ver.

The combo of his walk and the thin black tie n polished shoes woa

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Him in blue kills me

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  • Bow tie and stripes on the blazer look so good
  • His glare like “I’ve been watching you all night, let me buy you a drink”

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Looking like a model posing for a perfume advert wow such a look

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Idk this gives me vibes of bratty rich kid jungkook?? I love it ??

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The ruffles on the end of the sleeves ooze this “royalty and high status” vibe

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He looks like a student here with the navy blazer, the cool guy that all the girl like but avoid cos he’s trouble but he likes you most n whispers shit in ur ear when he walks past you in front of everyone

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he looks like a teacher here fight me

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Cute prom night look paired with his wide smile, melts me every time he’s so soft

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The hemming and buttons and walk finish the look, ultimate prince look

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Fic title: Until The Silence Subsumes Us

Oooh. “Subsume” is not a word you hear very often!

I’m tempted to do a submarine exploration AU, just because of the “sub.” Maybe something like “The Vessel,” where Dean and Castiel work aboard? 

None of the crew members aboard the American Bluefin realize that a piece of the Arc of the Covenant is hidden in the hull of their vessel, but Dean discovers some strange sigils in remote parts of the ship that no one else seems to notice. No one but another sailor named Castiel, that is. Together - reluctantly, given that Castiel is a grumpy asshole - they identify the strange passenger Delphine Seydoux as the origin of the sigils and force her to come clean about what’s going on here. Flickering lights, power surges, the men having unexplainable visions. Secret missions and organizations unravel, and just as Dean and Castiel learn the truth about their cargo, the German destroyer attacks.

The Bluefin has been damaged, but all hope is not lost. Dean and Castiel frantically try to convince Delphine to use the Hand of God to save the crew, but she refuses. “We’re supposed to die,” she explains. She touches the Hand of God and uses it to obliterate the German destroyer so that it won’t fall into their hands, but in the process she irrevocably damages the Bluefin. Water starts rushing inside and the crew starts to panic. It becomes clear that nothing can be done, and the Hand of God works only once.

Dean and Castiel don’t really know each other that well, but crisis changes people. When the sub starts to sink, they latch onto each other. And they wait. And wait, and wait, for the silent dark of the ocean to overtake them. 

They were doomed from the start.

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  • All Might: Yeah, I looked it over. Nice work.
  • Midoriya: Alright, good. Thanks, Dad. ...Why is everyone staring at me?
  • Todoroki: You just called All Might dad. You said 'thanks dad'.
  • Midoriya: What? No I didn't. I said "thanks, man."
  • All Might: Do you see me as a father figure, Midoriya?
  • Midoriya: pssh... no...
  • All Might: You want to talk about it later over a... game of catch?
  • Midoriya: *sighs heavily* I'd like that.