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DGHDA AU |(x)<<| rewind: six years earlier and the stability to prove it

(aka the au where Dirk and Todd meet six years earlier at one of Mexican Funeral’s shows and they kind of take up with each other)


Fake Dating AUs

List of Supercorp related fake dating AUs
(click on the titles to get to the fanfics)

Requested by @youreremarkable

  1. The return of the damned - orangefish19
  2. Disconnect / Reconnect - Turtlelady9
    (also fake marriage au)
  3. Learning to love - canadiancop
    (also movie star au)
  4. The perfect alibi - whats-the-difference (texadian)
  5. In the sun - isawet
  6. Behind the eyes - prettyaveragewhiteshark
    (also fake marriage au)
  7. Need that picture of you - orangefish19
  8. Half melted m&m’s - bs13
    (’The Proposal’ AU)
  9. Sober Heart - melackerman 
    (also royalty au)
  10. Let me hold you (and I’ll never let go) - commanderofcandles
  11. The roles we play - ForeverInsomniac
  12. Begin Again - coldcoffeebabe 
    (also coffee shop and college au)
  13. I won’t say I’m in love - KittyKarnstein96
    (also hogwarts au)
  14. The Proposal - Alexdanverswrites 
    (’The Proposal’ au)
  15. Fake dating agency - SilentRain91
    (no powers au)
  16. Fool’s gold - colororange
  17. Home for the holidays - orphan__account
  18. One for the road - CosimaHellahaus
  19. Call on me, darling - echo__wolf
    (’The Proposal’ au)
  20. Scared and blind - anotherwanderer10
  21. Not exactly dating - captain_golden
  22. Oblivious - BiJane

I’m not sure if fake dating counts as AU but I’m gonna go with it - message me if you liked any of the fics in particular!

Also feel free to message me any time to asks for recs or requests!

One of the main things that Blackwing did was make everyone the same. 

Same colours, same clothes, same people. Constantly. For years.

The first time Dirk escaped he was floored by the sheer amount of colour in the world. His world had been one of grey fabric and grey faces and grey rooms, and to see all these people wearing entire rainbows on their bodies was a concept Dirk had found himself falling instantly in love with. So naturally, as soon as he sees the jacket, he knows he has to have it.

It’s a bright, cheerful yellow, like the essence of sunshine in a piece of fabric. Dirk doesn’t have much money at this point, and almost bankrupts himself buying the thing, but the feeling he gets when he puts it on is worth it. It’s so perfectly, unabashedly colourful - so unlike anything Blackwing would have allowed him to wear. Shrugging it on, it feels like he’s finally beginning to step out of their shadow.


Stucky x reader:

Savages (completed)

Fuel to Fire (intro)

Fuel to Fire (2)

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Fuel to Fire (4)

Bucky x reader:

Transparent Crystalline Solid

Cure (Remedy sequel)


Stereotypical (modelling agency AU)

Brothers in Vengeance (AU, inspired by Sons of Anarchy)

Let me in (completed)

Bonnie & Clyde AU (completed)

Untouched (completed)

Social Suicide (completed)

Hostage (completed)

Ghost (completed)

Authority Issues (Professor Barnes AU)

Chaos (completed)


Perierat et Inventus est  (A/B/O Avengers AU)

Sebastian Stan x reader

Rules of Recognition 

Amends (Carter Baizen)