the attic bride

The Attic Bride's Heartbeat
Buddy Baker
The Attic Bride's Heartbeat

In the original show the attic featured only sound effects. Only recently has the shadowy pianist playing “The Wedding March” been added. This is probably the most controversial issue facing the attraction today. On one hand the song detracts from the Grim Grinning Ghost theme, on the other hand it does provide a short break from the theme before the graveyard jamboree.

I was really excited to go to disneyland so I drew the bride and groom from the haunted mansion and it took the entire week oops

(seriously though someone teach me how to make a decent gif)

also: i know i haven’t gotten like any requests done, this + disneyland was p much the cause of it. I should be able to finish them soon, but in the meantime keep sending them in (like seriously I love any and all requests)