the attic bride

The Attic Bride's Heartbeat
Buddy Baker
The Attic Bride's Heartbeat

In the original show the attic featured only sound effects. Only recently has the shadowy pianist playing “The Wedding March” been added. This is probably the most controversial issue facing the attraction today. On one hand the song detracts from the Grim Grinning Ghost theme, on the other hand it does provide a short break from the theme before the graveyard jamboree.

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Could you draw the Tightrope Girl interacting with the other ghostly residents of the Haunted Mansion please?

(The second one probably needs some context, though not a ton - waaaaay way back, in my actual fanfic-writing days, I was working on a fleshed-out (haw) version of what’s on the Ghost Gallery site, and the Master Gracey in my story was pretty much just a nice guy that bad things happened to. I can only imagine what their relationship would’ve been like when they finally got back together as ghosts.)


Long-awaited (by me, at least) (and now probably overdue, with HMH being up) Hatty and Emily reunion. Silly little prequel comic to this one. 

Why is she there if Connie kicked her out? How/why is she visiting from the Tokyo Mansion? Search me.


These Haunted Mansion Cakes can be ordered at Walt Disney World. They are baked at the central bakery and can be delivered to most WDW hotels and sit down restaurants. If you order this cake, be specific about the design. I’ve heard of one case where a person thought they were getting this cake, instead they received a cake with a printed image of the Haunted Mansion on top.