the atlas tour

Image: Raquel Zaldivar/NPR

Sometimes the world can feel a bit uniform: the same department stores in every shopping mall, the same fast food chains on every corner. A new book from the website Atlas Obscura will make you reconsider that sense of monotony.

“The world is still this huge, bizarre, vast place filled with astounding stuff,” says co-author Dylan Thuras. “And if you sort of tilt your view a little bit and start looking for it, you start finding it everywhere.”

To prove it, Thuras took NPR on a tour of the wonders in his own backyard: Manhattan.

‘Atlas Obscura’ Tour Of Manhattan Finds Hidden Wonders In A Well-Trodden Place


Whistler Train Wreck

As per usual, I discovered this spot through someone’s Instagram site and decided that I needed to check it out! I was really pleased with this hike, the trail was super easy and the views were amazing. The train wreck did not disappoint either, I thought it might just be one or two train cars but there were quite a few. It was definitely a neat spot to explore.


The Word Alive - The Atlas Tour - The Fillmore Charlotte - Charlotte, North Carolina.

The Atlas Tour the other night was fucking insane. Glad @axelsonnj got some awesome pictures. The insane part about it was that The Word Alive was only opening for Parkway Drive. Then when Parkway played the place just went off. I’ll admit, Charlotte throws down for metal shows. Maybe because band members are statring to realize that a lot of people show up in Charlotte, we will start getting more awesome tours like this. Especially when the caption on this picture from TWA was “Charlotte last night OWNED!! Most crowd surfing, wildest pits! NC parties. Thank you!” Also they posted a picture that a fan drew and gave to them in Charlotte and the caption said this “AMAZING show in Charlotte NC! Most intense crowd we’ve had in the states in a while. To top it off, an amazing fan made these for us! Love you guys.” Things are looking up for the Queen City! :D